How To Join RAW In India? | Eligibility Criteria, Selection Procedure, Process After Selection, Role and Aim

How To Join RAW In India: Indian Intelligence Agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), is one of the most prominent external intelligence agencies in the world. Despite the fact that most people do not realize that RAW came into existence because the Indian government failed to detect the Chinese army building up in 1962 so that it could attack India. Up to that point, intelligence gathering and external operations were handled by the Intelligence Bureau. In 1962, India’s government was alerted to the shortcomings of the existing system. As a result, it thought about establishing a new special agency to collect foreign intelligence.

In order to keep track of China and Pakistan’s moves against India, RAW was developed as an external intelligence agency. Today, RAW is very different from what it was then. It focuses not only on China and Pakistan but all over the world. Moreover, RAW has become a more powerful organization with time. Rameshwar Nath Kao, the first leader of RAW, equipped RAW with the diversity and efficiency we enjoy today. Rameshwar Nath Kao’s skills and expertise are credited for the development of most of the systems and the success of RAW.

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Becoming a Raw Agent

Many Indians dream of getting a job in RAW because of its importance and type of job. Getting a job in RAW is simply a dream, as there is no surefire path to employment. The reason is that RAW recruits its own candidates and there is no direct application process for joining RAW.

Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to have a chance of getting hired by Raw. There are a few requirements to meet.

Eligibility Criteria To Join RAW in India

  • Citizen of India
  • Must be proficient in one foreign language.
  • Patriotic, always ready to serve when needed
  • Candidates with a wide range of skills set
  • Graduates of UGC-recognized universities or colleges

Age Limit

It is mandatory that applicants age is below 56 years old to join the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). There is also a requirement to have served in the government for 20 years.

Selection Procedure To Join Raw Agent in India

RAW is not accessible directly, unlike other agencies in India. There is no way to search the website, find a job announcement, or apply. Raw does not have a recruitment program. Nevertheless, there are 8 steps you need to follow to become a RAW agent.

Joining the Government or Civil Service

Most IAS, IPS, or IRS holders hold the high-level post of RAW. If you hold these positions, the RAW may recruit you. Intelligence and investigation agencies of the central or Indian governments recruit RAW officers. This type of candidate is already experienced in investigation and intelligence.

Armed forces 

India’s armed forces are a major source of RAW agents. These include the military, the navy, and the air force. Officers from the armed forces have been identified as having the possibility of lateral transfer to RAW

Direct Admissions from Universities

The RAW agency comes to universities to scout potential students directly. You must have strong determination, physical standards, and patriotism in order to be recruited by RAW from the agency. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration has been mentioned as one of the universities.

National Aptitude Test and Interview

Even if the candidate is picked directly by RAW from a university or other agency, they must pass both the intelligence and personality and psychology parts of the National Aptitude Test. Following all these tests, they must attend an interview, which will determine their future.

Process After Selection

In order to get the final appointment job title, a few procedures must be completed after a raw recruit has been hired. These procedures include:


The candidate must resign from any current employees to be recruited to RAW. Following your recruitment, you must attend training sessions and other classes.

Basic training

To begin with, the candidate will undergo a 10-day training program in Delhi that will introduce him or her to the work of intelligence gathering. The training then progresses to teaching different languages, techniques, scientific knowledge, handling weapons, etc. The candidates will also encounter inactive intelligence cases from the ISI, MOSSAD, KGB, CIA, ASIS, etc.

Extensive training

The candidate is sent to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, for extensive training after completing basic training. It generally takes one or two years to complete extensive training. It covers almost every aspect of physical training, tactics, and real-time skills.

Monitoring and appointment

After completing the extensive training, it is monitored to see how the candidate is progressing. The candidate must pass this monitoring to get appointed to an appropriate position within RAW.

Role and Aim of RAW

RAW has a highly confidential role and aims. Monitoring political and military developments in India’s surrounding countries is part of the job profile of RAW agents. They accomplish the following responsibilities:

  • To monitor the political and military actions taken against India by other countries
  • Detect, block, or destroy outside supplies of weapons and funds for terrorists
  • Preventing the flow of weapons to Pakistan or china
  • Obtaining Information about foreign intelligence
  • Executing operations against terrorism
  • Providing policy advice to the government
  • Inhibition of proliferation
  • Keeping the country’s nuclear program secure and confidential.

How To Join RAW In India?

Conclusion on How To Join RAW In India?

Many individuals strive for honourable positions. Having a career with RAW or the Intelligence Bureau is a rare opportunity. For those who wish to become officers and intelligence agents, in-depth eligibility requirements and rigorous testing processes are required. Applicants who want to pursue an exciting career need to be aware of everything that goes into the selection process, starting from eligibility criteria to the selection procedure. Candidates with utmost enthusiasm and drive can accomplish anything that comes their way.

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