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Convert cm to mm Calculator: If you are stuck with a complex conversion math problems then try out our instant tool ie., unit conversion calculator for all metrics such as cm, m, ft, yd, mm, m, in, etc. Want to convert centimeters to millimeters in a fraction of seconds then use our handy convert cm to mm calculator. Simply enter your input and click on the convert button to attain the output unit conversion in mm within no time.

If you wish to learn how to convert cm units to mm units, please refer to this page and know all the processes along with centimeter to millimeter conversion formula, examples, and tables. By using our CM to MM converter, you can make the metric measurement conversion calculations much better and faster in your math journey.

What is Centimeter?

The definition of the centimeter is a unit of length or distance in the metric system. We denote the centimeter with the symbol of ‘cm’. The foreign spelling for this unit is centimetre. There are 0.1 centimeters in a millimeter, where you can write it as 1 cm = 10 mm.

What is Millimeter?

The definition of a millimeter is a unit of distance or length in the metric system. The abbreviation of a millimeter is ‘mm’. Also, the international spelling for this unit is millimetre. There are 10 millimeters in a centimeter, where you can denote it as mm = cm × 10.

How to Convert CM to MM?

1 centimeter is equal to 10 millimeters. So, to convert cm to mm, multiply the cm unit length value by 10. To make it simple use the conversion formula for cm to mm conversion is given here.

If we take any distance ‘d’ in mm is equivalent to the distance ‘d’ in cm times 10:

d(mm) = d(cm) × 10 (or) mm = cm × 10

Now, you can calculate the cm to mm unit conversion easily by your own using this above simple conversion formula. Still confused to do it manually, look at the below-solved example and understand the process step by step. If you need to get the result in just seconds then go with our cm to mm converter calculator and make your calculation faster.


Convert 50 cm of the width of the table into millimeters?


Given centimeters is 50 cm,

We know that 1 cm = 10 mm

The conversion formula for cm to mm metric conversion is

mm = cm × 10

Now, substitute the centimeter value into the formula and multiple by 10

mm = 50 × 10 = 500

Therefore, 50 centimeters = 500 millimeters.

Stepwise Process on how our Centimeters to Millimeters Calculator Works

Are you guys looking for the procedure to use the calculator which converts cm to mm? then follow the below guidelines. If you go with these instructions then you can easily make all your complex conversion calculations at a faster pace. So, let’s get started:

  • Firstly, you should open our and click on convert centimeters to millimeters calculator link which is located on the home page under the centimeter conversion calculator section.
  • Once you click on the cm to mm calculator, it will redirect to the nest page where the actual calculator locates.
  • Now, you will see the input filed where you have to enter the value of the centimeter as an input.
  • Thereafter, select the required unit metric conversion symbol from the dropdown list. By default, the calculator shows ‘mm’ unit metric which you are looking for.
  • After that, click on the Convert button and wait for a second to get the output as converted into the required metric measurement ie., millimeters.

Centimeters to Millimeters Conversion Table

Centimeters (cm) Millimeters (mm)
0.01 cm 0.1 mm
0.1 cm 1 mm
1 cm 10 mm
2 cm 20 mm
3 cm 30 mm
4 cm 40 mm
5 cm 50 mm
6 cm 60 mm
7 cm 70 mm
8 cm 80 mm
9 cm 90 mm
10 cm 100 mm
20 cm 200 mm
30 cm 300 mm
40 cm 400 mm
50 cm 500 mm
60 cm 600 mm
70 cm 700 mm
80 cm 800 mm
90 cm 900 mm
100 cm 1000 mm

FAQs on Centimeters to Millimeters Unit Conversion Calculator

1. How do you convert cm to mm?

To convert centimeters measurement to millimeters measurement, multiply the centimeter measurement by 10. For example, to convert 38 centimeters to millimeters, you would multiply 38 by 10 & you will get 380 millimeters as a conversion output.

2. Are there 10 mm in 1 cm?

Yes because the metric system is based on decimals, so there are 10mm in a centimeter and 1000mm in a meter. The base of the Greek-rooted words symbolizes that they are hundredths (centi) and thousandths (milli) of meters.

3. What is the formula to convert Centimeter to Millimeter?

Formula to convert centimeter to millimeters is mm = cm * 10

4. Where can I get explained examples on cm to mm conversions?

You can see numerous solved examples on cm to mm on this page. So, check them out and understand the concepts & work behind the calculation in a simple & efficient way.

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