5 Best Reasoning Books for all Competitive Examinations

5 Best Reasoning Books for all Competitive Examinations

Mostly, the entire entrance examination, tests candidate’s reasoning and logical analysis skills. It is an important part of any competitive examination. During the course of preparation we can’t ignore it. It is highly scoring subject and practice of various types of questions is required. To make your preparation easy, we are providing list of 5 best reasoning books that will also make your concept clearer.

5 Best Reasoning Books for all Competitive Examinations

Reasoning is divided into two parts verbal and non-verbal. It will help you to analyse situations and also help in making decisions using limiting data. Before choosing best books for reasoning it is necessary that it should have large variety of reasoning problems with solutions and explanations.

5 Best Reasoning Books are as follows:

1.Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. RS Aggarwal

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. RS Aggarwal

The book is divided into two parts i.e. verbal Reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Further Verbal Reasoning has two sections; first section covers General Mental Ability, like Verification of truth of the statement, Assertion and Reasoning, Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle, Direction Sense Test, Series Completion, Inserting the Missing Character, Logical Sequence of Words, and Logical Venn Diagrams. Second section covers Logical Deduction, like Cause and Effect Reasoning, Statement-Conclusions, Theme Detection, Statement-Arguments, Deriving Conclusions from Passages, Logic, Statement-Assumptions, and Statement-Course of Action.

The second part Non Verbal Reasoning include Construction of Squares and Triangles, Classification, Figure Formation & Analysis, Series, Completion of Incomplete Pattern, Paper Folding, Analogy, Analytical Reasoning, Cubes and Dice, and Spotting out the Embedded Figures etc.

Key features of the book

– Book consists of several practice questions with explanations

– Conceptual clarity

– Quality of the book pages is fine

2.A new approach to Reasoning By B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. RS Aggarwal

It is the revised version of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The book consists of three sections namely verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Each segment has chapters, question papers and covered all patterns of questions. In Analytical reasoning section real-time problems are covered like syllogism, cause and effect of particular sections etc. Book consists of around 1202 pages.

Key features of the book

– Book has basically two sections one is conceptual based and another one is advanced level.

– Previous year exam questions with detailed solution are given.

– Thousands of model questions are given for practice.

3.Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey

Analytical Reasoning

It is being said that analytical reasoning is somewhat tough than verbal and non-verbal reasoning. In these types of questions, logic is derived from the given concepts in question and then only we can answer them. Questions asked in the various examinations are based on statements and assumptions, syllogism etc. This book consists of various conceptual questions with explanations. The book consists of around 710 pages.

Key features of the book

– Useful for SSC, CHSL and other exams.

– All the topics are covered in detail

– Practice sets are given at the end

4.Multi Dimensional Reasoning by Mishra & Kumar Dr. Lal

Multi Dimensional Reasoning

As name suggest it is a multidimensional reasoning covering both verbal and non-verbal sections. It consists of all the topics related to verbal and non-verbal with detailed explanations. It has ample of questions which give good practice as required for the examination. In short time revision it is a good book.

Key features of the book

– Book consists of model questions based on concepts with explanations.

– Its Kindle edition is also available

5.Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations by Pearson

Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations by Pearson

The book consists of verbal and non-verbal reasoning segments. Over 2500 questions are given for practice with solutions. Previous years papers with explanation are also given. More clarity of the concept via explanation of the questions is there.

Key features of the book

– Book provides 3 mock tests to examine exam readiness.

– Helpful in all competitive examinations.

– Pages quality of the book is fine

5 Best Reasoning Books for all Competitive Examinations
S. No. Book Name Author/Publisher Name
1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning   Dr. RS Aggarwal
2. A new approach to Reasoning   B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant
3. Analytical Reasoning  M.K Pandey
4. Multi Dimensional Reasoning   Mishra & Kumar Dr. Lal
5. Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations  Pearson


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