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Data Structures Through C++ Books & Study Materials Pdf Free: Download Data Structures & Algorithms Using C++ Pdf Notes for free from the direct links available on this page. These books, lecture notes, study materials can be used by students of top universities, institutes, and colleges across the world. Also, We have compiled a list of Best Reference Books on Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ Subject for B.Tech CSE & IT 2nd year engineering students for better preparation during final exams.

However, students can achieve more marks in the exam by preparing the Data Structures Using C++ Review Questions which are given in this article. So, check out all these Data Structures Pdf Books, References Textbooks & Important Questions from the below modules & give your best in the 2nd-year 1st sem DS Exam.

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Data Structures Using C++ Notes & Text Books Free Pdf Download

Any University students of CSE & IT Branches can check this article for getting complete information & download links of Data Structures Using C++ Books pdfs. Available DS and Algorithms in C++ Study Materials and Text Books Download links are in PDF formats and you can download them for free of cost from here without any registration. By using the following links you can directly jump to your required matter about DS Notes & Books PDF Download.

Download Best Books for Data Structures & Algorithms for Beginners

From the below table, all B.Tech CSE & IT Students can download data structure book pdf, ppt for free of cost and use them for your exam preparations for scoring max. marks in the final examination. These are the best books for data structures & algorithms for beginners also, so check out the following table and pick any of the DS Using C, C++ Notes Pdf & download it.

S. No Books Names Download Links
1. Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++ Notes Download
2. Data Structures & Problem Solving Using C++ PDF Book Download
3. Introduction to Data Structures in C++ PPT Free Download Download
4. Data Structures through C++ Question Paper Download
5. D.S. Malik, Data Structures using C++ TextBook in PDF Download

List of Best Reference Books for Data Structures Through C++ (2nd Year)

With the help of DS Study Materials, Lecture Notes, TextBooks Pdf free download, CSE & IT Engineering Students can learn all the topics easily before the exams. Along with the best Books for Data Structures for beginners and professionals in C++, it is more important to revise the reference books for data structures through c++ to gain more information about the subject. The following are some of the best Data Structures and Algorithms Reference Books & Notes Pdf along with authors:

  • Data structures, Algorithms, and Applications in C++, S.Sahni, University Press (India) Pvt.Ltd, 2nd edition, Universities Press, Pvt. Ltd.
  • A Data structures using C and C++, Langsam, Augenstein and Tanenbaum, PHI.
  • Data structures and algorithms in C++, 3rd Edition, Adam Drozdek, Thomson
  • Data structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++, Mark Allen Weiss, Pearson Education. Ltd., Second Edition.
  • Problem-solving with C++, The OOP, Fourth edition, W.Savitch, Pearson education.
  • Data structures and Algorithms in C++, Michael T.Goodrich, R.Tamassia, and Mount, Wiley student edition, John Wiley and Sons.

Data Structures using C++ Syllabus – 1st Semester


Abstract Data Types and the C++ Class, An Introduction to C++ Class- Data Abstraction and Encapsulation in C++- Declaring Class Objects and Invoking Member Functions- Special Class Operations- Miscellaneous Topics- ADTs and C++Classes, The Array as an Abstract Data Type, The Polynomial Abstract Data type- Polynomial Representation- Polynomial Addition. Spares Matrices, Introduction- Sparse Matrix Representation- Transposing a Matrix- Matrix Multiplication, Representation of Arrays.


Templates in C++, Template Functions- Using Templates to Represent Container Classes, The Stack Abstract Data Type, The Queue Abstract Data Type, Subtyping and Inheritance in C++, Evaluation of Expressions, Expression- Postfix Notation- Infix to Postfix.


Single Linked List and Chains, Representing Chains in C++, Defining a Node in C++- Designing a Chain Class in C++- Pointer manipulation in C++- Chain Manipulation Operations, The Template Class Chain, Implementing Chains with Templates- Chain Iterators- Chain Operations- Reusing a Class, Circular Lists, Available Space Lists, Linked Stacks and Queues, Polynomials, Polynomial Representation- Adding Polynomials- Circular List Representation of Polynomials, Equivalence Classes, Sparse Matrices, Sparse Matrix Representation- Sparse Matrix Input Deleting a Sparse Matrix, Doubly Linked Lists, Generalized Lists, Representation of Generalized Lists- Recursive Algorithms for Lists- Reference Counts, Shared and Recursive Lists


Introduction, Terminology, Representation of Trees, Binary Trees, The Abstract Data Type, Properties of Binary Trees, Binary Tree Representations, Binary Tree Traversal, and Tree Iterators, Introduction, Inorder Traversal Preorder Traversal, Postorder Traversal, Thread Binary Trees, Threads, Inorder Traversal of a Threaded Binary Tree, Inserting a Node into a Threaded Binary Tree, Heaps, Priority Queues, Definition of a Max Heap, Insertion into a Max Heap, Deletion from a Max Heap, Binary Search Trees, Definition, Searching a Binary Search Tree, Insertion into a Binary Search Tree, Deletion from a Binary Search Tree, Height of Binary
Search Tree.


The Graph Abstract Data Type, Introduction, Definition, Graph Representation, Elementary Graph Operation, Depth First Search, Breadth-First Search, Connected Components, Spanning Trees, Biconnected Components, Minimum Cost Spanning Trees, Kruskal S Algorithm, Prims Algorithm, Sollin’s Algorithm, Shortest Paths, and Transitive Closure, Single Source/All Destination: Nonnegative Edge Cost, Single Source/All Destination: General Weights, All-Pairs Shortest Path, Transitive Closure.


Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort Merging, Iterative Merge Sort, Recursive Merge Sort, Heap Sort.


  • Distinguish between procedures and object-oriented programming.
  • Compare and contrast various data structures and design techniques in the area of Performance.
  • Apply advanced data structure strategies for exploring complex DS.
  • Incorporate data structures into the applications such as binary search trees, AVL and B Trees.
  • Implement all DS concepts like stacks, queues, trees, lists, and graphs and compare their Performance and trade-offs.
  • Implement DS Algorithms Through C++.

Review Questions List of Data Structures Through C++

  1. Explain Oops Concepts?
  2. Explain about equivalence class?
  3. Write a C++ Program to pop an element from the stack?
  4. Write a C++ Program to insert an element at the last position into a single linked list?
  5. Explain with the examples of different cases of deletion of elements in a binary search tree?
  6. Discuss the representation of polynomial using an Abstract Data Type?
  7. Explain different types of inheritances available in C++?
  8. If the number of elements in a binary search tree is N. Give two sample binary search tree where the search time is proportional to i) Log N ii) N
  9. Discuss about different ways of representing Graphs in memory?
  10. With an example, Explain the procedure of transposing a Sparse matrix?
  11. Write an algorithm to traverse a graph using the breadth-first search?
  12. Write a C++ program to sort the following elements using Recursive Merge Sort?
  13. Implement container classes using templates?
  14. Trace the above program for the following elements? 12, 25, 5, 9, 1, 84, 63, 7, 15, 4, 3
  15. Discuss about Array as an Abstract Data Type?
  16. What are Tree iterators? Explain
  17. Write a Program to push an element into a stack?
  18. Explain about All-pairs shortest path algorithm?
  19. Write an algorithm to traverse a graph using a Depth-first search?
  20. Discuss about the implementing Chains with templates?
  21. Write a C++ program to sort the following elements using Insertion Sort?
  22. Discuss about the implementation of queues using a linked list?
  23. Trace the above program for the following elements? 65, 6, 54, 63, 56, 61, 14, 39, 28, 16, 30.
  24. Create max heap for the following elements (20, 12, 14, 3, 52, 15, 139, 27, 190)

FAQs on Data Structures in C++ Books & Notes Pdf

1. Which is the best book for Data Structures and Algorithms through C++?

Data Structures through C++ Notes is the most important aspect for all CSE engineering students to learn the entire subject easily without taking any help from the experts. So, we have listed some of the best books for Data Structures and Algorithms through C++ here and they are as follows:

1. Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms in C++ by Mark Allen Weiss
2. Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ by Adam Drozdek
3. Computer Science with C++ by Sumita Arora

2. What are the best books on Algorithms and Data Structures?

Clearly, the best books on Data Structures and Algorithms for beginners and professionals are Data Structures by Seymour Lipschutz and Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H Cormen, Charles E Leiserson, Ronald L Rivest, and Clifford Stein.

3. Which language is best for Data Structures?

High-level languages such as Python and Ruby are often recommended because they are high level and the syntax is pretty understandable. Though, these languages have abstractions for the common DS.

4. Which is the best book for Data Structures in C?

Here we have provided three best books for Data Structures and Algorithms in C which was recommended by experts & college toppers:

1. Data Structure Through C by Yashavant P Kanetkar.
2. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C by Weiss.
3. DS Through C in Depth by Deepali Srivastava and S K Srivastava.

5. Is Python good for Data Structure?

Python is a high-level programming language and hence it makes efficient to apply DS and Algorithms. Therefore, Python is good for Data Structures & Algorithms.

Wrapping Up

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All Universities students can easily make use of these available Data Structure TextBooks & Study Materials pdf for B.Tect 2nd year 1st sem. So, download the pdf and prepare well for the exams. If you need any help regarding Data Structure using C++ Books in pdf, drop a comment and we will get back to you asap. Bookmark our site and discover the latest updates on all Engineering Subjects Notes & Reference Books for B.Tech CSE Course.

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