ICSE Solutions for Class 6 History and Civics

Moving on to class 6, it calls for more attention and more hard work. Here your social science subject gets split into civics, history and geography. History and Civics require more understanding. If you want to score good marks in your history and civics paper, then follow the solution book.

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Class 6 History and Civics ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter-wise

Class 6 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


  1. History – An Introduction
  2. Early Man
  3. The River Valley Civilisations: Indus Valley Civilisation
  4. The River Valley Civilisations: Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Chinese Civilisations
  5. The Vedic Civilisation
  6. Mahavira and Buddha – Great Preachers
  7. Rise of Kingdoms and Republics
  8. The Mauryan Empire
  9. The Golden Age: Gupta Empire


  1. Rural Local Self-Government
  2. Urban Local Self-Government

What is History?

History is the study of our past. Starting from the monolithic period, Stone Age to the current day we are living into. History is a field of research, exploring our growth, the freedom fights, the colonies, the stone age and the archaeological monuments etc. We study history to analyze the sequence of events and investigate all the consequences which are the after affect of any event that has occurred.

What is Civics?

Civics is the study of our citizenship i.e. all our rights, duties, constitution, formation of government etc and whatever things we should know as a citizen of a country.

Preparation Tips for history and civics

Although, both these subjects are theoretical but it is really important to know why that event happened and its implications into the society?  The student should know the importance of that event in the history.

Now you know why history answers are lengthy.

History books are heavy and lengthy but you should know how to cover the maximum in any answer. Follow the solution book to know how to write any answer and how to follow the pattern which is acceptable in ICSE.

When you read the lesson or the chapter, have a pencil handy and mark the lines or names and places which you feel are important. Make a chronological chart and note them down in order.

To make civics learning your cup of tea, try to read newspaper every day. You can also surf the internet to know Indian constitution and the legislative systems.

Don’t cram anything. Just learn it and try to write in your own language. This will boost your understanding. When you write in your own language make sure that you don’t alter the meaning what the book wants to convey.

How to Score well in examination

History exam does not means that you have to write an essay for each and every answer. Write your answer in point. This will enable the examiner to mark your answers properly and moreover this will leave an impact that you really know the answer.

Try to give illustrations or any pictorial representations wherever possible. This certainly enhances the visibility and cast a good impression. Take out five minutes and read the question paper first. Try to attempt the short answers first and then move to long answers.

Just refer to the solution book as it contains answers not only to all the   textbook questions but answers your queries as well.

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