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Factoring Calculator calculates the factors and factor pairs of positive or negative numbers. All you have to do is enter an integer value and you will find the factors. In the case of positive integers, the calculator will present the normal values as it is an acceptable answer. If you need negative integers you need to duplicate the answers on yourself and repeat the factors as negatives as another factor pair.  On the other hand, when you give a negative integer you will get the negative factors automatically.

Factoring Calculator

Usually, Factors are Whole Numbers when multiplied together will result in other numbers.

For example, if you multiply a*b=c

a and b are the factors of c.

You can think of Factors in terms of division too. Factors of a number include all the numbers that divide evenly leaving no remainder. However, it is important to note that every integer number has at least two factors 1 and the number itself. If a number has only two factors then the number is a prime number.

How to Factor Numbers: Factorization

Factor Calculator factors numbers by using trial division. Use the simple steps on how to find factors of a number using trial division.

  • Find the square root of an integer number n and round them to the closest whole number. Let suppose the number be S.
  • Begin with number 1 and find the corresponding factor pair n ÷ 1 = n. Thus 1, n are the factor pair, and division results in a whole number leaving a remainder zero.
  • Repeat the same with number 2 and test all the integers (n ÷ 2, n ÷ 3, n ÷ 4… n ÷ s) up through the square root rounded to s. Note the factor pairs wherein the division you get remainder zero.
  • Once you reach n ÷ s and noted all the factor pairs you have successfully factored the number n.

Example using Trial Division

Factors of 12

The square root of 12 is 3.464 and on rounding to the closest whole number it becomes 3

Testing the integer value 1 through 3 for division into 12 with a remainder 0 we get the factor pairs (1, 12) (2,6) (3,4)(4,3)(6,2)(12,1)

Factors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12.

Factors of Negative Numbers

All the information provided above regarding the methods apply to negative numbers as well. Just make sure you follow all the rules while multiplying and dividing the negative numbers to find factors of negative numbers. For instance, factors of – 8 are (1, -8)(-8,1)(2,-4)(-4,2)

FAQs on Factoring Calculator

1.  What does a Factoring Calculator do?

Factoring Calculator computes the factors and factor pairs of the given number.

2. How to find Factors of a number?

You can find the factors of a number easily by making use of the Factoring Calculator prevailing on our page.

3. Where can I find info about Factoring with Examples?

You can get everything related to the method of factoring and how to approach a number to get the factors and factor pairs.

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