Dalai Lama Fellowship 2023 | Dates, Benefits, Eligibility, Application Process

DalaiLama Fellowship

Dalai Lama Fellowship 2023-2024: Dalai Lama Fellowship Program offers emerging leaders a rigorous, interdisciplinary program on ways to be a different kind of leader, a leader that connects and cares for self, extends genuine compassion to others, and works for our common humanity. Fellows learn practices for increasing self-awareness, self-care, and resilience, for connecting with others and working across differences, and in building solutions for generations to come.

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Over the course of a year, with the support of mentors and coaches, each Fellow implements an original Field Project addressing a global challenge. Upon graduation, Fellows join a LifeLong Community, where they connect with and support each other while continuing to advance their leadership journeys. Read on to find more about Dalai Lama Fellowship for emerging leaders United States 2024.

Dalai Lama Fellowship Dates

Dates Dalai Lama Fellowship Timeline
October 19, 2022 Application released
December 1, 2022 Application due (11:59 pm Eastern Time)
February-March 2022 Fellows are selected and notified
March-June, 2022 Virtual onboarding of new Fellows
Late July/Early August 2022 5-day Contemplative Leadership Assembly in the United States
July 2023-June 2024 Head, Heart, Hands curriculum, monthly coaching calls, small group learning calls, project implementation in local communities
July 2024 and beyond Fellows complete program and enter LifeLong Fellows global leadership and learning community

Dalai Lama Fellowship Amount

The selected fellows get the following Dalai Lama Fellowship Stipend:

  • A 1-year long fellowship
  • A chance to immerse in the distinctive yearlong Head, Heart, Hands leadership curriculum
  • One-on-one coaching support is provided to the fellow’s project on social change and personal development
  • Fellows participate in two week-long Global Assemblies and interact with other fellows and Global faculties
  • Fellows also get a lifelong affiliation in their global learning, community and support system.

Dalai Lama Fellowship Eligibility Criteria

In order to fulfill the minimum requirements, a candidate must demonstrate the following through the application:

  • Be a next-generation leader who is between 20-35 years old.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Experience or interest in learning and practicing contemplative practices throughout the year
  • Current engagement (or well-articulated plans) for a social change project in one’s local community and sustained engagement throughout the fellowship year.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of the community and the issue that the project is seeking to address, preferably with at least one year of previous experience working with the community.
  • Commitment to participate in our online learning platform, coaching calls, etc.
  • Attendance at the Contemplative Leadership Assembly in mid-June 2024 (Dalai Lama Fellows will cover all travel, lodging, and meals for the assembly).

Note: Candidates must be between 20-35 years old on Jan. 5, 2024. This is a firm age range, and due to the high volume of applications and the fellowship’s focus on next-generation leaders, we are currently unable to make exceptions.

Dalai Lama Fellowship – How To Apply?

Dalai Lama Fellowship 2024 application for Dalai Lama Fellows consists of five major parts:

  • Applicant Background and Overview
  • Essay Questions
  • Your Resume/CV
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Application Video

About Dalai Lama Fellowship

Dalai Lama Fellows was founded in 2010, with the authorization and support of the 14th Dalai Lama (Read the Dalai Lama’s Authorization Letter), as an independent, secular and ecumenical organization. Beginning with a fellowship program, Dalai Lama Fellows has become a pioneer in integrating contemplative practices and universal values within programs for leadership and social change.

The fellowship program has now grown to include 175 individuals across 48 nationalities, constituting an active global leadership network that serves as a continuing resource for human flourishing within next-generation leadership.

A strategic partnership in September of 2018 brought the Fellowship to the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) at the University of Virginia to ensure the DLF’s long-term sustainability and maximize our impact and reach. CSC is a leader in the field of human flourishing and contemplation and has been an important partner of DLF for the last four years including serving as host of the most recent annual Ethical Leadership Assembly in June 2018.

FAQ’s On Dalai Lama Fellowship

Question 1.
What does the Dalai lama fellowship curriculum consist of?

We use an online learning platform to host our Head, Heart, Hands curriculum. The curriculum works to build three core competencies: Connections to Self (the individual leader), Connections to Others (relationships we cultivate), and Connections Beyond (the systems in which we are interdependently embedded). The curriculum is processed through individual reading and reflection exercises, one-on-one monthly coaching, and small group learning.

Question 2.
Do we need to be a student to apply?

No. We accept applications from individuals regardless of their current student status. Applicants can be enrolled in undergraduate studies, graduate studies, or no studies at all. We are simply seeking young leaders who are committed to the work of social change.

Question 3.
What is the selection procedure?

When we evaluate our candidates, what we search for is a genuine intention to learn new practices and perspectives that will increase

  • Their self-awareness and mindfulness,
  • Their ability to connect with and have concern for others, even when there are differences, and
  • Their ability to recognize a deep interdependence connecting all of life.

Question 4.
What are the requirements of a fellow, beyond the project?

Fellows must expect to set aside approximately 10 hours a month to engage with and learn from our Head, Heart, Hands curriculum. This includes individual readings and reflections, team-based activities, monthly coaching calls, group calls, and interaction with other Fellows. In addition to the curriculum, Fellows will commit to a daily contemplative practice to cultivate the skills they’re learning about in the curriculum.