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Convert ft to m Calculator: If you need conversion with feet and meters you can use our handy calculator that converts feet into meters instantly. Enter the feet in the input fields and get the output converted into meters easily. To understand the conversion process we included a step-by-step process and direct formulas, etc.

If you would like to perform a different conversion you can use the other length units provided. To make it easy for you we have listed the Formulas, Examples, and How to convert foot to meters, etc. Make your conversions effortlessly by taking the help of the Free Online Foot-to-Meters Calculator.

What is Foot?

The foot is the unit of length in both Imperial and US Customary Systems of Measurement. It is denoted by the symbol ft or. A meter contains 3.2808399 Feet.

You can use the metric foot to measure the depth of the swimming pool, the width of the dining table, etc.

What is Meter?

A meter is a unit of length in the metric system and the base unit system in the International System of Units. Meter being the base unit of the length in SI and Other systems it can be used to derive other units of measurement such as Newton for force, etc.

The symbol for meter is ‘m’ and one foot has 0.3048 meters. A meter is used to measure shorter distances and you can use it to measure objects like a piece of cloth to know the length, measure television screen, window size, etc.

How to Convert ft to m?

To convert feet into meters you just need to multiply with the conversion ratio. Multiply the distance in ft with 0.3048 m. Thus, the formula to convert ft to m is along the following lines

m = ft * 0.3048

Let us explain the concept of converting ft to m by taking enough examples and also showing the work and calculations behind them so that you will better know the conversions.

Example 1

Convert 10 Foot into Meters showing the work?


The formula behind the feet to meter conversion is

m = ft * 0.3048

substituting the values given we get the result as such

m =10*0.3048

= 3.048 meters

∴ 10 Foot = 3.048 meters

How to use Convert ft to m Calculator?

If You are struggling with the conversion of the foot to meters then you can go ahead with the simple and free to use ft to m calculator. The instructions to be followed while using the ft to m calculator are given along the lines

  • In the first step, give the input i.e. Enter the Value of Foot in the provision provided.
  • Thereafter, you can select the option of the unit from the dropdown list and then tap on the convert button.
  • You will get the output after conversion within less time.

Foot to Meter Conversion Table

Feet Meters
1′ 0.3048 m
2′ 0.6096 m
3′ 0.9144 m
4′ 1.2192 m
5′ 1.524 m
6′ 1.8288 m
7′ 2.1336 m
8′ 2.4384 m
9′ 2.7432 m
10′ 3.048 m

FAQs on Foot to Meter

1.  How do you convert ft to meters?

You can convert ft to meters simply using the formula i.e. m = ft * 0.3048.

2. How many feet are in a meter?

A meter has 3.28084 feet and it is given as 1 meter = 3.28084 feet.

3. Where can I find Examples regarding Feet to Meter Conversion?

You can find solved examples regarding Feet to Meter Conversions on our page.

4. How can I Convert Feet to Meter Easily?

You can convert feet to meter easily using the simple and easy to use Feet to Meter Calculator. Make the Calculations effortlessly and know the concept with the step by step explanation given.

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