10 Lines on Rainbow for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Rainbow: A meteorological phenomenon that the light’s dispersion, reflection and refraction in the water droplet cause is termed as Rainbow. Theses phenomenon of light results in a spectrum in the sky, shaped like an arc of multi colours. The rainbows that occur due to the sunlight appear in the opposite direction to the sky’s sun. This is because white light is composed of different colours, each with a different refractive index. As these lights get differently refracted, the arc of Rainbow forms.

There is a primary rainbow in which red colour appears on the outer part of the arc and Violet on the inner. When a beam of light enters into a water droplet, it gets refracted from it. Further, inside the droplet, the beam gets reflected, and while leaving the droplet, it again gets refracted. These entire phenomena result in the formation of a multicoloured spectrum.

There is also a double rainbow in which outside the primary arc a secondary arc is also visible. The order of colours in the second arc is opposite to that in the primary arc. The double Rainbow formation occurs when the light beam reflects twice inside the water droplet before leaving.

A rainbow is an optical illusion, caused due to the action of water droplets and the phenomenon of light movement. This shows that Rainbow is not a physical object that humans can touch or reach. Rainbow formation occurs due to many forms of airborne water, not just due to the rain. The causes of its formation might also be mist, airborne dew, and spray. In this article, there are different sets of ten lines available for different age groups and different class groups. The students can use these lines for various purposes, including the essay formations, paragraph writing, speech, etc.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Rainbow for kids

This set of ten lines on Rainbow is perfect for the kids of classes 1st to 5th:

  1. Rainbow is an optical illusion that forms in the sky. It also refers to a multicoloured arc of lights that depicts a magical phenomenon in the sky.
  2. When there are many water droplets in the sky, especially after a rainfall, and then the sun rises, the sun’s light beam gives rise to the formation of a rainbow.
  3. In some different situations, when the light beam reflects twice inside the water droplet, it leads to a double rainbow formation. This type of Rainbow is harmful to the eyes.
  4. A rainbow consists of seven primary colours, which are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.
  5. The key concept behind the formation of a Rainbow is that there is a splitting of white light, and since white light has different colours with different refractive indices, it leads to a Rainbow formation.
  6. The water droplets available in the sky acts as the perfect platform for refraction and reflection of the light beam, giving rise to a rainbow formation.
  7. Generally, a rainbow forms in the opposite direction to where the sun is situated.
  8. In many forms of Rainbow, when the refraction and reflection of lights are not proper, only yellow, green, and red lights are visible to the naked eyes.
  9. Students also study the Rainbow formation using the artificial rainbow formation method in the laboratories, using the white screens.
  10. In the ancient era, people believed that a Rainbow formation resulted from the victory of good over the bad.

10 Lines on Rainbow 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Rainbow for School Children

This set of top ten lines is perfect for the children of classes 6th to 8th:

  1. Rainbow is an English word, representing a spectrum of lights in the sky, and derived from a Latin word ‘Arcus Pluvius’.
  2. On 14th Match 1994, the longest Rainbow of the history reflected in England’s skies, and that lasted for around 6 hours.
  3. The appearance of a Rainbow is only possible in the presence of a sufficient amount of moist particles in the air.
  4. Additionally, the presence of sunlight is also a necessity.
  5. The Rainbow’s altitude depends on that of the sun. The altitude of the Rainbow is inversely proportional to the altitude of the sun.
  6. Rainbows are often considered good-doers in many societies, and people believe that they bring peace and harmony. There is a situation of the formation of red coloured rainbows, known as monochrome rainbows.
  7. The three significant phenomenons that simultaneously occur are reflection, refraction, and dispersion of sunlight through the water droplets in the atmosphere for the formation of a perfect rainbow.
  8. Rainbows are the optical illusions, and thus can only be seen. They are the non-tangible phenomenon.
  9. During the Rainbow formation, seven colours display: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, orange, and red. These are altogether referred to as VIBGYOR.
  10. Rainbows form easily near the fountains and waterfalls mostly due to the higher number of water particles present in the atmosphere around such regions.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Rainbow for Higher Class Students

This is the set of ten best lines on Rainbow for the students of classes 9th to 12th:

  1. Rainbow refers to a meteorological phenomenon that occurs due to reflection, dispersion, and refraction of sunlight from the water droplets.
  2. When the Rainbow appears on the dark sky, mainly near the waterfalls, the phenomenon is known as Alexander’s band.
  3. Alexander’s band forms when the existing white light or sunlight fails to reach the human eye, and before that gets absorbed by the available water droplets of the atmosphere.
  4. On 14th March 1994, the longest Rainbox of the history appeared in England, and it lasted for around 6 hours, from 9 AM to 3 PM.
  5. Aristotle was an expert who believed that Rainbows constitutes of only three colours. However, during the Renaissance duration, people thought that a Rainbow has more than four colours, and all this got discarded after the scientific research.
  6. Another expert scientist, Isaac Newton, performed the prism experiment to show that the white colour contains seven primary colours, which is the major reason behind the rainbow formation.
  7. Rainbows can produce at night too, but this is possible only in the presence of moonlight. This is because moonlight is also stronger enough to disperse through the available water droplets of the atmosphere.
  8. When looking from the ground, the Rainbow appears like a half arc, but it is clear that a Rainbow is a complete circle in shape when looking from an aircraft.
  9. The beam of white light entering the water droplets bends and splits into seven colours. The bending of these lights at different angles depends on the difference in their wavelengths. And this gives rise to the formation of the Rainbow, consisting of seven colours.
  10. Rainbow has seven colours, abbreviated as VIBGYOR. Violet has the shortest wavelength, and it rises towards the colour red, with the longest wavelength.

10 Lines on Rainbow 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Rainbow

Question 1.
Explain Rainbow in simple words.

A rainbow is an optical illusion that forms in the sky in sunlight and excess of water droplets in the atmosphere. It is an arc-shaped spectrum of white light, containing the colours Violet, indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. This Rainbow is the primary Rainbow, and it forms with refraction, reflection, and then second refraction of the light in the water droplets.

Question 2.
What does Rainbow signify for different cultures?

Rainbow symbolizes hope in several cultures. Ancient people also believed that God said that whenever a rainbow appears in the sky, it reflects the everlasting covenant between God and the other living creatures.

Question 3.
Explain full Rainbow.

When the sunlight combines with the raindrops, it leads to the formation of a rainbow. Rainbows make an entire circle in the sky, but this is not visible every time and to everyone. To get this sight, the sky conditions must be clear.

Question 4.
What do double Rainbows depict? Is there a possibility of a triple rainbow?

A Double Rainbow often symbolizes the transformation in life. It is believed in some cultures that the second Rainbow ascends from Earth to Heaven, and this is auspicious to see that. If anyone sees it, there is a representation that Universe expects you to take a note of your spiritual self and you must listen to the same. The triple Rainbow formation is also possible, but the weather conditions must be highly unique.

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