6 Best History Books for UGC NET Exam

6 Best History Books for UGC NET Exam

UGC NET exam is conducted by NTA on behalf of University Grants Commission. It is a national level exam. This exam certifies the eligibility of candidates for the post of ‘Assistant Professor’ or ‘Junior Research Fellowship’. It conducts the examination for various subjects for two times a year. There are approx 81 NET subjects for paper 2 out of which History is one.

UGC NET Exam comprises two papers namely Paper 1 and Paper 2 which held consecutively without any break in the examination centre. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours.

In Paper 1, 50 multiple choice questions are asked and in Paper 2, 100 multiple choice questions. The exam does not have negative marking. Each question is of two marks.

There are almost 81 Subjects in UGC NET exam out of which History is one. It has been seen that several candidates opt this subject to appear in the UGC-NET Exam. But success touches the feet of only those who choose good books and study with proper strategy.

Let us see 6 best books for history subject for UGC NET exam that will help in the preparation.

6 Best History Books for UGC NET Exam

As per the new syllabus of the UGC, Indian History consists of Pre-history, Ancient period, Medieval Indian history and Modern India including National Movement and post independent phase.

1.Indian History by Krishna Reddy

Indian History by Krishna Reddy

This book provides a comprehensive approach to prepare history subject for UGC NET Exam. It covers the history of ancient, medieval and modern times. It will also be helpful in the preparation of several competitive examinations. From the previous edition, in the ancient section, new chapter on culture is added which highlights socio-religious and cultural developments and concepts. Several maps, diagrams, flowcharts etc. are given in the book to make understanding of the concept easy and clear.

Key features of the book

– After every chapter MCQs are there.

– It covers entire syllabus.

– Language used in the book is simple and easy to understand.

– Several Practice tests are there at the last of the book for self evaluation.

– Information is given in tabular form which makes easy to remember several historical events.

– In front of the chapter flowchart is given which gives an idea about the topic.

– Maps are there in the book but still more are required.

– Page quality of the book is fine.

– Printing is good.

– Paperback: 1328 pages

2.UGC-NET: History (Paper-II) Exam Guide by D.S. Tiwari

UGC-NET: History (Paper II) Exam Guide by D.S. Tiwari


It is a concise book on History for aspirants preparing for UGC NET for JRF and Assistant Professor Post. All the relevant chapters are there in the book.

Key features of the book

– Topics are covered in a lucid manner.

– Well-structured book with conceptual clarity.

– After every chapter, MCQs are given for practice.

– This book is helpful for revision before exam.

– Previous Years solved papers are there in the book.

– Reader friendly

– Questions in the book are based on exam pattern which boost the confidence of the candidate,

– Even some important terms, concepts, ideas are given about World History.

– Page quality is fine.

– Printing is good.

– Paperback: 894 pages

3.UGC-NET History by Sujata Ghosh

UGC-NET History by Sujata Ghosh

Book covers all the chapters according to the syllabus in detail with conceptual clarity. This book has three main units namely ancient, medieval and modern.

Key features of the book

– Book is designed according to the latest pattern and syllabus of UGC-NET.

–  All the concepts are covered in detail.

– For practice more than 5500 chapter wise objective questions are given in the book which gives it an edge.

– Previous years questions and solved papers are covered in the book.

– It consists of model question papers as per the examination pattern.

– It provide knowledge and build concept.

– Quality of the page is average.

– Printing of the book is fine.

– Paperback: 672 pages

4.The Wonder That Was India by A.L Basham

The Wonder That Was India by A.L Basham

This book covers Indian history, culture, religion, governance, social evolution, tradition, languages, philosophy and science. It covers the past of India from the time of Harappa civilisation and settlement to Aryan invasion theory. The book has inputs from scholars around the world.

Key features of the book

– It explores India’s rich heritage culture.

– It has covered in detail our past starting from Pre-Vedic Period.

– This book will create a visualisation picture for all types of pre-Historic and Vedic History.

– It also covers cultural reforms starting from Hinduism till the Vijayanagar Empire.

– Muslim invaders and the fall of the ancient Hindu kingdoms are also covered in the book.

– End of the Muslim period is also covered.

– Maps, tables and chronology of events are also covered.

– Language used in the book is easy and simple.

– Help in building concept.

– It generates interest on the subject even for the candidates who don’t have much idea of our past.

– Marvellous book on state, society, life, religion, art, language etc.

– Page quality is average.

– Printing is fine.

– Paperback: 572 pages

5.India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947 by Bipan Chandra

India's Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947 by Bipan Chandra

This book gives an in-depth and detailed overview on independence movement. The struggle for Independence is an important part of the history which can’t be ignored during preparation of the exam.

Key features of the book

– Well-documented history of India’s freedom struggle against the British rule.

– It consists of maps which make study easy.

– All the movements related to independence struggle are covered.

– All the chapters related to the independence are covered.

– Gives conceptual clarity.

– Independence movements are covered in story format which make it interesting to read.

– Aspirants need not to mug up the historical events to remember them for long time after reading this book.

– Language given in the book easy and simple.

– Quality of the pages is average.

– Printing of the book is good.

– Help in remembering the chronology of events in Indian history.

– This book provides full interpretations and views on colonial policies of British.

– This book sheds light on all of the important leaders, who were a part of the struggle for independence,

– Paperback: 600 pages

6.Trueman’s UGC NET History by Pramod Singh

Trueman's UGC NET History by Pramod Singh

This book of history is totally based on the new syllabus of the UGC/NET. In total, this book contains twenty five chapters. The best part of this book is that it provides complete syllabus with appropriate guidelines. It covers the chapters of ancient, medieval, and modern periods. It also put light on the information regarding the Cultural Life, Administration, and Political Developments taken place during a particular regime.

Key features of the book

– Model test papers and guidelines for Paper one

– Sample test questions are also given.

– Previous year’s question papers with solutions.

– Language used in lucid manner and easy to understand.

– All the historical events are covered in a chronological form.

– During exam, for revision, this book is good choice.

– Page quality of the book is average.

– Printing is good.

– Paperback: 1148 pages

More books for reference are mentioned below:

  • Indian History by R.S. Sharma
  • Penguin History of Early India by Romila Thapar
  • CBSE-NET History
  • UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Paper II: History – 8 Years Solved Papers 2011-18 by GKP
  • UGC NET/SET Paper II: History – Guide by GKP
  • NTA-UGC-NET: History Previous Years’ Papers (Solved) by RPH Editorial Board
6 Best History Books for UGC NET Exam
S.No. Book Name Author/Publisher Name
1. Indian History Krishna Reddy
2. UGC-NET: History (Paper-II) Exam Guide D.S. Tiwari
3. UGC-NET History Sujata Ghosh
4. The Wonder That Was India A.L Basham
5. India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947 Bipan Chandra
6. Trueman’s UGC NET History Pramod Singh



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