10 Lines on Road Safety for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Road Safety: Every year, thousands of people lose their lives due to road accidents and carelessness. With every new batch of youngsters getting their driving license, the awareness programs are gradually increasing. According to the survey conducted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, more than 30,000 fatal accidents were recorded in 2014 and of which more than 36000 people faced death. This is a huge deal and loss to meet in a single year, and precautions are required to save people from such horrific deaths.

Normally, one needs to learn to drive before they get their license. They understand the rules on how to drive their vehicle on the road, the meaning of signs, heavy weather and traffic situations, etc. However, since we learn it once and renew the license after a long period, we tend to forget the rules. That is when we cause minor to severe accidents. Therefore, you must recollect all your learning lessons to make your driving better and safe. Here we have assembled three sets of ten lines on road safety, which will help you gather all the information you have forgotten and drive safely.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Road Safety for kids

The first set is for the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. There are road safety rules present to guide us and prevent us from any mishap while driving.
  2. There are certain rules that one needs to follow when driving on the highway; that way, you can easily avoid accidents.
  3. Traffic rules and road security are taught in every school today. However, youngsters forget the importance of road safety, which they must realize after getting their license.
  4. It is essential to follow traffic signals and wear the seat belt while driving to keep yourself safe during collisions.
  5. Not only for the drivers, but people walking on the street must also follow traffic rules and step only over the zebra lines when the light for pedestrians turns green.
  6. A well-maintained road is less prone to cause accidents and are safer for cyclists, bike riders, walkers, and cars.
  7. Around forty-five percent of the people walking down the street die due to bad road maintenance and driver mishaps.
  8. The government conducts various classes, workshops, and roadshows to safely and follow traffic rules.
  9. Children are taught to cross roads safely by looking at both sides, thinking, and then crossing the street.
  10. It is also a parent’s responsibility to teach their children how to drive and walk on the road.

10 Lines on Road Safety 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Road Safety for School Children

The second set is for the students of classes 6, 7, and 8.

  1. As a responsible citizen, every person’s responsibility is to follow traffic rules and follow signs to be safe while on the road.
  2. The structure of roads and vehicles is important to maintain to avoid fatal road accidents.
  3. With the improvement and advancement of traffic control and road rules mechanics, the blunders of road accidents will gradually decrease.
  4. Traffic lights play an important role on the road as they guide the drivers on when to stop, slow down or move.
  5. There are various street security techniques introduced for the public like data signs, traffic lights, headings, incorporate admonition signs, and more.
  6. Other than the traffic guidelines, traffic police and guards are always present to maintain chaos and traffic-free drive.
  7. In many countries, people use pictures and signs for the wellbeing and maintenance of the streets.
  8. Various governmental and non-governmental organizations have set up campaigns for people to join security projects and awareness programs on road safety.
  9. The motor vehicle bill of 2016 was an initiate for the bike riders to follow proper guidelines to avoid accidents and a fine was charged on the severe breaking of rules.
  10. Various motor vehicle accidents have been observed in the past years especially in India.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Road Safety for Higher Class Students

The third set is for the students of classes 9, 10, 11, and 12

  1. We must follow the traffic signals when we drive like the red colour means stop, and yellow colour means for us to prepare and the green colour means to go.
  2. We must always wear our seat straps and seat belts when driving, as it will protect us from any sudden street mishaps.
  3. We must keep our mobile phones away from us while driving. However, in case of emergencies, one can use Bluetooth or pull the car aside to receive it. We must maintain a certain speed while driving, as high speed can lead to accidents.
  4. Drinking and driving is a big no, as it will make you drowsy, hallucinate, and most of all-cause street mishaps and accidents. It is deadly for both the driver and the pedestrians.
  5. If you plan to take a long drive, remember to take a rest in-between or your tired and drowsiness might lead to street mishaps.
  6. It is important to put your car headlights on after dark, as it will help the other riders locate you from distance and drive accordingly.
  7. Rear and back view reflection mirrors play an important role while driving, and it helps you see the back of the car and the sides while moving. Hence it is important to keep them clean.
  8. If you are a regular rider and need to carry your car every day, try to share it with some other people visiting nearby, that way, you will keep the pollution say and save yourself from traffic congestion.
  9. You must always check both sides of the street before you cross the road and use an eliminating headband when going for a walk in the dark.
  10. We must drive safely and maintain rules while driving on the road. For people walking on the street, they must follow the signal and crossroads only through zebra crossing.

10 Lines on Road Safety 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Road Safety

Question 1.
Is it important to follow road safety rules?

More than thirty million people worldwide suffer from road accidents, and almost 1.3 million of them face death. This is a record between the ages of five to thirty years, and the main reason is the lack of road safety.

Question 2.
What are the causes of street mishaps?

The main cause of street mishaps is not following traffic rules. However, poor street maintenance is also another reason for such accidents.

Question 3.
How to aware people about road safety?

Every responsible citizen must follow the rules and make sure their family members are doing the same thing. Many organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental organize workshops that provide free helmets to the bike riders and demonstrate a roadshow wearing proper safety equipment.

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