How to Join Territorial Army in India? | Roles and Eligibility Criteria To Join Territorial Army in India

How to Join Territorial Army in India?: It is a dream come true for any law-abiding citizen to serve for the nation in uniform. Men and women in uniforms always have unique respect in society that no other professionals can demand. The fact that a civilian can have a chance to serve for the nation in the army is enough to motivate him or her to pursue a part-time career in the territorial army. A sense of fulfilment that people get in servicing the nation in defence forces is enough to fill the vacancies in such units.

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Before addressing the nuances involved process of joining the Territorial Army in India, let us address a few questions such as:

What is the Territorial Army of India?

The territorial army is basically a reserve force of the Indian army that will be useful in the defence of our country in dire situations such as war, famine, riots or natural disasters. The difference between the regular Indian army and the territorial Indian army is that the serving personnel in the regular Indian army are of full-time service and trained full-time while the personnel serving in the Territorial Indian Army are part-time personnel who serve only two to three months in a year when the defence sector of India needs their service at any time of the year, at any place in our outside the borders of the nation.

This army is often called by the phrase part-time commitment, full-time honour. The territorial Indian army was originally started by the British in the early part of the 19th century. This concept of the army was of utmost need during the 1st and d world Wars when the British needed extra troops to fight in the war. Back then the territorial army of India was a part of IDF ( Indian Defence Force). At that point in time (before the independence of India), British nationals who were permanent residents in India were compulsorily obliged to serve in the territorial army of India.

The modern territorial Indian army started in 19under C Rajagopalachari, the first governor-general of India.

The different types of regiments under the Territorial Army of India are:

  1. Armour regiments
  2. Medical regiments
  3. Air defence
  4. Signal regiments
  5. Infantry battalions
  6. Field regiments
  7. Cost guards
  8. AMC field battalions
  9. And many more.

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What is the Role of the Territorial Army in India?

The following 5 points will significantly sum up the role of the territorial army of India and help students and aspirants get an idea of life after joining the Territorial Army of India:

  1. To assist and provides relief to the regular army as and when required in various scenarios such as war, natural calamities and civil unrest
  2. To attend to the defence requirements of public and civilian institutions such as protection, logistics and administration that might involve the strategy, stealth and competency of the army
    Since the strength of the territorial army of India is approximately forty thousand to fifty thousand in number.
  3. The soldiers and personnel of the territorial army of India are used to relieve the personnel of the regular army of their duty including the first line of defence, medical, administration and civil requirements
  4. Territorial army also helps in assisting protection and security to important institutes of the country such as Nuclear Power plants, natural mineral reserves, constitutional bodies such as RBI, supreme court and High court etc.
  5. One of the most important purposes of the territorial army also includes the sense of inclusiveness that it provides to the civilians in the defence of the country.

Below are the steps that an aspirant can follow to join the territorial army in India:

  1. Registration and application to give territorial army exam
  2. Written exam and interview
  3. SSB
  4. Medical board for final selection

While the above four steps are for civilians, ex-servicemen can also get into the Indian Territorial army by giving only the interview stage of the recruitment process.

The examination will be of objective type for a span of two hours.

Who is Eligible to Join the Territorial Aarmy in India?

The list of criteria to enter and be a part of the Indian territorial army is as follows:

  1. He or she should be a citizen of India
  2. His or her age should be between to 4on the date of the examination in that particular year
  3. He or she should be a graduate degree holder from a recognised university in India
  4. He or she should be medically and physically fit as per any government doctor’s certificate
  5. He or she should be an employee in a private or public sector enterprise
  6. He or she who is already serving in the army, navy, airforce, police or any constitutionally valid institutions are not eligible to apply for the Indian territorial army.

One can say with conviction that it will be a life of fulfilment to serve in the territorial army of India. The pride and satisfaction one will get in serving the nation and fighting the evil forces is something that can’t be measured and will not be found in any other services across the country, be it in the public or private sphere. There are plenty of celebrities, Bollywood stars, sportsmen, sportswomen, and other important personalities in the public domain.

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