When we talk about preparation for UPSC or other prestigious exams in India, then certainly one thing that clicks our mind is that “how well versed are we with NCERT? Textbooks by National Council of Education, Research and Training or commonly known as NCERT textbooks are considered must for every entrance exam preparation. Be it your engineering entrance exam, UPSC exam or Medical entrance exam, if you have not studied the NCERT books then it may cost you a very precious attempt. So, study NCERT books from classes 6 to 12 if you want to crack the entrance exam with great score.

For every exam, the ideal preparation time is one year. Now the question comes is, what if you are left with only a few months for preparation? It becomes really hard to go through all the NCERT books in that short frame of time.  We have a solution for that. brings to you the most comprehensive and digitally compiled GIST of NCERT books. Now no need to study those lengthy books, a small GIST  eBook is handy enough.

Click on the link below to download your own copy of the GIST NCERT book or you can view it online as well. The General Science e-book contains GIST for all three subjects i.e. physics, chemistry, and Biology. All the important concepts, formulas and tips & tricks have been explained in a very concise manner. Each and every book and chapter has been broken down in small points which are easy to grasp and comprehend.

Download GIST of NCERT Books PDF 

India has a rich heritage, culture and diverse geography. From extreme climates to moderates and from deserts to huge mountains, India is one such place on earth which shows geographical diversity in its best form. You need to understand each and every region, its vegetation, climate and its geography. The NCERT GIST in Geography is extremely useful for the aspiring IAS/IPS candidates in their preparation for geography in UPSC examinations.

Regarding the History section, from the Stone Age to the modern history everything has to be covered exclusively. But preparing notes for each and every chapter and for every class is a very cumbersome task. The NCERT GIST for History textbook solves all the problems. Even if you are left with small time, you can easily go through the points given in the eBook and enjoy studying it every time.

Why should I download NCERT GIST books?

Preparing notes for each chapter for all the subjects is a tiring job! Another reason is that you need to prepare notes for same chapters multiple times as the same topic is repeated in the next class with some more advances. Suppose, in chemistry, you have studied organic chemistry in class 9, the same topic will again come in class 10 but with some advancement. So, preparing notes for same topics two times, is definitely not a good suggestion.

GIST books cover all the similar topics from all classes under one big sub-heading such as “organic chemistry” in the above mentioned case.

The second reason is that these books aren’t available with your local book seller. You have study them only online i.e. you will definitely need a laptop or Smartphone or a desktop.

Another reason is that you can study them anywhere and anytime. Just download the eBook in your smartphone, so that you can even study it just by lying on the bed or while commuting. This will save a lot of time and energy.

In view of less preparation time, it’s always better to follow notes rather than going for complete NCERT books. The NCERT GIST books are just like notes which are helpful and handy in every situation.

Also, we offer these books in PDF formats so it becomes easy for the user to download and view them anytime. Most of the websites offer downloads in EPUB formats. Most of the users find it difficult in downloading such types of formats which are clumsy and offer poor readability as well as lesser support. We at have taken the complete pain so as to provide our users the world accepted PDF format.

All the files are available in PDF formats which can either be downoaded or could be saved for later reading. Just book mark this page so that you can enjoy studying anytime. There are many websites over the internet which makes false promising of providing GIST books. The user should be beware of them.

These websites either redirect to other page or provide the old solutions. is the largest and fastest growing community for providing all helpful study material such as NCERT GIST books, NCERT exemplars and their solutions, NCERT textbooks and their solutions, solutions to other standard author books such as HC VermaRS Aggarwal etc. All the downloads are safe and offered absolutely free of cost.

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