5 Best Indian Economy Books for IAS Prelims & Mains Exam

5 Best Indian Economy Books for IAS Prelims & Mains Exam

Indian Economy plays a very important role in the mains exam of IAS. There are a few good books of Indian economy are available in the market. These books are Ramesh Singh, Mishra and Puri, Uma Kapila and Datt Sundaram, etc.

5 Best Indian Economy Books for IAS Prelims & Mains Exam

The success in an exams depends on the quality of books and guidance. If a competitor works very hard on the wrong books then it sure that he/she will not get success in the exam. So to guide the aspirants of different competitive exams we have published this article based on the good books of the Indian economy for the preparation of the IAS exam.
Let’s review these books one by one;

1.Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Descriptive questions based on the Indian economy plays a very prominent role in the mains exam of UPSC and State PSC. The aspirants can score good marks in this paper if they go through authentic books and appropriate guidance.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

The book Indian Economy written by the Ramesh Singh is considered as the ‘Gita’ of Indian Economy.

This book is not only best for the aspirants of civil services examinations but also for researchers, academician and college going students.

The new edition of this book covers the inputs from Economic Survey 2018-19, Union Budget 2018-19, India 2019; and the latest volume of World Development Report 2018.

In addition to the above unique selling prepositions this book covers hot issues like Farmers’ suicides, Current disinvestment policy, Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 and other hot issues like Universal Healthcare, Demographic Dividend and Universal Basic Income etc.

In the conclusion it can be said that this book of Indian Economy is a most sought after piece for mains exam of UPSC and other administrative jobs.

2.Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri

The book of Indian Economy written by the Mishra & Puri is also the best book of Indian economy available in the market.

Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri

The latest edition of this book is available in the market with upto date data on different sectors of Indian Economy.

The latest edition critically analyse the performance of the Indian Economy over the years and discuss the problems of the economy. This book also evaluated the different welfare schemes runs by the central government with considerable detail.

The analysis of the economy and schemes would develop the understanding level or analytical skills of the aspirants of different exams.

The snapshot the book is as follows;

PART I – General aspects of Indian Economy

PART II – Structure of the Indian Economy

PART III – Basic Issues in Agriculture

PART IV – The Industrial Sector and Services in Indian Economy

PART V – Foreign Trade and Foreign Capital

PART VI – Money and Banking

PART VII – Public Finance

PART VIII – New Economic Policy of India

3.Indian Economy by Uma Kapila

The 17th Edition of the textbook on Indian Economy written by the Uma Kapila is considered as the magnum opus of Indian Economy. This book is not only important for the aspirants of the UPSC but also for the undergraduate students (BA and B.Com Hons.).

Indian Economy by Uma Kapila

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of Indian economy under five sections:

Section I. Basic issues in economic development

Section II.  Poverty, inequality, and employment

Section III. current perspectives in Indian agriculture

Section IV. Industry and services sector

Section V. Financial sector and the external sector

The book also carries a comprehensive Glossary used in the Indian Economy. The language of this book is very easy and up to date data and explanation of the various economic and social issues have made it one of the best books.

If this book is studied with Mishra and Puri then success of the aspirants can be increased many fold.

4. Indian Economy by the Datt and Sundaram;

This book provides up to date study material with explanation of the relevant topics like Industrial Policy and Indian Planning, Public Sector and Indian Planning, Food Security in India, farmers suicide, problems of Indian economy, Globalization and Its Impact on India, Union Budget 2018-19 and New Economic Policy 1991 etc.

Indian Economy by the Datt and Sundaram

This book covers almost all topics important for the UPSC and other competitive exams. So this is a must read book for the knowledge of Indian Economy.

5. The Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma

This is a small and handy book which contains just 348 pages. But lesser number of pages does not reduce the importance of the book. This book s based on the syllabus of UPSC.

The Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma

Some topics of this book are;

1. Railways- Life Line of the Nation

2. Globalization- Its Impact on Indian economy

3. Food Processing Industries of India

4. Overview of Indian Economy

So overall its a good book for the economic section of GS Paper 3 of the civil services main exam. Its paperwork is available in just 189 rupees.

In addition to the above books aspirants need to go through the;

1. Yojana Magazine (Montly magazine)

2. Kurukshetra Magazine (Montly magazine)

3. The latest Economic Survey

4. The latest India Year Book

5. The latest The Budget

6. Economic debates on All India radio @ FM Gold, 9.30 PM every Tuesday.

Book name Writer/Publisher
1. Indian Economy Ramesh Singh
2. Indian Economy Mishra and Puri
3. Indian Economy Uma Kapila
4. Indian Economy Datt and Sundaram
5.The Indian Economy Sanjiv Verma

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