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Convert Kilometer to Foots Calculator: Figuring out what would be the measurement of the car in feet when you have the length of the car in kilometer unit measurements. Then, the best way to figure it out by doing the kilometer to feet conversion. Want to know how to change km to ft conversion? Just go ahead and get complete details about the process of km to ft conversion.

This page is the correct destination for you because it offers an instant handy tool to convert km to ft unit conversion. Within a few taps, you can solve lengthy conversion calculations effortlessly and at a faster pace. So, try our free online kilometer to feet converter calculator and make your math calculations easier.

Along with the handy calculator, you guys will know the direct formula to calculate the km to ft conversion, how to convert km to ft, solved examples, etc. Go through the further sections and understand how to use convert km to ft calculator easily. Okay, let’s start learning kilometer to foot conversion by its definitions then formula and calculations.

What is Kilometer?

A kilometer is a unit of length in the International System of Units (SI). The symbol for kilometer is ‘km’. One kilometer is equal to 3280.84 feet. However, “kilo” is the prefix for 10³ in the metric system.

What is Foot?

A foot is defined as a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. The abbreviation of Foot is ‘ft’. Also, it was defined as exactly 0.3048 meters in 1959. One foot contains 0.0003048 kilometers.

Stepwise Process to Calculate Kilometer to Foot Conversion

To convert Kilometers Unit Measurement to Feet Unit Measurement, all you need to do is multiply the km value by the conversion ratio. We know that one kilometer is equivalent to 3280.8 feet and use this logic to determine the direct km to ft conversion formula. It is given as under,

Foot = Kilometer * 3280.84

You can use this simple conversion formula to convert kilometer to foot directly or else use our km to ft conversion calculator. Well, to get full clarity on how to convert km to ft we have given a worked example in the below section. Have a look at the solution and understand the whole concept clearly.


Convert 67 kilometers to feet and show the work?


Given, kilometer value is 67 km.

We know the formula to convert kilometer to foot as ft = km * 3280.84

Substitute the given values in the formula and we get as such

ft = 67 * 3280.84

Multiplying both km and ft values, we get the result as follows

= 219816.28 ft

Therefore, 67 Kilometers = 219816.28 foot. 

How to Use Convert km to ft Calculator?

Struggling to do conversion part in your lengthy math problems then try to use our kilometer to foot unit metric conversion calculator which gives the output in a fraction of seconds. Have you ever tried any online calculator tool? If not, then you must follow these simple steps and use our free online km to ft conversion calculator to make conversion calculations easy & quick.

  • At first, provide the kilometer value in the input field given over here.
  • Next, select the unit metric that you want the output to convert. Our calculator is set up with a foot unit metric by default as you have opened km to ft calculator.
  • If you want to convert the length of km into another unit metric then take the help from the dropdown list and move to the next step.
  • Later, You have to press the Convert button.
  • Finally, you will get the output converted into the required units within a short time showing a detailed explanation.

Kilometer to Feet Conversion Table

Kilometer [km] Foot [ft]
0.01 km 32.8083989501 ft
0.1 km 328.0839895013 ft
1 km 3280.8398950131 ft
2 km 6561.6797900262 ft
3 km 9842.5196850394 ft
5 km 16404.199475066 ft
10 km 32808.398950131 ft
20 km 65616.797900262 ft
50 km 164041.99475066 ft
100 km 328083.98950131 ft
1000 km 3280839.8950131 ft

FAQs on Km to Ft Unit Metric Conversion Calculator

1. How many kilometers in a foot?

One kilometer is equal to 3280.84 feet.

1 km = 3280.84 ft.

2. How do I convert Kilometer to Feet?

You can convert Km to Ft by multiplying the Kilometer Unit Measurement by 3280.84.

3. What is the formula to convert Kilometer to Foot?

Formula to convert KM to FT is given by ft = km * 3280.84.

4. What is 40km in feet?

Use the simple KM to FT Conversion Formula i.e. ft = km * 3280.84.

Substitute the given kilometer value in the formula,

ft = 40 * 3280.84.

= 131233.5958 ft.

∴ 40 kilometers = 131233.5958 feet.

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