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Convert Centimeters to Meters Calculator: Do you want to measure the length of the window and struggling to convert the length in centimeters to meter? Then, here is the solution to your struggle. We have created a unit conversions calculator for all unit metrics like cm, m, ft, mi, yard, etc. If you need to convert centimeters to meters then click on our convert cm to m calculator and make it simple and faster.

In case you don’t have any idea about the definitions of a centimeter & meter, formula to convert cm to m, how to convert and steps t0 use our convert centimeters to meter calculator then go ahead and check it out. Also, you gonna get the solved example of cm to m conversion too from further parts of this page.

What is Centimeter?

A centimeter, or centimeter, is a unit of length equal to one-hundredth of a meter. It is denoted as a ‘cm’. 1 Centimeter (cm) is equal to 0.01 meter (m). Also, it is defined as 1/100 meters.

What is Meter?

A meter, or metre, is the fundamental unit of length in the metric system, from which all other length units are based. The meter symbol is represented as ‘m’. One meter is equivalent to 100 centimeters.

How to Convert cm to m?

If you want to convert centimeter measurement to meter measurement, all you need to do is simply multiple with the conversion ratio or divide the length by the conversion ratio. The formula to convert cm to m is:

meter (m) = cm ÷ 100


m = cm * 0.01 m

Okay, now we have the formula to calculate the conversion of cm to m. First, enter the value in the formula and then convert the cm units metric into the meter units. Still confused to do it, then have a glimpse at the below-solved example and understand how it works step by step and learn how to convert cm to m measurement.


Convert 400 centimeters to meter with detailed steps?


We know the formula to convert centimeters to meter is

meter (m) = centimeters (cm) ÷ 100

The given value in centimeters is 400.

Substitute the value in the formula of cm to m unit conversion ie.,

meter (m) = 400 ÷ 100 = 4 m.


Centimeter to Meter Conversion Table

Centimeters Meters
1 cm 0.01 m
2 cm 0.02 m
3 cm 0.03 m
4 cm 0.04 m
5 cm 0.05 m
6 cm 0.06 m
7 cm 0.07 m
8 cm 0.08 m
9 cm 0.09 m
10 cm 0.1 m
20 cm 0.2 m
30 cm 0.3 m
40 cm 0.4 m
50 cm 0.5 m
60 cm 0.6 m
70 cm 0.7 m
80 cm 0.8 m
90 cm 0.9 m
100 cm 1 m

Steps to Use our Convert cm to m Calculator?

Confused to use our handy & free online cm to m converter calculator? need some help from us? then, have a glance at the below simple steps. These are the instructions regarding how to use centimeter to meter unit conversion calculator:

  • Give the input value in the field ‘Enter the value in Centimeters’.
  • After that, check the drop-down list and select the meter unit metric or else select any different conversion also if you require it.
  • Then, click on the convert button and get the output after completion of the unit conversion.
  • Also, you will be seen the complete explanation for your entered input value.

FAQs on Centimeter to Meter Conversion Calculator

1. How to convert centimeters to meters?

Conversion of cm to m can be done easily by using the simple formula ie., m= cm * 0.01 m.

2. How many centimeters are in a meter?

A meter has 100 centimeters and it is given as 1 meter = 100 centimeters.

3. Where can I find worked-out examples regarding Centimeter to Meter Conversion?

You can obtain a few solved examples about the conversion of cm to m on our page along with the centimeter-to-meter conversion table.

4. How can I Convert a Centimeter to a Meter Quickly?

You can convert cm to m much easier and faster by using our simple Convert Centimeter to Meter Calculator. With the help of this handy calculator, you can efficiently calculate any unit metric conversions in a fraction of a second.

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