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Kargil War: The conflict between Indian and Pakistan took place from May 1999 to July 1999 in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kargil district. It originated with the infiltration of both Pakistani troops and terrorists into Indian territory. The infiltrators placed themselves in important areas which furnished them a strategic lead at the start of the battle. As per the information from local shepherds, the Indian Army was able to determine the duration of intrusion and launch ‘Operation Vijay’.

‘Operation Vijay’ an Indian Army mission achieved ultimate success for India and the Air Force called the mission ‘Operation Safed Sagar’. Indian Army announced the Vijay mission successful on July 26, 1999; from that moment the day has been commemorated as Kargil Vijay Diwas every year. Indian people celebrate the Kargil War Day on July 26th by honoring the sacrifices made by the soldiers in the Kargil War.

Kargil War Date & Year | When did India and Pakistan took place in Kargil War?

The Kargil War is also named as Kargil Conflict, which was an army conflict battled between India and Pakistan from 3rd May to 26th July 1999.

Where has the Kargil Conflict happened?

This Kargil War has happened in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir and another location on the Line of Control (LoC). Kargil Conflict also distinguished as ‘Operation Vijay’ in India which was named the Indian Military Operation to clear the

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Who won the Kargil Conflict?

The victory was taken by the Indian military and army warriors after two months of Kargil battle. India successfully retrieved most of the intruded territory and was also successful in fend off both Pakistani and Pakistani based millitants back on the other side of LoC.

How many Indian Soldiers died in the Kargil War?

The Kargil War, which lasted a little over two months and ended on July 26, 1999, headed to 527 deaths on India’s side. The estimation of Pakistani military losses ranges from 400 to about 4,000.

Who supported India in Kargil War?

Israel supported India Win The Air War During Kargil. Air Marshal Nambiar pointing to a process where Israeli technical experts worked with the IAF’s Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) to ready the Listening/Paveway combination for strikes in Kargil

What is the History of the Kargil War?

Here, you will come to the whole 1999 Kargil War Story. The war began soon after Zainab Bibi was married in the spring of 1999. Twenty years ago, a tactical operation planned secretly by Pakistan’s generals to seize heights in Kargil on the Indian side flared into a war they hadn’t expected. Pakistani soldiers and terrorists had located themselves at higher altitudes inside the Line of Control(LoC), to win the Kashmir regions. This helped them advantage in conflict, as they could fire down at advancing Indian troops. The Indian Army, later supported by the Indian Air Force, to regain the majority of the positions taken by Pakistani on the Indian side of the LoC.

During Operation Vijay, Pakistan fired two Indian fighter jets. Later, Pakistan urged the US to help, but then-President Bill Clinton refused to arrange until Pakistani troops stepped back from the Line of Control. Due to the international diplomatic opposition, Pakistani soldiers withdrew from the rest of the Indian positions along the LoC. Also, Indian armed forces attacked the rest of the located positions, managing to get back the last of them by July 26.

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Which operation was launched by the Indian Air Force during the Kargil conflict?

During The Kargil Conflict, the Indian Air Force Launched the Operation Safed Sagar.

When is Vijay Diwas?

The Army said the mission successful on July 26, 1999; from then India has been commemorated every year as Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Why Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated?

Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on 26 July annually in honor of the Kargil War’s Heroes. On this day, at the national capital New Delhi, the Prime Minister of India pays tribute to the soldiers at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate every year. Also, Vijay Diwas is observed in the Kargil–sector and Kargil War Memorial.

How many major phases of the Kargil Battle?

There were three major phases to the Kargil War.

1. At the first stage, Pakistan infiltrated forces into the Indian-controlled division of Kashmir and occupied important locations empowering it to bring NH1 within range of its artillery fire.

2. The next stage consisted of India finding the infiltration and mobilising forces to reply to it.

3. The final stage included main battles by Indian and Pakistani forces resulting in India regaining most of the territories taken by Pakistani forces and the succeeding withdrawal of Pakistani forces back over the LOC after international demand.

What are the Indian Army Operations at Kargil 1999?

In May 1999, an operation was launched by the Indian Army named ‘Operation Vijay’. The Indian Army Operation Vijay of 1999 was a mutual Infantry-Artillery effort to remove regular Pakistani soldiers of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) who had intruded over the LoC into Indian territory and had occupied un-held mountain peaks at high-altitude and ridgelines. On 21 June 1999, point 5203 was regained and on 6 July 1999, was also recaptured. Throughout the Kargil conflict, the Indian Artillery shot over 250,000 shells, bombs, and rockets.

What are the Facts About LoC Kargil War?

Facts on Kargil War:

  1. The Kargil War was begun in May 1999 to push back Pakistani soldiers from the Indian Line of Control (LOC).
  2. 26th July 1999 was the winning day for all Indian soldiers who fought in Kargil War. In the honor of all the Indian Army and Indian Air force who made India to won the Kargil conflict, people celebrate the ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’ every year on 26th July.
  3. Indian Air Force’s MiG-21s and Mirage 2000 were widely used in the war.
  4. Two Bollywood movies, ‘LOC: Kargil’ in 2003 and ‘Lakshya’ in 2004 were made post-Kargil.

Who is the real hero of the Kargil war?

On 26 July 1999, in the Kargil war, several brave Indian soldiers set an instance of invincible courage. One such brave warrior, who has won the feat of bravery in the Kargil war, is Captain Raghunath Singh. He was praised by Veerchakra Gallantry Award.

Who is Real Kargil Girl?

Flight soldier Gunjan Saxena was the first Indian Air Force woman officer who went to war. She created history during the Kargil war in 1999 when, as a flying officer, she hopped a Cheetah aircraft into the combat zone and rescued several soldiers.

Who won the highest military gallantry award in the Kargil Conflict?

Two Pakistani soldiers won the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s highest military gallantry award in the Kargil war:

  • Capt. Karnal Sher Khan, 27th Battalion, Sind Regiment: Nishan-e-Haider (posthumous)
  • Hav. Lalak Jan, Northern Light Infantry: Nishan-e-Haider (posthumous)

How many Gallantry awards were won by the Indian Army in the Kargil War?

Plenty of Gallantry awards were earned by the Indian soldiers such as Four Param Vir Chakras and 11 Maha Vir Chakras were awarded for successfully & responsibly fought for the positions of the Kargil sector and inside the Line of Control(LoC).

Kargil War Movies | List of the major films and dramas on Kargil War

  • Lakshya
  • Lord John Marbury (The West Wing) (1999)
  • Sainika
  • Price of Bullets
  • Mission Fateh
  • Shaheed-E-Kargil
  • Fifty Day War
  • LoC: Kargil
  • Dhoop
  • Kurukshetra (2008)
  • Shershah
  • Shershah
  • Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Kargil War Images HD | Photos of Kargil 1999 Conflict | Kargil War Drawing Pics

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Briefly About Kargil War Memorial

The Kargil War memorial is located in Dras, in the foothills of Tololing Hill. It was built by the Indian Army. The memorial, located about 5 km from the City Centre over Tiger Hill, remembers the martyrs of the Kargil War. Visitors can read all the soldier’s names who died in the Kargil war by viewing the list provided on the Kargil War Memorial Wall.

A giant national flag, weighing 15 kg was hoisted at the Kargil war memorial to celebrate the 13th anniversary of India’s victory in the war. For visiting the Kargil War memorial, the summer months from March to June is the best time. Excited to know more about Kargil War Memorial Leh, have a glance at the other required details below.

1. Location: Drass, National Highway 1D, Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Timings: 7.00 AM – 7.00 PM on all days

3. Mobile Connectivity: As in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir, the postpaid connection only works in this region. Mobile connectivity in Kargil is great as providers like BSNL, Airtel, and Jio offer very good connectivity with adequate data clarity. These providers even give 4G data in Kargil. Tourists are highly advised to carry two to three power banks with them as the power supply is irregular in these high-altitude territories.

4. ATMs: Dras and Kargil have J&K Bank ATMs. In addition to these, The Drass War Memorial has an SBI ATM with its premises.

5. Petrol Pumps: There is no petrol pump in Dras. However, there is one HP Petrol Pump in Kargil.

6. Medical Facilities: Dras has a modest medical dispensary with a doctor. Kargil has sophisticated hospitals with facilities like ambulance services, surgical facilities, emergency care, maternity care, and laboratory services.

7. Reputed hospitals in Kargil: District Hospital Kargil and Army Hospital

Kargil War Memorial Photos | Images of Kargil War Memorial Dras

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Where is Kargil War Memorial located?

Kargil War memorial located in Dras.

How to Reach the Kargil War Memorial?

There are three ways to reach Kargil War Memorial from Leh. You can either go to Kargil and then to Kargil War Memorial or go to Srinagar and then to Kargil War Memorial according to your trip plan in the Leh Ladakh region.

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