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Centimeters to Kilometer Calculator: With our Centimeters to Kilometer Conversion Calculator, students can easily convert any number of centimeter metric units into kilometers just in microseconds. Not only kilometers but also our calculator offers you to perform any unit metric conversion by choosing the metric provided in the dropdown list. At last, it provides the output with the corresponding conversion.

Our handy Convert Cm to Km Calculator can make your calculations faster and easier and also it lets you know how to convert the centimeter to a kilometer with a detailed explanation. Look no further just follow the lines and increase your knowledge on centimeters conversion calculator from here.

What is Centimeter?

The definition of centimeter is a metric unit of length, equal to one-hundredth of a meter. An example of a centimeter is roughly the width of an adult’s smallest fingernail. 1cm is equal to 0.39370 inches.

Centimeters are usually shortened using the letters cm.

What is Kilometer?

A kilometer is a unit of length that is equal to 1,000 meters or (approximately 0.62 miles). So we can say that 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters or 0.62 miles.

Kilometers are normally abbreviated using the letters km

Centimeters to Kilometers formula

The formula to convert centimeters to a kilometer is as follows:

km = cm/100000

How to Convert Centimeters to Kilometer?

To Convert Foot to Kilometer multiply the number of centimeters by kilometers and change the units to a kilometer. Let’s have a detailed explanation of cm to km conversion by the following lines so that you can easily find the calculations on how to convert Centimeter to Kilometer. Or else, make use of our free online calculator and get the calculation done faster.

The formula for Unit conversion of  1 Centimeter = 0.00001 Kilometers.

So, if you want to convert any centimeter input into kilometer then substitute the value into this formula and calculate the cm to km conversion. 

In order to give proper clarity for you, we have provided an example of how to convert centimeters to a kilometer below. Have a look at the solved example and understand the calculations involved in converting from Cm to Km. 

Solved Example:

Convert 5000 Centimeters to Kilometers?


We know the formula to convert centimeter to kilometers as

1 Centimeter = 1/100000 Kilometer

To convert Centimeters to Kilometers, divide the centimeter value by 100000.

Here, in this case, the centimeter value given is 5,000

so on substituting in the conversion formula we will have the results as such

km=5000/100000 km

= 0.05 meters

Result in Kilometers: 0.05 meters

Therefore, 5000 Centimeter = 0.05 Kilometers.

Steps to Use Free Online Centimeter to Kilometer Conversion Calculator

Our handy and free calculator is very simple and easy to use. It converts centimeters to kilometers within a fraction of sections and displays output on the screen along with an explanation. In order to know how to use and how it works just follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Enter the value of centimeters in the input field.
  2. Select the required metric with the help of a given dropdown list and get the output in that unit metric conversion.
  3. Now, click on the Convert button which is located near to an input field.
  4. Finally, you can see the conversion of your input metric to the required metric in a fraction of seconds.
  5. That’s it! looks simple right? Then, look no further just use our free online centimeter conversion calculator.

Centimeter to Kilometer Conversion Table

Centimeter [cm] Kilometer [km]
0.01 cm 1.0E-7 km
0.1 cm 1.0E-6 km
1 cm 1.0E-5 km
2 cm 2.0E-5 km
3 cm 3.0E-5 km
5 cm 5.0E-5 km
10 cm 0.0001 km
20 cm 0.0002 km
50 cm 0.0005 km
100 cm 0.001 km
1000 cm 0.01 km

FAQs on Convert Cm to Km Calculator – Centimeter Conversion Calculator

1. How do you convert cm to KM?

As there are 100000 centimeters in a kilometer, to convert centimeters to kilometers, divide the centimeter value by 100000.

2. What is the formula to convert Centimeters (cm) to Kilometer (Km)?

You can convert centimeters into kilometers with a simple formula i.e., Kilometers = Centimeters ÷ 100,000

3. Why we use centimeters and kilometers units?

Centimeters and kilometers are both units used to measure the length.

4. What is the unit conversion of 5 cm to km?

Converting into km. (1km=100000cm). So 5 cm=5/100000=0.00005km or 5.0E-5 km.

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