Convert Foot to Kilometer Calculator

Convert Ft to Km Calculator: In our Feet to Kilometer Calculator, you can enter the value of feet in the input field and obtain the output in Kilometers fraction of seconds. If you would like to perform a different conversion you can select from the metric provided and obtain the corresponding conversion. Make your calculations at a faster pace by using our handy little calculator.

Apart from this, we tried to mention all about the definitions of units like Foot, Kilometer, and how to convert from one metric to another. Go through further to be familiar with Foot to Kilometer Conversion Table, Formulas, and worked out examples.

What is Foot?

A foot is a unit of Length or Distance in both US Customary Units and the Imperial System. The symbol for the foot is ft or ‘. There are 3,280.83989501 feet in a kilometer.

What is Kilometer?

A Kilometer is a unit of length or distance in the Metric System. The Symbol for Kilometer is km and there are  0.0003048 kilometers in a foot.

How to Convert Foot to Kilometer?

To Convert Foot to Kilometer multiply the length by the conversion ratio. Let’s take a closer look at the conversion formula so that you can do calculations faster using a Calculator or on your own.

if you want to convert the foot units in kilometers simply multiply feet with 0.0003048 i.e.

Formula to convert ft to km is along the lines


To help you understand the Foot to Kilometer Calculations let’s take a few examples and show you the work and calculations involved in converting from ft to Km.

Example 1

Convert 5000 feet to Kilometers?


We know the formula to convert feet to kilometers as

km= ft*0.0003048 

Here, in this case, the feet value given is 5,000

so on substituting in the conversion formula we will have the results as such


= 1.524

∴ 5000 Foot = 1.524 Kilometers

Foot to Kilometer Conversion Table

Feet(ft) Kilometers(km)
1′ 0.000305 km
2′ 0.00061 km
3′ 0.000914 km
4′ 0.001219 km
5′ 0.001524 km
6′ 0.001829 km
7′ 0.002134 km
8′ 0.002438 km
9′ 0.002743 km
10′ 0.003048 km

How to use Foot to Kilometer Calculator?

Below are the simple and easy steps on how to use our Foot to Kilometer Calculator. Our handy Calculator is easy to use and to know how you can use it and follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, enter the Foot Value in the input provided.
  • Select the Output metric you wish to calculate the Foot Value in the provision provided.
  • After choosing the metric, click on the Convert button.
  • Thereafter, you will get the output in the required metric in a fraction of the second.

FAQs on Foot to Kilometer

1. How many feet is a kilometer?

3280.84 ft equals a Kilometer i.e. 1 km= 3280.84 ft.

2. How to convert feet to Kilometer?

You can convert feet into kilometers with a simple formula i.e.


3. Where can I find worked out Examples of Feet to Kilometer Conversions?

You can find Worked Out Examples of Feet to Kilometer Conversions on our page.

4. How to convert 25 ft to kilometers?

We know Km = ft*0.0003048

= 25*0.0003048

= 0.00762

∴ 25 Foot = 0.00762 Kilometers

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