Essay on Electric Vehicles – How Electric Cars Work?

From the past few years electric vehicle became hot topic everywhere. And many people are very interested to buy these EVs as it was eco friendly and fuel free vehicles. To maintain good environment these electric vehicles will help a lot.

If you are also looking for an electric vehicle and if you dont have any idea about them, just have a look at this quick guide essay on electric vehicles as we have provided you with complete information to know about electric vehicles like how it works, what are types and many more are discussed.

What is Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles are the mode of transport that runs with an electric motor instead of internal combustion engine. And this vehicles are environmental friendly vehicles as they use little or no fuel. And when it comes to electric vehicles they are very easy to use than fuel cars. As the electric vehicles are cheap, and smoother there is an increase of popularity.

If you see electric vehicles that includes road vehicle like cars, bikes, underwater vessel, rail vehicles, surface vessel, electric aircraft and electric space crafts.

Types of Electric Vehicles

In this section, we are going to look at different types of electric vehicles, as some of the vehicles run on full battery, some vehicles need petrol and fuel even they are electric. So, checkout and know the difference of electric vehicles.

  • Pulg in Electric
  • Hybrid Electric
  • Pulg in Hybrid

Plug in Electric vehicles: These type of vehicles purely run based on electricity and get the power when it is pluugged in to charge. We do not even use single drop of petrol and diesel. And these vehicles are also called as battery electric vehicles.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: This type of vehicles run on fuels like petrol and diesel but these vehicles also have electric battery too and that will be recharges through regenerative braking. For these cars we cannot charge the battery by electricity source.

Plug in Hybrid Vehicles: When it comes to plug in hybrid vehicles it is not fullyt electric and not fully hybrid. When you are running out of charge you can use the fuel engine too as we have both fuel and electric engines. And these vehicles can be plugged in to a electricity source to recharge battery.

And we can also see some other classified electric types like

  • Electrically Powered Spacecraft
  • Railbrone Electric Vehicles
  • Air brone Electric Vehicles
  • Sea brone Electric Vehicles
  • On and Off Road Electric Vehicles
  • Space rover Electric Vehicles

Why Using Electric Vehicles are Important?

If you see in our todays world, environment is becoming worst day by day and in that pollution is one of the main reason. By using electric vehicles we can decrease the pollution which is leading to greenhouse emissions, global warming and many others. And using these vehicles is super easy and simple.

We can also reduce the import of oil and diesel which leads to the exposure of toxic gases. Using this electric vehicle is easy to maintain and it saves a lot of money. So, finally by using electric vehicles we can save our earth.

How Electric Vehicles Work?

Electric vehicle is an automatic vehicle, which is having both forward and reverse mode. Electric vehicle has the less inner parts than internal combustion gases. Let us look into the parts of electric vehicle and how they work.

Electric Engine: This electric engine provides power to rotate the wheels for any type of engine like AC motors, AC/DC type. Electric vehicles accelerate faster than vehicles with traditional fuel engines.

Charging: You need to charge your battery at charging points or in the outlet. We can see three types of chargers for electric vehicles which can be able to connect either with type 1 and type 2 connector. And based on our electric vehicle, there will be chargers that comes with electric speeds upto 43kw.

EV Batteries: We get different types of batteries for different models of electric vehicles. The higher the Kw of the battery, there will be the higher the range.

Inverter: In electric vehicles there will also an inverter as they always run on electricity. And this inverter converts the electricity which is in the form of direct current to alternating current.

Drivetrain: Electric vehicles comes with an single speed transmission which sends power from the motor to the wheels.

Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicle

When it comes to pros and cons of electric vehicles, there are lots of benefits to look and along with them there are also some disadvantages of using electric vehicles than internal combustion gases.

Pros of Electric Vehicle

Look into the below to know the benefits or advantages of electric vehicles.

  • Using electric vehicles will reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • There will be no exhaust of spark plug, clutch or gear.
  • You can drive a car without any noise pollution or sound pollution.
  • Low maintainence and money saving.

Cons of Electric Vehicles

Here we have provided you with the disadvantages of using electric vehicles are given below.

  • Cost of replacing the battery is too high.
  • We cannot have huge options to select like internal combustion gas.
  • Availability of charging stations are unstable.
  • Recharging a electric car is a disadvantage as it takes 3 to 10 hours to charge.

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FAQs About Essay on Electric Vehicles of 2023

  1. How do electric vehicles impact the society?

By using electric cars we can able to reduce the pollution that was caused by internal combusition engines which leads to green house gas emission.

  1. What technology is used in Electric vehicles?

In electric vehicles are pushed by the electromagnetism technology. And these electric vehicles use electricity stored in the battery to power an electric motor.

  1. What are the other names of electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles can also be referred as the battery electric vehicles, plug in hybris electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles.

Key Takeaways

We as a team hoping that you have enjoyed a lot while reading this article on essay on electric vehicle and gained some knowledge about electric vehicles. If you have any suggestions about our article, dont forget to comment to us in the comment section. For more similar interesting articles, checkout our website.

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