10 Lines on Teacher for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Teacher: A teacher is a person who plays the most crucial role in shaping a child’s life. Teachers are the role model for many students. They give a proper shape to the life and career of students. Teachers are considered as the builder of the future generations. They are the constructor of society. A teacher is responsible for imparting academic knowledge as well as ethical values in students. Along with parents, teachers help the children balance both positivity and negativity in life and shape their future.

A good teacher will help you improve your skills and knowledge. A teacher will discover the unique quality within a student and encourage him/her to enhance the quality. A teacher leads a simple life and shows a path to the students to live a simple and better life.

Teacher plays a significant role and has an impact on the life of children and even society. Parents keep a great hope from teachers, as they think that a teacher is the only person who can make their child a good human being. A good teacher is hard to find, but a good teacher can build a good student and more importantly, a good human being. A teacher studies and prepares for the class to increase the productivity and efficiency of the students.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Teacher for kids

This set of 10 Lines on Teacher is for kids of class 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. It will help them to know the role a teacher plays in shaping the life of a child.

  1. A teacher is a person who provides education and good values to a student.
  2. A good teacher will help identify the quality of a student and help him/her enhance it.
  3. A teacher will help the students to learn new things and progress in life.
  4. A teacher is the only person who can guide a student on the right path in life.
  5. With education, a teacher will impart ethical values to students and will make them a good human being.
  6. Teacher awards students for good deeds; simultaneously, a teacher also punishes the students for bad deeds.
  7. Teachers spend most of their life, giving education to others.
  8. To honour our teachers, we celebrate teacher’s day on the 5th of September every year.
  9. A teacher can make learning easy as well as interesting for the students.
  10. A teacher never does partiality among his/her students.

10 Lines on Teacher 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Teacher for School Children

This set of 10 Lines on Teacher is designed for class 6, 7, and 8. It will help the students to know the importance of a good teacher in one’s life.

  1. A Teacher can be a role model for may students. He/she can become a friend of the students and guide them through difficult times.
  2. The place of teachers is considered next to God as they impart quality education and make it possible for their students to succeed in life.
  3. Teacher clears the doubts of the students regarding different subjects and makes them strong academically and conceptually.
  4. Without the guidance of a good teacher, it becomes impossible for a student to grow in life.
  5. A teacher is someone from whom you learn new things in life.
  6. To honour and respect our teachers, we celebrate teachers day and Guru Purnima.
  7. Teachers make sure that a student has understood the lessons and performs better in examinations.
  8. With different teaching techniques, teachers enhance the skills and knowledge of the students.
  9. A teacher knows which students are weak in studies and gives special attention to them.
  10. Teachers are referred to as Gurus in India. As in ancient times, there were Gurukuls and the persons who taught there were regarded as Gurus.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Teacher for Higher Class Students

This set is for students who are in class 9, 10, 11 and 12. This set will enhance the knowledge of the students about their teachers and the sacrifices that a teacher makes to build the career of the students.

  1. A teacher is a person who instils in us the required knowledge and the ethical values that we need to become a successful person in life.
  2. A teacher teaches us subjects and gives various life lessons that will help us grow in life.
  3. A teacher is like a friend and a guardian who leads us on the right path and helps us in difficult times.
  4. Teachers are committed to their works, and they never break the trust of their students.
  5. A teacher encourages the students to participate in various other activities to make sure that they have both physical and mental growth.
  6. A teacher can be any person. It can your parents from whom you learn new things such as cooking, for example. It can be your friend from whom you learn new skills.
  7. A teacher works day and night to prepare notes on various topics which will be beneficial for the students.
  8. Teachers have a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation, and it is truly said that the establishment of a good society lies in the hands of a teacher.
  9. A teacher creates a suitable atmosphere for the students to study properly.
  10. A teacher motivates the students to study hard and secure good marks in the examination.

10 Lines on Teacher 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Teacher

Question 1.
Why do we need a teacher?

A teacher is a person who imparts quality education among the students. He/She is responsible for building society. A teacher can guide us through our tough times. He/She can lead us on the right path and make us a better person. A teacher can help the students by making the learning procedure easy and exciting. A teacher plays a crucial role in securing the future and career of the children.

Question 2.
What role does a teacher play in our lives?

A teacher plays various roles in designing the future of the students. The entire establishment of a well-educated society lies in the hands of a teacher. Without the proper guidance of the teacher, it is impossible to succeed in life. The teacher lays the foundation of our future and makes it bright.

Question 3.
Who is a Good Teacher?

A teacher who understand the problems and difficulty that a student faces during the study, and solves them, can be considered as a good teacher. A teacher who guides a student by becoming a friend or guardian is a good teacher.

Question 4. 
What qualities should a teacher possess?

A teacher should be patient, caring, committed towards his/her work, and open-minded. He/She should always see all the students equally and should never do any kind of partiality.

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