Motivational Books for College Students | Top Must Read Inspirational Books

One of the best habits that can be inculcated among students is reading as it can transform the way they see around the world. We all aspire to be successful and famous in our lives and we get our inspiration from the people around us. You will not just get vocabulary but also find new models for academic writing, enhance cognitive skills.

Take your time and read some of the Best Inspirational Books for College Students as they can guide for a better future. You will get to explore the real world and have a better perception of the world to be successful.  You may not be a ferocious reader but you will find the love of your reading with the Motivational and Must-Read Books.

Refer to these Motivational Books for High School Students and add them to the checklist of must-read write-ups.

Self Help and Motivational Books for College Students

Reading is important and the right books spark the creativity of students and have an influence on how they see things in certain situations. Thus they impact your life and inspire you to work hard without losing hope. We shall provide an insight into the book that motivates you to read the Books. We all know college life can be stressful and exhausting, but to strike a balance between we will give a list of Essential Books that keeps you motivated in achieving your goals.


It is a truly inspiring book written by Robert Greene that guides everyone about the art of teaching. Each of us has the innate potential of becoming a master. The book is a step by step tool kit that aids in mastering any skill. It can be an indepth guide for having an outside classroom learning experience.

The author has spent a lifetime studying the laws of power and he shares the secret path to greatness. Readers will learn how to unlock the passion within and become Masters.

Eat, Pray, Love

This write up from Elizabeth Gilbert teaches the importance of self-discovery. The Book inspires you to discover yourself irrespective of the hardships life offers you. The Story of the Book is about a woman who fought with her life to find her happiness without pleasing others. It has a point that it’s never too late to take wise decisions in life and have a better life.

Man’s Search for Meaning

It is the most insightful self-help book written by the author Viktor Frankl. It showcases an understanding of what factors are driving mankind. This can be a great guide and motivate you in your life and find the true meaning of our own lives. Man’s Search for Meaning is one of the 10 most influential books. It comes with a message of hope that continues to inspire readers.

The 4-Hour Week

It is a truly inspiring book from Tim Ferriss that teaches on building a lifestyle business, how any person can work for themselves, explore the world irrespective of who you are. This will help you to inspire you to follow non- traditional routes to success, overcome the frightening walls of entrepreneurship.

Plenty of readers expressed their experiences with the book and how it helped them to re-think the work in the present ages and achieve Success. 4 – Hour Week is the blueprint if your dream is escaping the rat race, experience high-end world travel.

Year of Yes

This book by Shonda Rhimes made a great impact on the world of Television with a few strong characters. It tells the importance of overcoming fears in life. The author shares her experiences in the book and how she overcame her fears. She simply followed a strategy to Say “Yes” to everything for about a year and this changed her way of seeing the world around.

The Defining Decade

It can be one of the Best Books for College Students written from the Pen of Dr. Meg Jay. Early Adulthood is the time when most of us make lifestyle choices and this book will let rethink the choices you usually made. The Book will guide or motivate you to invest in more time for yourself, career, life, relationships instead of simply optimizing for freedom. This Practical Guide will help you make the most of the years that you really can’t afford to miss.

A Brave New World

The Novel Penned by Aldous Huxley is called as “a negative utopia” by the author himself. He tries to picture the future world in which happiness is important, and where individuality is compromised. The author raises a few questions to readers and tries to seek answers from them. He expresses his concern about accepting things how they are or making an attempt to resist the system.

You do You

This is a book from New Yorks Best Selling Author Sarah Knight. It can highly influence any youngster to find happiness and lead their life to the fullest. To do the same, the author advises to discover and live out the true self with this book. The book even suggests not to allow anyone to enter your life and control over your happiness.

Never Eat Alone

Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz pens an interesting write up that talk about gearing you up in developing your network right from early adulthood. This can be an important factor for your future success. It can be a great guide to keep in life as relationships in different phases of life help you in unexpected ways at unexpected times.

Deep Work

A great one from the pen of Cal Newport when it comes to books on productivity. Dedicating time to any work can be quite challenging in this modern era of distracting elements like hand gadgets, social media, etc. It Showcases the importance of uninterrupted concentration. For notable results concept of deep work matters and even guides you with some practical strategies.

My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown

You may not feel the term “Unknown” Comfortable in life but Meera Lee Patel inspires you to use this factor to uncover your talents. This book will let you experience an illustrated journey of life that helps you overcome many fears and utilize unseen opportunities. It is rich with quotations, questions, personal reflections that will make you rethink your perceptions.

The Art of Learning

This is a book written by great motivator Josh Waitzkin on how to rebuild you to be a self educator. The author is an expert in multiple fields and he shares the art of learning that helped him in his life with this book. Anyone can use this as a guide and customize the learning strategies in the book and apply it to real life.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easya(ish) Steps

College Phase is the most vital Phase as it is the transition stage from your childhood to adulthood. It can be quite challenging for most of you. Interesting Book from Kelly Williams Brown on how to act like adult even if you don’t feel like from inside. The Book covers special elements like diverse strategies to conquer the world, tips, and tricks about love and life.

The Power of Habit

Awesome Book by Charles Duhigg teaches you the importance of developing good habits and overcoming the bad ones. It deals with a simple system that covers elements like cue, routine and rewards that you can apply to alter automatic behaviors for good. The Power of habit can be amazing and can influence the people around with your good deeds.

Awaken the Giant Within

This Motivational Book for College Students is penned by Tony Robbins back in 1991. The book inspires you to find the better version of you in early adulthood and lead a better life. It comes with lots of practical exercises that help you define your goals. Identify your work and passion towards it and help you get your life on a good track. It can be one of the best books for a college student to design their life in well advance.

Closing Thoughts

Picking the Right Books can have a great impact on your lives. Listed are some of the Inspirational Books for College Students. This is the time when there will be a huge transition in one’s life as they get to see the realities of life. We wish the books list will get some positive impact in your life.

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