How To Become A Machine Learning Engineer In India | Role, Skills Required, Eligibility Criteria, Job Oppurtunities, Scope and Salary

How To Become A Machine Learning Engineer In India: You must have heard about civil engineers, mechanical engineers, Machinery experts but have you ever heard about Machine learning engineers? Do you find it interesting to study algorithms, predictions, data analysis?

If yes, then you give a chance to machine learning. In this digitalized world, the need for machine learning engineers has been enhanced up to a greater extent. This field will see massive growth in the future.

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Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

A Machine Learning engineer is a person who aims at building and designing, researching, and managing Artificial Intelligence for automating future expected models. Machine Learning Engineers work in creating an algorithm based on machine learning which will help to analyze future machine performance and design.

A Machine learning engineer will often collaborate with data professionals, executives, data analysts, software developers, and data scientists as part of a wider research team. Due to the scale of the firm, they may also consult with staff outside of their teams, such as IT, application development, advertising, or website development organizations.

Role of Machine Learning Engineer

The role of a machine learning engineer is to deal with data analysis, structural data, and operation, monitoring of data along with working in collaboration with data scientists to meet the demand. They basically handle the operational part of Machines while designing the predicted models. They work on huge data which is collected by the data analyst. After gathering data, they organize data in such a manner to create models from them. This role generally requires a huge amount of technical and coding languages as machine learning is based on various coding languages.

Skills Required to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

There are various skills required in order to become a machine learning engineer in India. One has to acquire such skills which include some basic skills such as optimization, research, coding, sorting, and management. With the enhancement in the field of technology, artificial intelligence is rooting out its way all across the globe, and getting into this field will benefit from a future growth perspective.

  • Mathematical Skills: To understand algorithms, one has to be efficient in understanding Mathematics. Theorems, hypothesis testing, probability, calculus, and various other quantitative techniques along with understanding software applications will be proven effective.
  • Programming Language: Machine learning is a field of understanding software applications, programs and for that ability to code is necessary. One has to be a master of coding languages. Knowledge of coding languages such as R, Python, Jupyter, Java is a necessary condition in order to get into the field of Machine Learning. Knowledge of Python and Java-like object-oriented along with R-like functional language is necessary.
  • Data Analysing Skills: The ability to analyze and operate on data is necessary in order to become a Machine learning engineer. The act of processing an available data set and building patterns through it is one of the necessary skills as it is designing an algorithm based area. To know more about various aspects of the evaluation of data and data modelling, data linking is a must-know condition.

Job Opportunities in Machine Learning Industry

Machine Learning engineering career prospects are increasing at a rapid pace, with the involvement of Big Data and Cloud Technology. Deep Learning employment is on the rise, and Technologies like artificial intelligence are well compensated. Organizations want to invest in people who are competent in the art of Machine Learning, as well as the potential of Machine Learning is bright – the sector is booming and expanding.

Machine Learning is heavily reliant on day-to-day improvements. Machine learning and its applications are integrated with Internet giants like Google and Facebook. The potential is enormous, and advances in Machine Learning will have a significant impact on every industry.

Eligibility to become a Machine Learning Engineer

  • Candidates must have to qualify their 12th standard from Science background with Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Computer as their compulsory subjects.
  • One must have done graduation in the field of Computers from a recognized university.
  • Candidates are required to have learned at least programming languages in their area of study.
  • There are no exams conducted to enter into the field of machine learning.

Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer

The salary of a Machine Learning Engineer varies from 40,000 at starting which goes up to above lakhs after gaining experience. As, the scope of Machine Learning is growing with development in technology, there are high chances of scaling in salaries.

Scope in Machine Learning

As we all know that with technological advancement, the area of data analysis, data science, and cloud computing has seen massive growth. Along with the use of artificial intelligence and AI being popularised, the Machine Learning Industry will be established up to a greater scale with high advancements.

Getting into the field of Machine learning can be beneficial as this sector is in new demand. Because of new additions to the technological sector, the machine learning experts are in excessive demand which guarantees that this sector will be blooming.

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