There are basically three pre-requisites which a student should master before moving on with calculus. These three sub-domains are algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. If you are sound with all these three topics, then you can comfortably move ahead with calculus. Calculus comprises of limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration.

Formulas play a very important role in calculus. You need to be very strong in the formulas else your calculus is going to crash.
Here we are proving a one-stop solution to all your calculus dilemmas. Here we present to you all in one calculus solutions which will not provide solutions to all the problems but will also provide you with an overview of that topic. Alongside, you don’t have to refer to any other book besides this book.

Before learning calculus, let me clear you one thing that calculus requires extra attention and it’s not a single day job. You need regular practice in order to excel in calculus. Revise the formulas and theorems every day so that you get a firm grip over them. Students generally have no problem with general algebraic expressions but as soon as calculus moves on with trigonometry, things start changing.

So, make sure you have a good hold over geometry and trigonometry, only then you can succeed in calculus. If you are a school student pay proper attention in class and try to solve the questions asked by your instructor yourself. This way you will test yourself regarding the calculus concepts.

Calculus – Free PDF Download Chapter wise (will update soon)

Chapter No Chapter Name Download Link
1 Limits PDF Download
2 Derivative Rules PDF Download
3 Integration (Integral Calculus) PDF Download
4 Differential Equations PDF Download

It may happen that you are not able to understand any question, you can ask you, teacher. The best way is group study. Discuss with your fellow friends regarding the problems you are facing. They may help you with that.
Our calculus PDF is designed to fulfill l the requirements for both CBSE and ICSE. The book covers all the topics as per the latest patterns followed by the boards.

The language followed is very interactive so a student feels that if the teacher is teaching. Study calculus every day in streaks of 60 minutes. Take a gap of 5 minutes and then move ahead. Don’t take bigger gaps as it will hamper your concentration. Keep solving and practicing the question given in the book. The more you practice, the stronger grasp over calculus will be attained.

If you feel any problem, there are many online resources which will help you out in studying calculus. By studying these calculus solutions you won’t need any notes as all the chapters have some main points explained in the beginning. The main aim of compiling this e-book is the clarity of concepts which is lacked in many students. Try newer problems each day.

This will help you in attaining a better preparation level and make you fully equipped for facing any type of question from calculus. Don’t start directly from Differentiation. First of all study limits, then continuity and then move to integration and then the graphical representation of the calculus objects. has always aimed at providing quality and affordable education to all. Stay connected with us for the most diverse and study materials for classes 6 to 12.

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