10 Lines on Pen for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Pen: The pen is mightier than the sword. It brought to us the standards, values, and convictions of bygone era thinking, creative mind, and experimentation. The pen is one reason behind all the turns of events, and it has put people to center, think, and work on a durable venture to transform it into a creation. The pen composes joy and distress, birth and demise, triumph and truth, and lies. There is not a viable alternative for pen-like fingers. The console promotion mouse couldn’t crush it. It tested them by making themselves computerized. It is more customary available than some other composing instruments. The story, sonnet, history, disclosures, tunes, tests, postulation, research papers, and so on are large animals of a pen. Human relations, the tact of nations, and land enlistment are as yet finished up with a pen.

The pen is so kind to people that it breaks itself in the wake of composing capital punishment. One may think about how it is connected. Indeed, if Gandhiji and any remaining individual Indians would have settled on waging war against the British, at that point, that would have been a fateful move, and the two sides would have lost valuable lives. All things being equal, the way of peacefulness set up that the pen is mightier than the sword and that occasionally it is smarter to take up the pen and not the sword.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Pen for kids

Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

  1. The accessible original copies portraying the historical backdrop of humanity were compos with the pen of those days.
  2. With the assistance of a pen, we can compose significant data to peruse them later.
  3. Pen furnished us with composing contents to pass valuable data.
  4. Journalism is the most genuine occupation yet pointless without a pen.
  5. In Hindu sacred texts, even God required a pen to compose the legends.
  6. All the accessible strict sacred texts in WorldWorld are composed with some pen.
  7. Just individuals around you can hear 7. Your verbal assessment, yet composed evaluation can be peruse worldwide.
  8. All people in general and in private areas utilize the pen.
  9. The pen has been a requirement for people for quite a while.
  10. Still, the unfamiliar settlements between the two nations are endorsed with a pen.

10 Lines on Pen 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Pen for School Children

Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7 and 8.

  1. It is a pen that encourages us in communicating our musings, thoughts, and feelings.
  2. Before print media, pens were the only source to get data.
  3. With the assistance of a pen, a man composes self-portrayal to peruse it later after his passing.
  4. The pen helps in each occupation, whether an essayist, an architect, a specialist, or other.
  5. Even the most impressive individual on the planet can’t keep the utilization from getting the pen for the day-by-day work.
  6. A pen is known as the ‘Sword of an author.’
  7. Literature is the best wellspring of past human exercises, which likewise utilized a pen.
  8. While visiting a vacationer place, a pen helps in noticing down some essential data about the spot.
  9. A pen was, is, and will consistently remain the great need of individuals.
  10. In the advanced computerized World, numerous exercises need a pen to be finished.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Pen for Higher Class Students

Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

  1. The pen is a powerful instrument and is utilized by individuals across the World.
  2. The pen is utilized to compose on paper.
  3. The pen is not quite the same as a pencil. The pencil is comprised of wood and graphite.
  4. A pen has a plastic body called a barrel, an ink store or chamber, a tip (which composes), and a cap.
  5. The pen can be of various tones like blue, green, red, dark, and so on
  6. Wellspring pen is not quite the same as the ordinary one. It is topped off over and over. Its nib is greater than the ball-point pen.
  7. The pen is an incredible instrument. Astute men state, “Pen is mightier than the sword.”
  8. A pen in possession of an official can change the fortune of an individual. It can give somebody capital punishment or life.
  9. Our schooling is deficient without pens.
  10. Presently a day, we also have progressed pens like 3D pens, laser pens, etc. Pens accordingly hold an exceptionally critical situation in our general public.

10 Lines on Pen 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Pen

Question 1.
How might one propose the pen to be mightier than the sword?

The axiom can be exhibited by featuring cases like Gandhiji’s battle for independence utilizing peacefulness. However, we know that the pen is mightier than the sword on specific occasions and not on the least occasions.

Question 2.
For what reason would it be advisable for us to think about any precept while considering other factors?

Ethics are not generally widespread, and each circumstance is unique. This is the reason they may sound to be legitimate for exact conditions.

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