CPT Reference Books for Exam Preparation | Best Recommended Books for CA CPT 2020

Best ICAI CA CPT Reference Books for Exam Preparation: From this article, you can find all the details of CA CPT recommended books by ICAI & other best private publications for test preparation. Students have to start their preparation of CA CPT Examination with the ICAI provided official CPT Books available on its official site @ icai.org.

Also, you can collect all those CA CPT Notes & Books easily from our site ‘ncertbooks.guru’ in PDF Formats. If you wish to achieve more knowledge on subjects or desire to do self-study, then this is the right page for you. Here, we have put down a list of Latest & Best Recommended Books for CA CPT Exam Preparation. Candidates can also buy these ICAI CA CPT Reference Books PDF online.

CA CPT Books – Best CPT Reference Books 2020

The full form of CPT is Common Proficiency Test, which is the first level of CA examinations in India which have turned out to CA foundation as per the ICAI Revised Scheme. Aspirants can register for CPT Exam after completing Grade 10 and also after finishing High School (Grade 12).

To crack the CA CPT Exam, you need to prepare hard by referring all officials released latest edition CPT Books and Study materials PDFs and ICAI offered the best CPT Reference books. On this page, you will find Best Books for CA CPT Exam 2020 for the subjects like Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and for Quantitative Aptitude.

CA Foundation Reference Books – Best Reference Books for CA CPT

For the sake of CA CPT Exam Preparation, the ICAI board is offering the best study materials in PDF formats on their ica.org website. Along with these officials released books, its important to prepare for the CPT Exam by using some of the best CA CPT Course Reference Books which are suggested by experts.

Here we have listed a few best CA Foundation Reference books for CPT 2020 Exam Preparation. So, gain more knowledge about CPT Course subjects and do self-preparation from all resources like CA IPCC Study Materials PDF recommended by professionals & toppers, etc. As per the students and research studies, we have come up with the best list of CPT reference author books and ICAI CPT Recommended books.

Let’s scroll down the page to below and check the Best CA CPT Recommended Books – CPT Reference Books”. Have a Quick View on the below modules and know about the best books for CA CPT Course Exam 2020.

CPT Best Recommended Books for Preparation

Apart from the ICAI Study material, a few other best reference books for CA CPT Exam 2020 are available by the private publications with good quality of information. Hence, these CA CPT Reference books will help students in their exam preparation.

Fundamentals of Accounting – Best Recommended Books for CA CPT 

  • ICAI CPT Model Test Papers of Fundamentals of Accounting
  • ICAI CPT Mock Test Papers
  • ICAI’s CPT Fundamentals of Accounting Study Material PDF
  • Padhuka – Basics of Accounting for CA CPT by G. Sekar & B Saravana Prasath Edition: 2017
  • Shuchita Solved Scanner For CA CPT English by Amar Omar, Rasika Goenka for 2017 exam
  • S Chand Grewal CA CPT by M P Gupta and B. M Agarwal ( Edition: 2016 )
  • Tata McGraw Hill Fundamental of Accounting By PC Tulsian Bharat Tulsian Edition: 2016

Mercantile Law – CA CPT Best Reference Books by ICAI

  • ICAI’s CPT Mercantile Law Study material
  • ICAI CPT Model Test Papers of Mercantile Law
  • ICAI CPT Law Mock Test Papers
  • Padhuka MCQ Bank by G Sekar and B Sarvana Prasath Edition Sept 2016
  • Bharat Mercantile Law By T Padma K P C Rao Edition 2016
  • Tata Mcgrawhill Mercantile Laws for CA CPT by P C Tulsian Edition 2017
  • Taxmann CA CPT Mercantile Laws by V K Jain Edition: Mar 2017
  • S Chand Mercantile Laws for CA CPT by P P S GOGNA for December 2017 exam

General Economics – Best Suggested Books for CPT 2020 Preparation

  • Padhuka – Basics of General Economics for CA CPT by G Sekar, B Saravana Prasath
  • Taxmann – General Economics by P. M Salwan & Pranjal B Deshpande Edition: March 2017
  • Bharat – General Economics By T Padma K P C Rao Edition 2017
  • ICAI CPT Economics Mock Test Papers
  • CPT General Economics Study material by ICAI
  • ICAI CPT Model Test Papers of General Economics

Quantitative Aptitude – ICAI CA CPT Recommended Books for Exam Preparation

  • ICAI CPT Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test Papers
  • CPT Quantitative Aptitude Study material by ICAI
  • ICAI CPT Model Test Papers of Quantitative Aptitude
  • Quantitative Aptitude Mathematics With Short Tricks By CA Rajesh Jogani Edition 2017
  • Bharat – Quantitative With MCQ By T Padma K P C Rao Edition 2016
  • Padhuka – Practical Guide on Quantitative Aptitude for CA CPT by G Sekar & B Saravana Prasath

Other Practice Books for CA CPT Exam 2020

  • Taxmann CA CPT Common Proficiency Test Question Bank With Model Test Papers BY R C Bhatt & S K Agarwal & Manmeet Kaur
  • Lexis Nexis CPT Practice Kit Combine Set of 8 Books ( All Four Subject ) By Jay Ajit Chhaira

Final Words

Applicants can discover complete details & a list of “best CA CPT Reference Books for May 2020 for self-study” from the above. If you need any assistance or suggestion about Best recommended books for CPT, then leave a comment in the below comment box and bookmark our site for the latest updates on CA Foundation Reference Books.

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