Convert Foot to Yards Calculator

Convert ft to yd Calculator: Use the handy feet to yards conversion calculator to convert from feet to yards easily. Convert from ft to yd in a quick and easy way by using our online tool. All you have to do is enter the input i.e. foot value and enter the convert button. You will get the Output converted into yards in a fraction of seconds.

Apart from that, we also listed about the definitions of both Foot and Yards and how many feet is one yard and vice versa. Refer to the step by step procedure explained on how to convert feet to yards, worked out examples showing the calculations involved in them. Know the Foot to Yard Conversion Formulas by going through the further modules.

What is Foot?

A foot is a unit of length or distance both in Imperial System and US Customary Units. The Symbol for the foot is ft or ‘. There are 3 feet in a yard.  You can measure the objects around you in real-time such as length of a bed, height of a countertop, etc.

What is Yard?

A yard is a unit of length or distance in the Imperial System as well as US Customary Units. The symbol for the yard is yd. There are 0.33333333 yards in a foot. You can measure a football pitch, cricket pitch, area of uncultivated land, etc, in yards.

How to convert feet to yards?

In order to convert foot measurement into yards you just need to simply divide the length in yards by 3 and the formula to do so is mentioned below

yd = ft ÷ 3 or ft * 0.33333


Convert 36 feet to yards showing the work?


We all know the formula to convert feet to yards is

yd = ft ÷ 3

Applying the given values in the above formula we get

yd = 36/3

= 12

∴ 36 Foot = 12.0 yards 

How to use Feet to Yards Calculator?

Go through the simple and easy steps on how to convert feet to yards. Follow the guidelines and make your conversions effortlessly. They are as follows

  • In the initial step enter the foot value in the input field.
  • Choose the unit you want from the dropdown list and then click on the convert button.
  • You will get the output in the units you have prescribed easily.

Feet to Yard Conversion Table

Feet Yards
1′ 0.333333 yd
2′ 0.666667 yd
3′ 1 yd
4′ 1.3333 yd
5′ 1.6667 yd
6′ 2 yd
7′ 2.3333 yd
8′ 2.6667 yd
9′ 3 yd
10′ 3.3333 yd

FAQs on Foot to Yards

1.  How do you calculate yards from feet?

You can calculate yards from feet using the formula i.e.

yd = ft ÷ 3

2. What part of a foot is one yard?

1/3 rd Part of a foot is a yard and it can be expressed as yd = 1(ft)/3.

3. How can I find Unit Conversion of Feet to Yards Easily?

You can find Unit Conversion of Feet to Yards easily by making use of the free ft to yd Calculator on our page. Use this handy tool to convert feet to yards by looking no further.

4. Where Can I get Feet to Yards Conversion?

You can find Feet to Yards Conversion step by step explained on our page along with a direct formula.

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