Essay on Wonders of Science | Wonders of Science Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Wonders of Science: Science has become a part and parcel of our lives. Without the wonder of science, there would be no progress in the world. Given the gravity of the impact of science on our society, it becomes extremely important to teach our kids about science and help them make a career in it. The technological advancements and scientific discoveries in the world always go hand in hand.

In this particular wonder of science essay, we shall be talking about the importance and the progress of science in the last century. Also, in this wonder of science essay, we will be talking about how important science is for students to build a bright career.

Long and Short Essays on Wonders of Science for Students and Kids in English

In this article, you will find two essays on wonder of science. A 600-word long wonder of science essay and a 200-word short wonder of science essay in English with proper formats. These essays can be used by students of class 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 for tests examinations and essay writing competitions.

Long Essay on Wonders of Science in English

The progress of science in the last century has been a phenomenal success and a testimony of the hard work and dedication of our scientists. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries in the last century are the discovery theory of relativity, the discovery of black hole, dark matter-energy, advancements in string theory, progress in quantum loop theory and many more. Also, the progress of science is directly proportional to the advancement of technology and engineering that we have seen in the last century. With the invention of interest, science has come closer to the common ma. This has motivated millions of students across the world to take up science as their careers.

The scientific discoveries such as the Higgs boson particles hold great significance to our society. It is because of science that the world is moving forward. There has been a lot of debates about science versus religion. The merit to this debate is very low because of the fact that science has solid and robust proof and theories backing its argument. But all that religion has is spiritual and emotional arguments. In this wonder of science essay, we are not talking about the debate between science and religion. We shall be confining our content to the real wonder of science.

Science as a stream of professional course has to be propagated not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. Every student irrespective of his or her financial status must be able to pursue their dream of becoming a scientist. To fulfil their dream of becoming a scientist and discovering great things, the onus lies on the law of the land and the government of the country. We have seen that to pursue a course in science especially in postgraduate and undergraduate level, it requires the student to pay hefty fees to the universities. This business of education and monetizing of science should stop if the wonder of science in the world has to continue.

Ever since the discovery of the internet, science has been in talks in the households of the country. This is wonderful precedence not only for the scientific community but also for the society at large. If the discoveries of science are discussed on a day-to-day basis by the common man of the country then the country has been truly in the path of progress. As the world is entering the industrial revolution 4.0, we shall be witnessing some of the greatest scientific and engineering discoveries of our times. With the advent of technology, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning the days are not far where the future scientific discoveries will be made by robots and machine learning algorithms. For all these to happen the government and the international community should give proper financial support to the scientific community. Without aid and support from society, new discoveries and inventions will not be possible.

I would like to conclude this wonder of science essay by saying that the greatest of scientific discoveries in the world have come from normal people who are visionaries in their times. Also, they had the support of the society, the community and the government at large. Certain discoveries like the shape of Earth or the existence of solar system were not taken into consideration in the beginning because of religious, social and political disagreements. But eventually, all these discoveries were taken into account and it changed the world as we know it. For countries like India, scientific discoveries are important to eliminate blind and harmful religious believes. It requires great leadership at the helm of the power to give science preference over religion or politics or social idiosyncrasies.

Wonders of Science Essay

Short Essay on Wonders of Science 200 Words

From using our smartphone to working from home to great medical discoveries, science has been playing a pivotal role in the progress of our society. The companies that we see today like Google or Facebook or Yahoo or Apple has come from years of scientific discoveries in technology and the internet. Science and engineering are considered to be two brothers whose discoveries are interdependent on each other. Without science, there would be no engineering and similarly, without engineering, there would be no science.

When we say wonder of science we are not only talking about the importance of the discovery of science and scientific theories, we are also talking about the kind of impact that the discoveries and inventions through science have on society at large. Certain scientific discoveries have had great impacts on our social and political structure of society. Today even in the 21st century, there are certain sections of the population who are reluctant to believe the scientific discoveries made by our scientists. To change this attitude it requires proper policies and laws in the country and will power by the government to change the dynamics of our society and the thought process of our people.

10 Lines on the Wonders of Science Essay

  • Science has been the backbone of our society’s progress¬† in the last few centuries
  • Scientific discoveries like quantum loop theory, string theory and dark matter energy have changed our understanding of the universe
  • The discovery of the Higgs boson particle was the greatest scientific discovery in recent times
  • The discovery of the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein had cascading impacts of our understanding of the universe.
  • Scientific discoveries such as the shape of Earth or the existence of other planets were not perceived well by religious people back in the day
  • The challenges of scientific discoveries have reduced to a certain extent because of the advent of the internet and artificial intelligence
  • Data science is the next big thing in the scientific community that can change the world as we know it
  • The most loved scientist of our times was the famous Steven Hawking
  • The discussion of science and its discoveries in their households hold special value to the society and indicates that our society is progressing
  • Science is the only way problems like climate change, pandemics and epidemics can be tackled

FAQ’s on Wonders of Science Essay

Question 1.
Which is the greatest scientific discovery ever?

The discovery of electricity by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison, theory of relativity by Albert Einstein and the invention of the telephone of Graham Bell were few greatest discoveries of all time.

Question 2.
What is the importance of science in our lives?

Discoveries of medicine, inventions of everyday things and many more are important for society to progress

Question 3.
Is science different than engineering?

Science and engineering are considered to be related to each other. Both streams are interdependent on each other

Question 4.
Which is the best college in the world to study science?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Harvard University are considered to be the best colleges to study science and engineering in the world

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