What is the MLA Salary in India 2020? State Wise Monthly Salaries & Allowances of MLAs in India

MLA Salary India

State Wise MLA Salary India 2020: MLA stands for Member of Legislative Assembly. In India, electing an MLA is done by the citizens via voting to the desired candidate as per their view. Well, Indian citizens have to study about the nominated MLA candidate thoroughly before going to vote. Then only people can choose the right MLA for their state.

In India, a few common people are eagerly waiting to clarify their doubts and queries about the average monthly salary of all government higher officials such as MLA, MP, CM, PM, or Governor. Today, in this article, we are providing the details of MLA salary in India 2020. So, here you will gonna get the whole information regarding Member of Legislative Assembly – MLA Monthly Gross Salary & Other Facilities like Daily Allowances, Travel Allowances, Medical Facilities, House Rent Allowances, Constituency Allowance, and other allowances such as Family Pension, etc.

In India, an Average Monthly Salary of MLA includes all these allowances along with basic pay. So, check out the overall MLA Salary India 2020 details from the below sections along with the benefits does MLA of India gets after retirement.

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All About MLA Monthly Salary in India 2020

In the past 10 years, 1100% spike has been seen in the salaries of Indian state MLAs. If you compare with the foreign countries’ Member of Legislative Assembly, the Indian’s MLA Salary is higher, as per the studies. In a few states of India, MLA salary is higher than in other remaining states. If you want to look at the complete info about MLA Salary India in 2020 then make use of the below links and directly view the details of monthly MLA salaries in India.

Member of Legislative Assembly Avg Monthly Salary in India

In India, Average MLA Salary and allowance differ from one state to another. As per the government rules and regulations, the salaries of state MLA is decided by their particular state legislatures. In the below table, we have mentioned the highest and lowest monthly salaries of MLA along with the highest CM salary per month and total monthly pay of PM Narendra Modi Salary (June 2012). Once, refer to the following details and get an idea about MLA Avg. Salary in India.

Highest paid MLA in India Telangana & Delhi States
Lowest paid MLA in India Tripura & Meghalaya
Highest MLA Salary Rs.2,50,000 (Telangana)
Lowest MLA Salary Rs. 20,000
Highest Salary of Chief Minister (CM) in India Rs 4.21 lakh (K Chandrashekhar Rao)
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Salary per month (June 2012) Rs. 1,60,000

Top 5 States – Higher MLA Salaries in India 2020

The following 5 states MLAs are benefited with the highest monthly salaries and other allowances. So, have a look at the below points and know the amount and the state name clearly.

  • MLA Salary in Telangana – Rs.2,50,000
  • MLA Salary in Delhi – Rs.2,10,000
  • Basic Monthly MLA Salary in Madhya Pradesh – Rs. Rs.2,10,000
  • Bihar MLA Salary – Rs.1,65,000
  • MLA Salary in Maharastra – Rs. 1,60,000

Details about State MLA Average Monthly Salary India 2020

From this module, you all will know the complete details of the MLA Average Monthly Salary. In the below table, we have provided an average salary and several allowances available for MLA in India. The following basic salary and other facilities allowances are given to an Indian Member of the Legislative Assembly.

A total monthly MLA salary includes basic salary+DA+HRA+Travel Allowances, Constituency Allowances, and other Compensatory Allowances. All allowance mentioned here will not be the same for every state MLA. MLA salary and allowances may differ from state to state and also below given information on average monthly salary may differ. But now in India, MLA Avg Monthly Salary is above 1 lakh.

1. Average Salary and Allowances Per Month
(a) Salary Rs.60,000/-
(b) Constituency Allowance Rs. 10000/-
(c) Contingency Allowance Rs. 5000/-
(d) Secretarial Allowance Rs. 5000/-
(e) Conveyance Allowance (cost of 200 liters of Petrol @ Rs. 69.12 as on October 2014) Rs.13824/-
(i) Telephone charges against the Govt. telephone installed at Hostel Residence at Dispur. Rs. 3000/-
(ii) Telephone charge installed at the Members residence in his/ her home Constituency. Rs. 2500/-

State Wise MLA Salary in India 2020

The below table shows the monthly basic salaries of state MLAs in India. There is a vast variation in MLA salaries and allowances across state assemblies. It includes the highest salary package to the lowest salary package offered to state members of the legislative assembly (MLA). Also, you can view the total no. of MLA’s seats filled in each state along with their monthly salary.

State Name Total No. of MLA’s MLA Salary* Per Month
Telangana (TS) 119  Rs. 2,50,000
Delhi 70  Rs. 2,10,000
Madhya Pradesh (MP) 230 Rs. 2,10,000
Arunachal Pradesh 60  Rs. 25,000
Assam 126  Rs. 60,000
Bihar 243  Rs. 1,65,000
Andhra Pradesh (AP) 175  Rs. 1,25,000
Chhattisgarh 90  Rs. 1,35,000
Goa 40  Rs. 1,00,000
Gujarat 182  Rs. 127,000
Haryana 90  Rs. 1,15,000
Himachal Pradesh 68  Rs. 1,25,000
Jammu & Kashmir 87   Rs. 1,60,000 
Jharkhand 81  Rs. 1,51,000
Karnataka 224  Rs. 63,500
Kerala 140  Rs. 43,750
Maharashtra 288  Rs. 1,60,000
Manipur 60  Rs. 1,12,500
Meghalaya 60  Rs. 27,750
Mizoram 40  Rs. 65,000
Nagaland 60  Rs. 35,000
Odisha 147  Rs. 35,000
Punjab 117  Rs. 1,10,000
Rajasthan 200  Rs. 55,000
Sikkim 32  Rs. 52,000
Tamil Nadu 234  Rs. 1,13,000
West Bengal 294  Rs. 52,000
Tripura 60  Rs. 25,890
Uttarakhand 70  Rs. 35,000
Uttar Pradesh (UP) 403  Rs. 1,87,000
Puducherry 30  Rs.1,05,000

What are other facilities that benefited by MLAs in India?

The following are a few other facilities and allowances does a member of legislative assembly political persons get along with the basic salary of MLA monthly.

Sitting Allowances/ Daily Allowances:

Besides basic salary, state MLA’s will get Rs.2000/- per day during the period of Assembly Session and Committee Meetings.

Medical Facilities:

Member of MLA’s family will also receive Medical Attendance and treatment in all Government Hospital, Dispensaries and other Recognized Hospitals.

Travelling Allowance (TA) and Travel Facilities:

In case any state MLA participates in Parliament Session or meeting of a Parliamentary Committee with the official vehicle:

By Rail: One free non-transferable First class AC or Executive class of any train pass and one First class and one Second class fare.
By Air: One and one-fourth airfare of the airlines in which the member travels.
By Road: Rs. 16/- per km.

Mileage Allowance:

A Mileage Allowance for the purpose of traveling on official duty by his/her own car or by private vehicle Rs. 16/- per km.

Family Pension:

Family pension to the widow/widower of the Member shall be fixed at 50% of the amount of pension that the Ex-Member is allowed to withdraw at the time of his/her death subject to a minimum of Rs. 3000/- per month.

What benefits does MLA get after retirement?

Once you retired from the MLA position after 5 years of ruling, we will be benefited by Rs. 3000 per month in the form of pension, along with Rs. 8000 as diesel expenditure as well as the advantage of free railway pass and medical facility lifelong.

From the past 7 years, the average salary of MLAs has been raised approximately 125% which is really worth mentioning here. Whereas the Delhi state assembly has been increased the MLA salary by 450% and the salary of MLAs of Telangana state raised to 170%. So in short, we can say that the life of the person after becoming and retiring the MLA position is secured for a lifetime.

FAQs on State Wise Monthly Salaries of MLA in India 2020

1. What is the monthly salary of MLA in India?

Thus, the monthly salary of the MLAs will be hiked to Rs 1.16 lakh as upon the existing Rs. 70,727, in the face of increasing to 64 percent.

2. At what percent government increased the salary of MLA in India?

The average salary of MLAs has been raised approximately 125% from the last 7 years.

3. How much is the MLA Pension?

Every Ex-MLA will be benefited with Rs. 5000/- as a pension after serving as MLA for a period of 5 years and also they will get an additional pension of Rs. 1000/- for every year.


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