How to Join Garud Commando in India? | Responsbilities, How Are Garud Commando Forces Trained?

How to Join Garud Commando in India?: There are few Elite Commando forces in India that demand massive respect from the general public such as para Commandos, Cobra Commandos and Marine commandos. While all these Commando forces specialise in land and sea warfare, there has arisen a need for a specialised unit on the lines of para Commandos but with a niche in skies for a full-fledged defence of the skies of the country.

With this need in mind, there comes the Garud Commando Force under the Indian Air Force. Garud Commando Force is a specialised force that started with the strength of around a thousand and hundred personnel which specifically operates for the protection of critical Indian airforce stations in India and around the world and to help and protect the civilians during hostile situations, natural and manmade disasters.

The need for Garud Commando Force was raised after the 2001 attack by terrorists on the Indian Air Force station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The strength of the Garud Commando Force was also increased after the 2019 Pathankot attack by terrorists across the border of Pakistan. Internal Insurgency and provocations by enemies outside the nation have always given rise to such elite commando forces in India, be in Garud Commando force, Para Commandos, Marine Commandos, Force One or CoBra commandos.

In this particular article on how to join garud Commando Force in India, we shall address the following three questions that might help students and aspirants to have a 360-degree overview of the garud Commando Force in India.

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The following three basic questions that are given above will help students to have a fundamental idea of the most elite defence force of the country.

What is Garud Commando Force?

Garud Commando Force is a specialised Air Force unit operating under the Indian Air Force. The word Garud refers to the mythological bird in the Hindu scriptures called Garuda. Presently, the Garud Commando Force is deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

While the group was originally called as Tiger force, it was later renamed as Garud Force. It is one of the most elite and competent military commandos units in the world. Garun COmamndo forces have to the rescue of people across the globe and helped counties fight the evil forces. Such forces have not only helped India fight enemies but has also helped India make friends in the global political scenario.

Resposibilities of Garun Commando Force

Following are the main responsibilities and duties of the Garud airforce in India:

  1. Protection of critical Air Force stations bases in and outside India along with assisting other defence forces under special circumstances such as natural disasters, civil wars and social unrest.
  2. Rescuing civilians, pilots and soldiers under hostile territory and establishing air bases under such conditions in different regions across the world.
  3. The responsibility also includes direct action and special reconnaissance.
  4. Counter terrorism and anti-hijacking operations, rescue operations, civilian relief during man made and natural disasters come under the responsibilities and duties of Garud Commando of the Indian Air Force.

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How to Join Garud Commando Force in India?

Recruitment for Garud Commando Force is done directly by the Indian Air Force airmen selection centres. No candidates from other branches of the Indian Air Force will directly be recruited in the garud Commando Force unlike counterpart Commando forces in the Indian Army and the Indian Navy where candidates are selected from other branches of their units.

The candidates who are found eligible by senior and competent unbiased recruiters of the Indian Air Force are selected for Garud Air Force training. It’s only after completing the rigorous mind taxing physically numbing training of the ground Air force that the group trainees are absorbed into the Commando Force as full-time Commandos of the Garud unit in the elite Indian Air Force.

The major procedures of selecting garud commando force are:

  1. Non commissioned posts
  2. Commissioned posts

Non commissioned Posts

Non commission posts are filled directly through airmen selection centre. The Indian airforce advertises openings on newspaper and digital platforms. Upon receiving the list of interested candidates, the Indian airforce selects a few of them and makes them undergo specialised Air Force training and then inducts them as garud Commando trainees under the Garud Unit.

The selection of candidates as trainees is not a guarantee that one will be a part of garud Commando Force. Only after passing the physical training that one can be a fully-fledged commando in the Garud Air Force unit.

Commissioned Posts

The vacancies in the posts under commissioned post are filled by cadet at airforce academy situated in the Telangana region of Dundigal. Candidates need to give certain exam such as GDOC and AFCAT. These candidates upon selection through examination will be trained under the Indian Air Force with special conditions (related to health, fitness, analytical and logical mental ability) and upon successful completion of training and passing of the physical and mental agility test, they will be appointed as full-time Commandos of the Garuda unit of the Indian Air Force.

How are Garud Commando Forces Trained?

The first phase of the training takes place at garud regiment training centre Hindon, near Ghaziabad, New Delhi, while the second phase of the training will happen along with other Commandos such a special Frontier Commandos, Para Military Commandos and National Security Guard (NSG) commandos. While the garud commandos are trained and have training syllabus and pedagogy in line with other Commandos, the differentiating factor is that garud Commandos will be trained to develop the competencies required in air warfare.

Garud Commando training is also trained in different schools other than the regiment training centre such as the Jungle warfare school, parachute training school, the diving school of the navy and air warfare school of the army.

One should note that the Garud training period is the longest training period that any commando units go through in the Indian defence forces which includes a total of 72 weeks of training.

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