How to Become Android Developer in India? | Job Trends, Salary, Types, Roles And Responsibilities Of An Android Developer

How to become Android Developer in India?: Does it make you always wonder how an app is designed and what are the steps of development of the app? The answer to your question is an app is developed by an Android developer. An Android developer is the one who will make things while the desktop and mobile applications are used every day by the people. So, they can be described as someone who designs and develops the applications.

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Android is one of the most used operating systems around the world. There are around 2.8 billion users around the world across 190 countries. It has become famous among many top companies to develop apps for their mobile phones and laptops. So, if you are looking to be part of these companies as an Android Developer, then our article will answer all your doubts about How to become Android Developer in India?

What Should One Study To Become An Android Developer In India?

One has to have the technical knowledge to become an Android Developer as it comes under the technical domain. But if you have a non-science background, you can also become one if you have been studying Mathematics until twelfth class and have opted for an education that is oriented towards IT. For one to become an Android Developer

  • He/she must have a degree in IT or BCA or B.Sc, computer science(engineering).
  • As a value addition, having a certificate in Android development from a good institute will be good.
  • You can also do a master’s like MCA or MTech, but this is not compulsory.

Below are the famous engineering colleges in India which offer IT/CSE:

  • Netaji Subhas Institute of technology
  • Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
  • National Institute of Technology
  • Maharashtra Institute Of Technology
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • Indian Institutes of Technology

Best Training And Internship Institutes For Android In India

  • Aptron
  • Besant Technologies
  • Byte Code Cyber Security
  • Pristine Info Solutions
  • Android Institute

Below are some of the companies that hire Android Developers:

  • Contus
  • Affle AppStudioz
  • QBurst
  • TechAhead
  • OpenXcell
  • Debut Infotech

Why Do We See People Opting For The Job Profiles Of Android Developers?

People find Android developing as a profitable and job with scopes because of the below reasons:

  • When one is an Android Developer, he has enough freedom for working remotely.
  • For an Android Developer, there is an ease in entering the market.
  • Android Developing has a commanding market share which is an additional benefit.
  • As it is an open-source technology, it offers many ways of solving a problem. Also, a solution a create by themselves without having to wait for the vendor.
  • There are multiple online courses available at affordable prices to learn Android development.
  • For an Android Developer, it is always a learning process. One has to continue exploring and has to look up new things to gain knowledge.
  • There is a wide scope of job opportunities for an Android Developer.

Major Job Profiles For Those Who Are Looking To Work As An Android Developer

  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer

What are the Proficiencies Required for an Android Developer to fulfill his/her role?

One must have knowledge of Kotlin and Java: These languages are considered as the Android development’s backbone. Kotlin was announced as the language of choice with respect to programming by Google. These languages are similar, and the below factors have to be considered when picking the knowledge for both:

  • Understanding the syntax.
  • Latest version familiarity- around 54% use Java 8.
  • Programming latest structures familiarity.

Every code has to be precise, and the functions have to be executed in an efficient manner. Java codes have to be used for modifying the UI layout when the app is launched, and this will make it more critical as the language understanding must be high.

XML – Expertise: This will enable easy data encoding in the applications which are internet-based. Many XML features will overlap with those of HTML, where HTML is a structured language. This will facilitate the fast information exchange between the devices in a way that will make understanding and interpretation easy. Creating the UI framework can also be done using this.

Having a sense of UI/UX needs: Today, the app users will prefer UI?UX, which will make their app responsive and engaging. Most of the apps are judged by the users basing on the first impression. So UI/UX needs are very important while developing an Android app.

Android SDK – Comfort: Software Development Kit is nothing but the set of pre-written codes which will be used for executing a task perfectly. These codes are generally written in the language Java and will provide the developers an easy device access to the hardware like accelerometer and camera. The code will add functionality to the app and will piece everything together in many ways, so a deep understanding of the code is important.

Gradle is the library in the SDK that will help in the integration of the apps. It will help in ensuring the code is structured and well-organized during the compilation of the app.

IDE: Android Studio is the Integrated Development Environment which is preferred by most Android developers. It will help in offering an array of SDK-support features which are designed creatively. Even auto-complete suggestions will be given while typing the code. Features like CPU usage and memory monitoring are of great use while one writes a code. Android Studio knowledge is very important for beginners as well as experts who are Android Developers.

Along with the above skills, one must also be creative to act according to the user’s needs.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Android Developer?

  • He/She must design and build an Android application.
  • He/She must have a piece of knowledge of how data sources and API works.
  • He/She must continuously evaluate, discover, and exploit new technologies.
  • He/She must know about the fixing of bugs.
  • He/She must have coordination with both the testing and design teams for developing a good product.

Android Developer Types

The career of an Android Developer can be categorized into three types:

First level- Junior Level

These are those developers who have to begin their careers as android developers. If any company finds a suitable developer, then they will hire based on the app’s difficulty.

Second level – Intermediate Level

This level comes after an experience of between two to five years, these will work on a project separately, and technicality is high in this stage.

Third level-Senior Level

This level comes after an experience of between eight to ten years, and here there are additional tasks along with coding are given. The tasks include decision-making and scalable and robust designing applications.

Any Android Developer will have to comprehend the requirements of the project given by the company, and these will be converted into an application. It will be published and then will be uploaded to the play store. There are three stages through which an Android App goes through Design, Development, and Submission Phases.

Most of the app developers today will handle the app’s coding and design phases along with the submission phase. These are known as “full-stack” developers as they will manage every phase of app growth. Along with full-stack developers, recruit developers and programmers are also hired as part of the development team of the application.

What are the Job Trends of an Android Developer in India?

According to Forbe’s list, being an Android Developer is one of the wanted technical skills in 2019. And the best part about this is the job opportunities for an Android Developer are evergreen. Every year there are almost 25,000 openings for those who are developing mobile applications, and this is a huge number of opportunities.

What Are The Salary Trends For An Android Developer In India?

The salary of an Android Developer is based on three factors:

  1. Location
  2. Skills
  3. Experience

Salary based on Location:

In India, location is an important factor that will determine the salary of an Android Developer. This is because the cost of living will determine the salary of the developer. So, salary in a big city will be higher than those working in a rural area.

Salary based on Skills:

If the developer has experience and knowledge of Kotlin/C++, then their salary range will be high.

Salary based on Experience:

4,16,700/year rupees is the basic average salary in India. But for the mid-career and entry-level developers, the salary will be dropped 7 and 60 percent. Whereas the salary for late-career and senior developers will be increased by 84 and 63 percent.

Parting Words:

Making Android Development a career opportunity is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because these jobs are highly in demand and the scope for learning is high. Along with full time, you can even look into working as a freelancer for the top companies also. It is easy to learn Android development, and working on the skills mentioned above will help you better.

The demand for Android developers remains high, and with online learning material, Android development has become much easier to learn. Hope our article has answered all your queries on “How to become an Android Developer in India.” If you have liked our article or have any queries, do reach out to us through the comment section below.

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