10 Lines on Health and Hygiene for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Health and Hygiene: Human body is all about maintaining health and hygiene for good working. Without a doubt, our lives desire some essential components, including proper education, wealth, family, friends, and much more. However, your first most priority must be to keep yourself happy and healthy. It reflects the kind of mood you have at a time.

Whatever the case is, you must be healthy and fit physically and mentally. If you enjoy good health, then it defines the better functioning of the human body. It means you are disease-free and live happily and healthier. Human health concerns eating good food, living in a clean environment, having a balanced diet with all essentials nutrients, and much more.

Along with good food, the matter of good life associates with living in a clean environment. It refers to remain hygienic always. First, you must clean your body with a regular bath, wear clean clothes, wash your hands, and cut your nails. In a student’s life, this fact is essential to implement as soon as they can.

Students come across different types of people every day. They meet and shake hands, leading to the transfer of germs from one body to another. Thus they need regular cleaning. It will only help to build a good immune system. Working of an immune system does not only associates with eating well and cleaning yourself. It is also about exercising to keep yourself fit and away from different diseases. Below are the mentioned 10 lines on health and hygiene for students of different standards. Hopefully, these will help them to live a happy, clean, and hygienic life always.

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Set 1 – 10 Lines on Health and Hygiene for kids

This set of 10 lines is based on class 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  1. Your health is all about living a good physical and mental life, which is only possible if you have a hygienic environment.
  2. If you want a good life, you need to live a healthy life.
  3. Health is our everyday life resource. It is not only about living a healthy life.
  4. Hygiene is all about living in a clean environment, our surroundings, and our body itself.
  5. If you want to live a healthy life, you must eat a balanced diet.
  6. Our genetics, weather conditions, our education all define how healthy and hygienic we are.
  7. The most crucial factor that defines how hygienic you are is how clean your surroundings are.
  8. It is essential to eat clean food and drink pure water, giving strength to a good digestive system.
  9. Garbage disposal to the right place will help in a disease-free environment.
  10. If you are fit and hygienic, that means you have a happy society around. A healthy community helps in nation growth.

10 Lines on Health and Hygiene 1

Set 2 – 10 Lines on Health and Hygiene for School Children

These 10 lines on Health and Hygiene are best for classes 6, 7, and 8.

  1. To be healthy and hygienic, you need to be stress-free. Stress can have a direct effect on our immune system, which further causes the development of diseases.
  2. If you are malnutrition, it means illness never leaves your way and affects a good life. It will keep affecting your lives every moment.
  3. If you consume junk food and live a sedentary life, your generation will be unhealthy. Hence it is better to avoid unhealthy food.
  4. Clean drinking water, balanced diets, and sanitation help in living a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.
  5. For your personal, social, and economic development, you need to be very healthy, fit, and hygienic.
  6. Your immune system is responsible for fighting diseases. Thus, please avoid eating adulterated food. It also weakens your immune system.
  7. Try to avoid your hectic schedule. You may even live a healthy and prosperous life to prevent certain diseases like obesity, heart problems, and stress.
  8. Stop consuming alcohol, intaking drugs, and smoking. These are injurious for healthy and happy living.
  9. For getting yourself relieved from stress hormones, get rid of anxiety, and even relax your mind, it is better to go for ten minutes of meditation every day.
  10. You can achieve a controlled and straightforward lifestyle with proper exercise and a balanced diet.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on Health and Hygiene for Higher Class Students

The set 3 of 10 lines on health and hygiene is suitable for class 9, 10, 11, 12, and competitive exams.

  1. If a person wants to live a healthy and hygienic life, he needs to be mentally strong and physically fit.
  2. Your survival and healthy existence need to live a prosperous lifestyle.
  3. Health is a concern for all living organisms, including other animals. Thus it is a major context of worldly life.
  4. A person who lives a healthy life will never face physical, social, and mental problems in the future.
  5. A person living a good life will be socially active, mentally strong, and disease-free.
  6. Your health has a direct impact on your sleeping habits. Your eyes define the fitness of your body. Try to avoid further diseases with proper sleeping habits.
  7. In case you feel your body under stress, try to begin with activities that helps reducing it. One such activity could be reading your favourite novel or books.
  8. People who do not live a healthy life had to face many challenges in their survival. Your health defines the psychological state of your body.
  9. Wealth can be achieved back in life. However, having a good life begins from the new day itself. You must show serious concerns about your good health.
  10. Keeping your body clean with a proper bath, brushing teeth twice, and washing your hands before and after having meals is very important.

10 Lines on Health and Hygiene 2

Frequently Asked Questions on Health and Hygiene

Question 1. 
How can you say that a person is hygienic?

Hygiene is the first step to living good health. It starts with the cleanliness of your body, surroundings, and air. If you live in a clean environment and physically fit then, that means you are hygienic.

Question 2.
What balanced diet should you intake?

In a balanced diet, it constitutes having proper fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other nutritious food. A balanced diet is to ensure that humans get the right amount of nutrients required by their body.

Question 3. 
How can you ensure a person lives a healthy life?

If you want to live a proper healthy life, you must ensure it starts with your body itself. It would be best if you took a bath daily, cut your nails, keep your surroundings neat and clean, and washing hands frequently. Thus it helps strengthens the personal hygiene of a person.

Question 4. 
How can you relate health to your body hygiene?

If a person is hygienic, he shows good behaviour. It means he is healthy and fit. There are no stress hormones released. It is possible to keep yourself clean by frequent handwashes, proper bath, face wash, and keeping your surroundings clean.

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