5 Best GK Books 2019-2020: To Crack UPSC, RRB, SSC Exams

5 Best GK Books 2019-2020: To Crack UPSC, RRB, SSC Exams

General Knowledge is a very important subject and mostly asked in competitive examinations. It is said that a student is known by the knowledge he possess. Nowadays, in GK several books are available in the market but which one is good or which book covered all the sections comprehensively is a bit difficult to decide. This article provides the list of 5 best GK books that will help in the preparation and also enhance your knowledge.

5 Best GK Books 2019-2020 To Crack UPSC, RRB, SSC Exams

GK best books list is given below will help in building your confidence and will let you know what is going around the world. For example, what is Hurricane, why it occurred etc? General Knowledge consists of various subjects namely History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Business, Genera; Science, Ecology and Environment, Art and Culture, Sports, News and Media, Healthcare, Communication, Computers and Technology etc. While reading General Knowledge book you feel change in your personality and in fact you will be amaze after reading those types of stuffs that you have not heard earlier. Best recommended GK books for all competitive examinations are as follows:

5 Best GK Books for UPSC, SSC, RRB etc. 

1.General Knowledge 2020 by Arihant

General Knowledge 2020 by Arihant

This is an updated version of Arihant’s GK book and it covers all the subjects with miscellaneous topics and recent affairs also. This book is designed in such a way that it will not only give conceptual knowledge but also help in cracking competitive examinations. Book consists of around 591 pages and categorise into different topics for better clarity.

Key features of the book

– Covered all the topics with examples.

– Latest facts, updates are covered in the form of figures, graph and tables.

– Current affairs facts

– Paper quality of the book is good

2.General Studies by Disha

General Studies by Disha

It is the second revised and updated enlarged edition of Disha’s experts for various competitive examinations preparation. Updates related to several exams like SSC, Banking, Agriculture, Environment, Technological developments, Policies of Government, Sports etc. are covered. If there is shortage of time and lot more to revise for upcoming exam then this book can be the best choice. It has 10000 plus objective MCQs with explanatory notes. Outdated questions are removed and explanations are updated. The questions in the book have been selected on the basis of questions asked in previous exams. The book consists of around 944 pages and paper quality is good.

Key features of the book

– Topics, chapter wise questions and answers with proper explanation Syllabus wise revision with updated latest topics

– Content in the book is to the point

– Language used is simple

– Good supplement to boost preparation

3.General Knowledge Manual by Pearson

General Knowledge Manual by Pearson

This book consists of detail information of all the subjects of GK. Content is elaborated nicely and all the topics are covered. This is unique book because apart from the GK subjects it consists of more than 1400 previous year’s exams papers of different examinations. Latest Current Affair is also covered. It has around 928 pages with paperback.

Key features of the book

– Various patterns of exams are covered

– Consists of 1400+ previous year papers

– Give free access to Pearson’s online portal

– Quality of the pages in the book is fine

– With the concepts, facts and key points are covered

4.General Knowledge by Lucent

General Knowledge by Lucent

Lucent General Knowledge book is good for beginners and for revision before exams. All the content is covered in a simple language and students can mug up very easily. Book also has various tables to make learning easy. This is one of India’s best selling GK book so far. It is available in Hindi and English both languages.  It has around 410 pages and of good quality.

Key features of the book

– Enhance your GK basic knowledge

– Covered all the topics with facts

– Language used is simple and any teenager can read it.

– Handy to carry while travelling

– Best way to revise before upcoming exams

5.General Knowledge by Prabhat Prakashan

General Knowledge by Prabhat Prakashan

It is designed in such a way that aspirant can revise all the subjects precisely with facts for all competitive examinations. Content given in the book is systematic, well structured, simple and in a useful way. It consists of complete information of various sections like history, polity, geography, abbreviations etc. Book page quality is good and has around 588 pages.

Key features of the book

– Complete revision for all competitive exams

– All the facts are covered in simple language

– Better understanding of the subject

– Good for revision

– Pages quality is good

– Crisp information

5 Best GK Books 2019-2020
S. No. Book Name Author/Publisher Name
1. General Knowledge 2020 Arihant
2. General Studies  Disha
3. General Knowledge Manual Pearson
4. General Knowledge  Lucent
5. General Knowledge Prabhat Prakashan





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