10 Lines on Mother Teresa for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Mother Teresa: India is a mixture of diversity. Here all different categories of the people living in different states speak different languages. People have diverse lifestyle. They enjoy diverse festivals and have a unique financial and economic condition. Without any doubt, India has many examples of rich people. However, the country has many examples for the lower commercial people too. Calcutta is known to have most of the slum areas in the city. Slum people didn’t even get food to eat for a time in the day. Here is one such example for you who is famous with the name of Mother Teresa.

The complete name of this beautiful lady is Mother, Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu. Teresa got tagged as the Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Catholic Church honoured her for the same. She is a nun and a missionary from Albania who spent her eighteen years in Skopje. Later she turned to live in Calcutta, India. She lived much of her life here in India. At 38, she bid a goodbye to the religious robe and her sisters. She started living for nursing.

Today Teresa is paid respectful patronage on the Youth Day. This respect has been earned by her for serving her life for the sake of others. Also, she is tagged as Motherhouse of the missionaries of charity in Kolkata. In 1997, 13 September, her funeral service was eventually conducted. No doubt if she did not exist among us, but people never forget to recite her prayers, the guidance she provided, and the legacy that exists. To know more about her, read out three sets of ten on Mother Teresa. Surely these lines will be sufficient for the students to know about this legendary lady’s life history.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Mother Teresa for kids

Set 1 stating 10 lines on Mother Teresa would be enough for students of standard 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. Mother Teresa took birth on 26 August 1910. Her birthplace is Macedonia.
  2. She then moved to Ireland and later in India after spending eighteen of her life years in Macedonia.
  3. Presently, Teresa’s birthplace is under the Ottoman Empire.
  4. Catholic Church owners her as a nun and a missionary as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.
  5. The real of Mother Teresa is Anjezë Gonxhe  Bojaxhiu.
  6. She made her presence in India from 1929 till 1997.
  7. Today Teresa is globally known personality as she has shown a great service towards people.
  8. She has put her life for Indian people and served them for long years.
  9. After living for years in India, she was awarded Padma Shri in 1962.
  10. She had citizenship of India till her death in 1997 on September 5.

10 Lines on Mother Teresa 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Mother Teresa for School Children

Set 2 of 10 lines on Mother Teresa is good enough for students in standard 6,7, and 8.

  1. The complete name of Mother Teresa is Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu and was later named as Agnes Gonxha Bejaxhiu.
  2. She is a lady with a big heart who served Indian helpless and slum people throughout her life.
  3. This Ottoman Empire born lady took birth in Skopje in Yugoslavia. After spending 18 years of her life, she moved to Ireland and then in India.
  4. In Ireland, she entered into Loreto Congregation in 1928 but later moved to India in 1929.
  5. After spending long of her life in Calcutta, she got Indian citizenship.
  6. Teresa never went to school as the Ottoman Empire never promoted girls to go to school and take her studies. Thus she always remained in Home school.
  7. In her childhood home school, she was taught English and Mathematics.
  8. She lived as a nun in Roman-Catholic church as she always wanted to live a religious life since childhood.
  9. During the last days of life, she suffered from various heart attacks. However, India is proud to have such ladies in the country.
  10. Eventually, she died on 5 September 1997 and known to spend her entire life as a servicewoman for Indian people.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Mother Teresa for Higher Class Students

Set 3 stated on 10 lines on Mother Teresa is best suited for students in standard 9, 10, 11, 12, and students preparing for competitive exams.

  1. Mother Teresa spent her entire life as a nun and took special education from Dublin for it.
  2. She spent her time for the charity of slum children and people to help them with good food and healthy living.
  3. Teresa had been into homeschooling during her childhood as the Ottoman Empire never insisted girls going to schools.
  4. She had the best teacher of her life named Father Franjo Jambrekovic. He is the excellent one could ever have.
  5. At the age of 18, Teresa decided to spend the rest of her life as a nun and a missionary. So, she even took special education for this purpose in Dublin.
  6. She had set the right example for the words depicting that God comes in humans’ form to help needy. Teresa has always been a godly person of a lifetime.
  7. Teresa aimed to reach India and take citizenship. She served people for her selfless service and has always been saviours of humanity.
  8. On 24 May 1937, she became the headmistress of secondary school which was for middle-class Bengali girls.
  9. India has always been country of her dreams to reach and serve as a nun and a missionary for poor and slum children.
  10. The fact why she is most loved is her faith and love to help poor children as she had been very sympathetic to them throughout her life.

10 Lines on Mother Teresa 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Mother Teresa

Question 1.
Does Mother Teresa belong to a wealthy family?

Mother Teresa had a strong background since her childhood. She had been brought up in a Catholic family and thus famous throughout the world. However, she left Skopje for being a nun and took a special education in Dublin when she was 18. However, she moved to Calcutta to serve slum areas, and there she got named as Teresa.

Question 2. 
From where did Mother Teresa get inspiration to server slum people?

It was her inner consciousness which insisted her to serve slum people. Though Teresa always looked to live a religious life, she helped the poor and needy for inner satisfaction. She started teaching poor girls and got tagged as the headmistress of a middle-class Bengali girls school in 1937.

Question 3. 
What inspired Mother Teresa to serve?

Mother Teresa got inspiration from her mother for serving people. She had put her mind in various religious activities and got influenced by those prayers. However, these all were implemented by her when she became a nun and a missionary in India.

Question 4.
Which example did Mother Teresa set for us from her lifestyle?

Mother Teresa had set a real-life example for those who believe that God does exist as humans. She led her life to maintain humanity, serving and spread love. Also, she always inspired us to follow the same and keep helping the poor and needy throughout life.

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