How to become Health Inspector in India – Eligibility, Admission Process, Course Fees, Jobs, Salary

To become a health inspector in India, one will have to enrol themselves in a Diploma in Health Inspector Course, which is a 3-year paramedical course. Once he/she earns the certificate of diploma as a health inspector, they can start applying for jobs.

The main role of a health inspector in India is to keep hospitals and other sectors related to health facilities clean and healthy. Since the role of a health inspector is to check places, he/she will be doing a lot of fieldwork and will have to travel a lot. On this page, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to become a health inspector in India and about its career opportunities. Read further to find out more.

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Eligibility Criteria to Become a Health Inspector in India

As discussed above, to become a health inspector in India, one will have to obtain a diploma certification in health inspector from any recognised university. Thus, one will have to enrol in the same course to become a health inspector. However, to get admission to the Diploma in Health Inspector, one will have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must have passed the Class 10 board exam from any recognised university with a minimum grade of 50%.
  • Also, those students who have cleared Class 12 exams can apply for a Diploma in Health Inspector course.

Health Inspector College Admission Process in India

Each college admission process varies from one to another. Few colleges will have an online admission process, whereas few colleges will have an offline admission process. Candidates must fill out the application form at the respective colleges where they want admission and pay the specified fees to get enrolled in the course.

Also, few colleges will have a direct admission process, while a few will conduct entrance exams on which one should qualify to enrol for the health inspector course.

Admission Fees for a Health Inspector College

Depending upon the college’s reputation, place, and ranking, the fees would be set by college authorities. Each college’s fees vary from one to another. However, the average fee for a Diploma in Health Inspector course is around 50,000 to 1,50,000 annually. Depending on the college, the fees might be increased or decreased.

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Diploma in Health Inspector Syllabus

Some of the important topics which will be introduced in the Diploma in Health Inspector Syllabus are as follows:

Definitions of elementary Concepts: Elementary concepts of applied Anatomy and Physiology
Concept of health & disease: Concept, definition, Dimension, Positive health, Determinants of health, Indicators of health
Sociology, Types of a family: Social security, a social concept in sociology, social organization, Problem family in health & disease, Cultural factors in health & disease
Behavioural Sciences: Importance in health, disease,
Environment & health: Water- Pollution & treatment, Ventilation, Air pollution, Lighting, Noise pollution, Housing standards, Solid waste disposal
Microbiology: Helminthiasis and Parasitology
Principals of Epidemiology and Epidemiological methods: Definition of Epidemiology, Measurements in Epidemiology Incidence/ Prevalence, Immunizing agents, UIP/NIP, Disinfection
Screening for diseases: Screening/ Diagnostic Tests, Types, Uses, Criteria, Sensitivity Specificity
Nutrition & health: Classification of foods, Nutritional requirements, Balanced diet, Nutritional problems in public health, Food hygiene, Food adulteration & fortification, Food additives, Community nutritional programs, Milk pasteurization, Milk borne diseases
Health Information and Basic Medical Statistics: Definition, Uses of health information, Sources of health information, Statistical averages, Data & Sampling methods
Vital statistics: Definition, Population census, estimate of – Rates, Importance and use of vital statistics

Employment Areas for Health Inspectors in India

Health is one of the most important sectors in India. Thus, health inspectors are extremely diligent in the field of paramedical. Since health inspectors’ role is to maintain the medical infrastructures’ health and hygiene, they will have scope to seek employment opportunities in the following fields:

  1. Private hospitals
  2. Public hospitals
  3. Medical Laboratories
  4. Diagnosis Centres
  5. Municipal Corporations
  6. Pathology Labs

Health Inspector Job Roles in India

Health inspectors in India will have an ample number of job roles to work in various sectors. A few job roles for health inspectors in India are as follows:

  1. Sanity Checker
  2. Food Inspector
  3. Hospital Maintenance Supervisors
  4. Laboratory Assistant Health Inspectors
  5. A Public Health Officer
  6. Officer of Multipurpose Health
  7. A Medical Field Work Assistant

Salaries of health inspectors in India

The salary of the health inspector varies based on the profile for which they are working. However, the average salary of a health inspector in India will range between 2 lakhs and 6 lakhs per annum.

How to become Health Inspector in India

FAQs on How to Become a Health Inspector in India

The frequently asked questions regarding how to become a health inspector in India are as follows:

1. What is the role of a health inspector in India?
The main role of a health inspector in India is to perform inspections in any organisation and check if they maintain proper sanitary procedures.

2. Is Working as a Health Inspector a Good Career?
Yes, with the booming health sector in India, health inspectors are in demand in the paramedical field. Also, working as an inspection officer in the medical field is extremely prestigious.

3. What is the health inspector course fee?
Depending on the college, the course fees vary. On the other hand, the average course fee would be between 50,000 and 150,000 per year.

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