10 Lines on Save a Girl Child for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Save a Girl Child: A girl is one of the universe’s adorable creations. In the current world, women play an equally significant role in uplifting society to new possibilities as men. Women are flourishing in every field – they are leaders, business owners, CEOs, and efficient housewives.

A child’s birth in a house is a moment of joy and happiness, which spread the essence of love, celebration, and tears of joy within the family. However, some places witness a discriminative environment, in which the tide of happiness remains till the newborn infant is a male. If it is a baby girl, clouds of disappointment surround the family. In this modern world, such discriminations are unacceptable and depressing.

In these families, the male child is beloved to be superior and is believed to carry the family’s legacy and responsibilities on his shoulders. Simultaneously, a girl child is treated like a worthless fellow and a point of shame for the family. Though the world experienced a tide of change, where the girls have proved their worth, this superstitious belief of males being superior is encrypted in some people.

Save a girl child is one of the trending topics in modern society as the world has witnessed the decline of equal sex ratio. As in some areas of the country, a male child is treated as the legacy bearer, and a girl child is ruthlessly murdered out of disappointment and fear of society. The Government led a campaign to combat the rising situation of female foeticide with the assistance of various organisations, trusts, and non-government organisations. In this article, we will peak into various aspects to save a girl child, and here we present you ten lines on Save a girl child to make the youth aware of the rights of a girl child in the world.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Save a Girl Child for kids

This set is specially designed for students from classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. Standing in the 21st century, the girls have identical or equal rights as the boys.
  2. The difference in sex ratio clearly shows the decline in the female population across the globe.
  3. The rapid decline in the sex ratio reflected a question regarding human survival.
  4. Save Girls is an initiative launched by the Government to safeguard the girl population after birth.
  5. In the Save girls campaign, the Government focuses on fighting evil practices against the newly born girl child.
  6. In socially backward societies, people think girls to be a burden.
  7. The dowry system and social insecurity play a crucial role in female foeticide.
  8. The rise of the movement of gender balance can bring an end to female foeticide.
  9. Every citizen, especially male citizens, must take the responsibility to prohibit the exploitation of women.
  10. Following the State Government’s initiatives, the Center Government passed a bunch of was to avoid female foeticide.

10 Lines on Save a Girl Child 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Save a Girl Child for School Children

This set is fruitful for students from 6, 7, and 8.

  1. A woman is one of the beautiful creatures of the earth, and without her, we can’t even think of an ecosystem.
  2. A girl manages to play various characters in society. Whether it is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, or a working woman, she fulfils every character’s needs with perfection.
  3. Women are perceived as a burden or a point of disappointment in some cultural and socially backward sections of society.
  4. The backward sections of society perceive the false belief that it is the male child who will carry the family’s responsibilities and legacy and make the family proud.
  5. The Government implements various campaigns like Save a Girl, Beti Bachao Beti Parhao to focus if female foeticide and to fight against these evil practices, to provide equal liberty to the girls in the society.
  6. The State Government, along with the Central Government, lead the foundation of a new earth with healthy sex or gender equality environment.
  7. People need to take some responsibilities to prohibit these practices and give the girls equal rights as boys.
  8. The girls should be presented with equal opportunities to highlight their true potential and grow successfully in their lives.
  9. Every individual in a society must raise their voice and take severe actions against female foeticide.
  10. The world must portray the girls’ true worth, and people must give them equal respect and love as a boy child.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Save a Girl Child for Higher Class Students

This set is fruitful for students from 9, 10, 11, and 12. It is also helpful for students appearing for competitive exams.

  1. Women play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance and are equally critical for humanity’s existence.
  2. Women play a significant role in the generation of life and suffer terribly to give birth to new infants.
  3. Women should be provided with equal opportunities as men to flourish in life, reach new heights of possibilities, and prove their worth.
  4. Government is equally concerned with saving the girl child for the intentions of socially and culturally backward people of society and, therefore, imposing different laws to prohibit female foeticide.
  5. The socially backward section of people innovated an evil use of the technology to analyse the sex of the child inside the mother’s womb and murder the child inside the womb if it is a girl.
  6. Every citizen is responsible for fighting against female foeticide’s terror and, therefore, must raise their voice in the war against these evil practices.
  7. Government is trying to eradicate this practice by promoting campaigns such as Save Girl Child and various educational campaigns to educate people against female foeticide.
  8. The ratio difference in the world is changing rapidly, portraying a question about human existence.
  9. Protecting a girl child is crucial for the nation as if any of the environmental components, i.e., male or female extinct the ray of life which cease on the earth.
  10. Although the government and some citizens are taking strict measures to eradicate this evil practice, change needs to be made not in behaviour but also in people’s thought processes and intentions.

10 Lines on Save a Girl Child 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Save a Girl Child

Question 1.
Why do people perceive a girl child as a burden?

The people of culturally and socially backward caste finds a girl child as a burden due to the dowry system and social securities. The birth of a girl child is of great disappointment for them, as they think a male child is superior and can carry the responsibilities and legacy of their family.

Question 2.
Why does the girl child require to be saved?

Still, in today’s date, some of the backward mentality people are suffering from the belief that a male child is superior, and a girl child is a burden to the society and family. Therefore, they attempt to kill the girl child immediately after birth or in the mother’s womb to get rid of their insecurities.

Question 3.
What girls can do if they are provided with equal opportunities as the boys?

If the girls are presented with equal opportunities as the boys, there can prove their worth and can climb the ladder of growth and success to reach new heights of life. In today’s time, girls have proved their worth as they are flourishing in every field – they are leaders, business owners, CEOs, and efficient housewives.

Question 4.
What measures did the Government take to save girl child?

The Government is equally concerned about female foeticide disturbing the sex ratio of the world. It is taking strict measures by imposing laws to punish the suspects who kill baby girl infants. The Government is also launching various campaigns like Save Girl Child to strengthen the fight against female foeticide.

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