Best Online Nutrition Courses In India: Eligibility, Scope, Admission, Duration, Fees

Online Nutrition Courses In India

Online Nutrition Courses in India: A person’s most important responsibility is to eat healthy food. But as more people consume junk food, healthy eating practices are slipping away. Nutritionists and dieticians play an important role in preserving human health.

If you are interested in performing such tasks for the development of the overall health of people, then you are at the right place. There is a lot more to study in the nutritionist course, which you can only understand through the correct medium of learning.

In this blog, we have collected all the essential information about a Nutritionist course, such as eligibility criteria, career scope, top institutes, fees, duration, and more, followed by some questions and answers. Scroll down to find out more.

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What are Nutrition Courses In India?

The nutritionist courses fuse science with practical knowledge to help you understand how food impacts your health. Healthy food and a nutritious diet are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. These courses will make you understand the importance of nutrition in your body and how you can make a huge impact on others’ lives too.

You can pursue various courses at the level of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and a lot more in the context of nutrition. Dietician/Nutrition is one of the popular job profiles that are in huge demand these days as people are more into being fit.

Online Nutrition Courses In India Overview

Before proceeding to get detailed information about the nutrition courses, let us have an overview of nutrition courses in India.

Courses Offered
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
Mode of Learning Online
Average Fees Free to Rs 50,000
Average Salary Rs 2 to Rs 5 lakhs
Eligibility Criteria Candidate must clear class 12th.
Job Profile Dietetic Technicians, Clinical Dietician, Health Coach, Administrative dietitians, Dietetic assistants, etc.

Online Nutrition Courses In India Eligibility Criteria

The online courses are easy to pursue as the platforms do not ask students to meet some specific criteria. You can enroll in online nutrition courses in India after completing your 12th grade. But there are a few platforms that ask you to fulfill the desired criteria, which you must consider before proceeding towards admission to the courses.

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Free Online Nutrition Courses In India

These days, we are more focused on our health as compared to previous times. Thus, if you are willing to pursue the nutrition courses, then you must give them a try. This is an era of online education, and when you get a course that is available for free, it is icing on the cake.

The online courses provide you with hands-on training about nutrition, which will be beneficial to you in a practical manner. Along with the courses, the platforms will also provide a certificate for successful completion. A detailed list of the online courses in nutrition is listed below.

Top Courses  Offered by  Cost Certificate  Duration  Curriculum Level 
Child Nutrition and Cooking Stanford through Coursera Free Yes, with a minimum fee of nine hours Introductory
Diet & Nutrition Coach Certification Course to Create Diet Plans, Coach Others & Build Your Business Skillshare Free No 10 hours Introductory to Intermediate
Diploma in Human Nutrition-Revised Alison Free Yes 10-15 hours Intermediate
Food as Medicine Monash University at Future Learn Free Yes, with a fee 12 hours Introductory
Human Nutrition course on Introduction to Macronutrients Alison Free Yes 1 to 2 hours Intermediate
Introduction to Nutrition and Food Safety The University of Taipei on Future Learn Free Yes, with a fee 8 hours Introductory
Nutrition and Cancer Wageningen University and Research through edX Free Yes, with a fee 5 weeks Intermediate
Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome Conducted by Wageningen University and Research on edX Free Yes, with a fee 6 weeks Intermediate
Nutrition: Vitamins and Minerals OpenLearn Free Free statement of participation 10 hours Introductory
Starter Nutrition Course The Health Sciences Academy Free Yes 3-6 hours Introductory

Certified Nutritionist Course India

The certified courses in nutrition will play an important role if you are willing to develop your career as a nutritionist. You may look for certificate courses at both online and offline levels. There are various high-profile institutes which are offering certificate and diploma courses along with a certification at the end of the courses.

You may find the detailed list of top institutes along with the defined courses in nutrition that they are offering below.

Short Nutrition Courses

The short courses in nutrition can be pursued at the top universities around the world at an online level. There are top universities that are offering online nutrition courses in coordination with top online platforms such as edX, Udemy, Alison, and a lot more.

Read the table below to know the details of short nutrition courses in India.

Course  Institute  Cost  Duration 
Food and the Environment University of California, Berkeley 1617 EUR 42 days
Food, Nutrition, and Health Wageningen University, and Research – WageningenX by edX 351 EUR 4 months
Healthy Practices online course in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Community and Family Participation University of Colorado- Coursera Free 1 month
Human Nutrition Science Boston University 2861 EUR 42 days
Mediterranean Food and Diet National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 350 EUR 2 months
Nutrition and Disease Wageningen University and Research – WageningenX by edX 263 EUR 3 months
Nutrition and Health – Macronutrients and Overnutrition Wageningen University and Research – WageningenX by edX Free 63 days
Nutrition, Heart Disease, and Diabetes Wageningen University, and Research – WageningenX by edX Free 5 weeks
Nutrition, Mediterranean Diet, and Management course of Cardiovascular Diseases National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 1200 EUR 6 months
Science And Health – An Evidence-based Approach The Open University UK 3,848 EUR 8 months
Therapeutic Nutrition Warnborough College 423 EUR

Udemy Nutrition Course

Udemy is one of the leading platforms which offers online nutrition courses in India. You may take the free and paid courses and get a certificate in return after the completion of these courses. The list of detailed Udemy Nutrition Courses is listed below.

Courses  Cost  Duration 
Become a SuperHuman online course: Naturally & Safely Boost Testosterone ₹449 2.5 hours
Diet And Nutrition Coach Certification Course: From Beginner To Advanced ₹449 4.5 hours
Eat Real Food: How to Eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet ₹449 4 hours
Essentials of Green Smoothies ₹449 2.5 hours
Health And Wellness Coaching Certification (CPD Accredited) ₹449 4.5 total hours
Health And Wellness Coaching Certification (CPD Accredited) ₹449 2.5 total hours
Herbalism: Longevity Herbs & Recipes Certificate ₹449 1 hour
Hormone Health & Testosterone Certification (CPD Accredited) ₹449 3 hours

Online Food and Nutrition Courses in India

Food and nutrition deal with the processing and preservation of food as well as the consumption of a balanced diet by an individual. Due to the easy availability of tasty junk food, more people are getting into it. But now they are becoming more conscious about their health.

The top platforms where you can pursue food and nutrition courses are given below:

Course  Institute  Duration  Level  Certificate 
Food and Nutrition Swayam 12 weeks Undergraduate Yes

Online Sports Nutrition Courses in India

Sports nutrition is an important part of sports performance. These courses deal with the science behind and application of proper nutrition during exercise. You can pursue sports nutrition courses at both the online and offline levels. Some of the top platforms which are offering online sports nutrition courses in India are listed below.

Course  Institute  Duration  Level  Fees Certificate 
Diploma In Sports Nutrition Indian Institute of Skill Development Training 60 minutes. 12th Pass Rs. 5,000 Yes
Sports Nutrition Course INFS 8 weeks Rs 1400 Yes

Nutrition and Dietetics Courses Distance Education

Those students who are working professionals or cannot devote regular hours to pursuing a degree can choose to pursue distance learning courses. These courses are in great demand among students these days. The top courses in nutrition and dietetics offered through distance education are listed below.

Course  Institute  Duration  Fees Eligibility 
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE) IGNOU 1 to 4 years Rs 2000 10+2 or its equivalent
1-Year Diploma Course in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics Symbiosis School for online and digital learning 1 year Rs 46000 Graduate from any recognized university/ institute.
B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics Distance Education Madurai Kamaraj University Directorate of Distance Education-MKUDDE 3 Year Rs 15,000 10+2 or its equivalent
B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics Distance Education JBHP College 3 years 10+2 or it is equivalent

Career Scope and Job Profile after Online Nutrition Courses in India

Online courses in nutrition offer a plethora of career opportunities for students across the globe. Nutritionists are also entitled to earn a good salary. Even if you are willing to study further after the completion of online courses, there are many doors open for you. Students can work with the following job profiles after completing nutritionist courses in India:

Salary After Online Nutrition Courses in India

On average, the students are entitled to earn Rs 2 to Rs 5 lakhs in the beginning after the completion of nutrition courses. The following table explains everything about the salary of a nutritionist in India.

Job Role Average Annual Salary
Clinical Dietitian INR 2,00,000
Management Dietitian INR 7,00,000
Consultant Dietitian INR 6,00,000
Nutrition Research Scientist INR 5,12,000
Product Manager INR 11,00,000
Community Dietitian INR 4,00,000

FAQs on Online Nutrition Certification Courses in India

1. Where can I find accredited online nutrition courses in India on the online platforms?

Online courses that are accredited are chosen by most students. These courses are offered by the top platforms such as Courser, Udemy, Skillshare, and more. You may pursue the top courses for free as well as the paid ones. The minimum amount is asked by these institutes for the certificate.

2. Are online nutrition courses in India worthy?

Yes, the nutrition domain is gaining too much attention in India as well as abroad. If you are planning to pursue a degree in nutrition at an online level, then you will get a certificate that holds value. Thus, you can easily pursue the online courses as they are useful.

3. What are the skills required by nutritionists?

The skills that every nutritionist must hold are speaking skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, listening skills, compassion, analytical skills, listening skills, helping nature, coordination, etc.

4. What are the top recruiting firms in which nutrients can get a job?

Ans. There are many top firms, which recruit the nutrients regularly. After the completion of nutritionist courses, candidates can apply in any of the following sectors.

5. Can I get a government job after the completion of Nutrition Certification Courses in India? 

Ans. The top platforms which are offering jobs for nutrition certificate holders in the government sectors are

Nutrition is a growing career that can offer you lucrative opportunities. In the above article, we have provided detailed information on online nutrition courses in India. If you have any doubts, you may ask them in the comments section below. Also, feel free to visit our official website,, for more updates on nutrition courses in India.

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