Best Books for JKCET | Details, Examination, Syllabus, Notes, Study and Reference Materials

Best Books for JKCET: Are you planning to appear for JKCET but unaware of the books you should study from to prepare for the exam?  Such books are fundamental in attempting to give the respective JKCET exams.  The best books for JKCET and reference books include

  • Paramedical courses,
  • Engineering courses,
  • Books on Nursing competitive exams, and more.

Your worries have come to an end with this search.  Here, you will find consolidated information about the best books for JKCET.  Moreover, you will find all information pertaining to the exam, syllabus, test patterns, etc.

You need to study from the best books for JKCET to clear the exam with flying colours. Competitive exams build up a lot of pressure on the students.  However, if you have the right material and correct guidance, nothing is impossible.

JKCET Books and Reference Materials

Chiefly, the JKCET exam is a parameter to identify students’ eligibility for admission in science courses.  Here you will find the name of the best books and the syllabus for the exam. You can enhance your knowledge with the best exam books and reference books to open the gateways of a plethora of admission options.  These books will help you revise for the subjects of your course, such as medicine, agriculture science, engineering, nursing, and dentistry.   JKCET is primarily to select eligible students for admission in diverse undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Going through the recommended books for exams and materials will give you the advantage of scoring better than your peer groups since they include the latest edition.

Below you will find all the listed information at your fingertips about JKCET that will help you reach your targeted college with choicest subjects.

  • JKCET Examination
  • JKCET Syllabus
  • JKCET Notes and Books
  • JKCET Study Materials
  • Conclusion

JKCET Examination

Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test or JKCET is a passport to your graduate-level courses.  Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations conducts the common entrance exam of Jammu and Kashmir once a year.

Relevant Information Details
Exam Full Name Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test
Exam Governing Body Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (J&K BOPEE)
Exam Level State Level Entrance Exam
Exam Date Between April to June every year  (tentatively)
Exam Mode Offline (Pen and paper-based test)
Exam Duration 3 hours
Exam Subjects Various undergraduate and postgraduate science subject

JKCET Eligibility Criteria

Candidates aspiring to appear for the upcoming JKCET should satisfy the following conditions to become eligible.

  • The student should possess a document of proof as a permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The student should have appeared for HSC, or Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent exam from a government recognised board.
  • The candidate should produce a certificate of attaining a minimum age of 17 years as on December 31, 2019.

JKCET Educational Eligibility

The aspiring candidates should be a Class 12 passed students if he or she is planning for JKCET.  The students should satisfy the following requirements.  Students can contact the official body of JKCET via online counselling for more information.

  • The student from the general category should have attained 50% marks in Class 12th.  However, the governing body gives 10% relaxation to candidates from reserved categories.
  • The candidates applying for engineering courses should be from a science stream with PCM or physics, chemistry, and maths.
  • The candidates applying for medical courses should have taken PCB or physics, chemistry and biology.
  • The candidates must have English as one of the language subjects.

JKCET Syllabus

Aspirants desirous of cracking the JKCET must study the recommended syllabus. The preparatory problems crop up if you do not comply with the updated version of the JKCET syllabus. The students should buy the best books that specifically deal with the latest JKCET syllabus.

Here you will find the details of all the topics and marks weightage under their respective subjects for the JKCET exam.

Physics Syllabus

The JKCET Physics section is inclusive of the following topics, which include around 60 questions.  The examiner will award one mark for each correct answer.

Physics Topics Marks weightage
The motion of the system of particles and rigid body 2
The physical world and measurement 2
Work, energy, and power 2
Kinematics 3
Oscillations and waves 4
Law of motion 2
Electrostatics 4
Electromagnetic induction and currents 4
Current electricity 4
Magnetic effects of current magnetism 5
Communication system 2
Gravitation 2
The behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory 2
Properties of bulk matter 2
Electromagnetic waves 2
Thermodynamics 2
Optics 7
Electronic devices 4
Atoms and Nuclei 3
Dual nature of matter and radiation 2

Chemistry Syllabus

Below you will find the chemistry syllabus topics with their marks weightage for the JKCET. The section includes around 60 questions.  The students will get one mark for each correct answer.

Chemistry Topic Marks weightage
Chemical arithmetic and atomic structure 3
Chemical bonding and molecular structure 4
Transition elements including lanthanides 2
Chemical kinetics 2
Chemical equilibrium 4
Chemistry of representative elements 4
Surface chemistry 2
Solution 2
Solid-state and state of matter 4
Chemical thermodynamics 4
Coordination chemistry 4
Redox reactions and electrochemistry 3
Hydrocarbons 3
Organic chemistry based on functional group-I 2
Organic chemistry based on functional group-II 3
Organic chemistry based on functional group-III 3
Nomenclature and basic concepts in organic chemistry 3
Periodic properties 2
Molecules of Life 3
Polymers 3

Mathematics/Biology Syllabus

Students can choose between maths or biology depending upon their professional choice.  Here are the topics for the sixty marks’ JKCET mathematics/biology section.

Mathematics Topics Marks weightage
Sets, relations, and functions 6
Sequence and series, permutation and combination, and binomial theorem 6
Matrices and determinants 4
Integration and differential equation 7
Limit, continuity, and differentiation 8
Complex numbers, linear inequation, and linear programming 6
Straight lines and conic sections 5
Vector Algebra and three-dimensional geometry 6
Trigonometry and inverse trigonometric functions 6
Statistics and Probability 6

Biology Syllabus

The biology section entails sixty questions worth sixty marks.  Below is a list of topics.

  • Ecology and environment
  • Human physiology
  • Diversity in the Living world
  • Sexual reproduction
  • Plant physiology
  • Cell structure and functions
  • Genetic and evolution
  • Biotechnology and its application
  • Structural organisation in animals and plants
  • Biology and human welfare

Best Books and Reference Books for JKCET

You should begin studying for JKCET from the best books so that you do not need to panic just before the entrance exam begins.

If you want a good head start for JKCET, you should begin your preparation with NCERT physics books, NCERT chemistry books, NCERT biology books and NCERT mathematics books for Class XI and XII.  These are the perfect books that abide by the JKCET syllabus.  The NCERT books help clear the basic knowledge of the topics.  Furthermore, the simple language of NCERT best books is easy to comprehend for school students.

Apart from the above mentioned NCERT books, students need to study different reference books and study material to excel in the JKCET.  The 180 marks paper consisting of two sections requires good preparation.  Thus, the following list of segregated subject-wise books will be highly beneficial for students to be the topper of the exam.

Moreover, students should not stop their preparation until they complete practicing the mock test papers, previous years’ test papers, and sample test papers for an assured seat in JKCET affiliated colleges.

Best Books for JKCET

The best books are next to the best teachers.  When students have a good book within their reach, they have the confidence they need while giving the exam.  The JKCET exam books give plenty of practice at the end of each chapter.  Here are the shortlisted books that can elevate the chances of scoring better marks in JKCET.

Best Books for JKCET Physics Section

Section A of the JKCET examination paper consists of physics.   Students can refine physics numerical and equations with practice.  The students should buy the following books for reference and practice over and above the NCERT books of Class XI and XII.

  • The ABC’s of physics (with CD) by Satish K. Gupta
  • Pradeep’s Fundamental physics volume I by K. L. Gomber
  • Pradeep’s Fundamental physics volume II by K. L. Gomber
  • Concept of Physics by H. C. Verma

Best Books for JKCET Chemistry Section

Students need to learn several chemical reactions and molecular formulae.  Thus, the following list of JKCET chemistry textbooks is the best book that students can refer to apart from Class XI and XII NCERT books.

  • Pradeep’s objective chemistry volume I by S.C. Kheterpal, J. R. Mehta, and S. N. Dhawan
  • Pradeep’s objective chemistry volume II by S.C. Kheterpal, J. R. Mehta, and S. N. Dhawan
  • Numerical problems in chemistry by R. N. Sarin
  • Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur

Best Books for JKCET Mathematics Section

Mathematical sum needs ample practice to avoid silly mistakes.  The list below will help students master the subjects.  Students should buy the following JKCET mathematics preparation books in addition to Class XI and XII NCERT books.

  • Objective Mathematics for Engineering Entrance Exam by R.S. Aggarwal and Deepak Aggarwal
  • Class XII Maths by R. D. Sharma

Best Books for JKCET Biology Section

Here is a list of JKCET biology books that students can engage themselves with, in addition to  Class XI and XII NCERT books.

  • Pradeep- A text for biology for Class XII by G.Chopra, H.N. Srivastava, P. S. Dhami
  • Dinesh- Objective Biology for entrance exams
  • Botany by A. C. Dutta

JKCET Study Materials

The examiner deducts 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer and awards a single mark for correct ones.  Thus, students need to be extra careful while attempting MCQs or multiple-choice questions.

Keeping track of the competitiveness of the JKCET examination, students need to go beyond textbooks.  They should not presume that studying with the best books alone will enhance their performance in the JKCET exam.  They need plenty of practice of sample papers, previous year’s question papers, mock test papers, important questions, expected questions, and more.

JKCET Mock Test

A mock test is a replica of the original test paper.  Students who practice the mock test papers can strengthen their academic abilities since it gives an idea of how the students will perform in their final entrance exam.  The students can time themselves to see if they can complete the test paper in the stipulated time.  A book named- JKCET mock test papers, create readiness in the aspiring candidates.

JKCET Sample Papers

Sample Papers are examples of the actual test papers.  The questions in the sample papers can come in the final entrance exam.  Thus, students can brief themselves with the expected questions and test paper patterns by practicing JKCET sample papers.  You can buy JKCET sample question papers (2015 – 2019) book available in the market for JKCET aspirants.

JKCET Important Questions

The vast syllabus comprises thousands of questions, which the students cannot revise on the previous day of the entrance exam JKCET.    So, it is feasible to scan through all the ‘JKCET chapter wise solutions.’  Such books are available for all subjects and can help students crack JKCET successfully.

JKCET Question Bank

The JKCET question bank is a storehouse of all the expected questions of the entrance exam.  These limited questions quiz the students and help them to assess their readiness for the exam.

JKCET Important Topics

Students’ systematic study can help them achieve more in a limited time. Primarily students should cover the entire JKCET syllabus.  Henceforth, they should emphasis the vital topics that reoccur in the examination.  The book, ‘J&K CET explorer’ is a handy book to brief students about the critical topics.  The strategy of studying smart fetches excellent marks in the JKCET and reduces last-minute panic.

Conclusion on Best Books for JKCET

Though JKCET best books and reference materials are fundamental in attaining the desired results in the entrance exam, students should not forget that hard work and systematic preparation are the best tools they possess.

FAQ’s on JKCET Books

Question 1. 
What is the JKCET examination pattern?

English medium JKCET entrance exam consists of a total of 180 questions for 180 marks. The entire question paper will have objective-type questions covering subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology. Each section will have 60 questions which the students need to finish within three hours. While answering, students need to be extra careful as 0.25 is a negative marking scheme for each incorrect answer.

Question 2. 
How should I prepare for the JKCET examination?

The JKCET is a competitive state level entrance examination to get admission in the colleges and universities of Jammu and Kashmir. The aspirants should study systematically with the best JKCET books and materials for exam preparation.

Question 3. 
What are a few books for reference and preparation for JKCET?

The most basic book students should prefer to study while preparing for JKCET is NCERT for Class XI and XII.  Beside NCERT, students should also study from the best books for JKCET, which includes –

  • Maths Class XI and XII by R.D Sharma
  • Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
  • The ABC’s of physics (with CD) by Satish K. Gupta
  • Dinesh- Objective Biology for entrance exams And more

Question 4. 
How many marks do I need to get admission to colleges based on JKCET?

Students who have appeared in the JKCET need to obtain a minimum of 50% marks applicable for general category and 40% applicable for SC/ST/OBC category to be eligible for admission in colleges based in Jammu and Kashmir.

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