B.P.Ed Course Details | Duration, Eligibility, Fee Structure, Job Profiles, Salary

B.P.Ed Course Details

B.P.Ed Course Details: Bachelor of Physical Education is a three-year undergraduate program that educates education on the care and development of the body. The course can also be pursued in part-time and distance learning; however, most institutes provide regular B.P.Ed courses to facilitate sports and physical training. The course is very productive for individuals who want to make a career in sports or become fitness trainers. A passion for games and eagerness to play sports is the prerequisite for this course. All B.P.Ed. Courses are facilitated by the All India Council of Physical Education.

Why Pursuit B.P.Ed Course Details?

Individuals will be in the limelight of some of the major national events conducted by India’s government under the sports authority of India like Commonwealth Games, Ranji Trophy, and others. The individuals can be recruited in some of the national teams as players or as a trainee in their opted sports. A real-time association will be some of the most exceptional individuals.

Professional post-graduation can open up their own sports academy in their choice of sports in different states under the umbrella of India’s sports authority.

Below mentioned are some of the B.P.Ed job opportunities in which an individual can opt:

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) Eligibility Criteria

Top Colleges for B.P.Ed Course in India

B.P.Ed Admission Process

Admission to the B.P.Ed. The program is done through a combination of physical, fitness, and academic tests. Students who have passed the exams of class 12 can apply for the program. Performance in the following tests is evaluated to select students for admission:

The cumulative score in these three tests is evaluated by the respective institute basis, in which the list of shortlisted candidates is prepared. Students can also pursue B.Ed Courses to get good jobs.

B.P.Ed Entrance Exams

There are various institutes which conduct entrance exam for B.P.Ed course. Some of the entrance exams are listed below:

Fee Structure in B.P.Ed Colleges

The average B.P.Ed course fee ranges from INR 6,500 to 51,000 per annum. This may vary according to the universities or colleges you want to choose this course.

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) Syllabus

First Year

Theory Subjects Activity Subjects
English and Communication Skills – 1 Athletics
History and Culture Gymnastics
History of Physical Education Football
Educational Psychology, Guidance, and Counselling Wrestling
Applied Anatomy and Physiology Boxing
Weight Training, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, and Best Physique
Light Apparatus Activity/ Calisthenics

Second Year

Theory Subjects Activity Subjects
English and Communication Skills – 2 Athletics
Foundation of Physical Education Badminton
Educational Methodology Kho-Kho
Sports Psychology Kabaddi
Recreation, Camping, Play, and Leadership Training Table Tennis
Teaching Methodology in Physical Education Volleyball
Physiology of Exercise Handball
Teaching Practice Softball

Third Year

Theory Subjects Activity Subjects
English and Communication Skills – 3 Athletics
Kinesiology and Bio-mechanics Yoga
Sports Management Tennis
Measurement and Evaluation Cricket
Health Education Hockey

B.P.Ed Job Opportunities

Candidates who have pursued B.P.Ed courses can take up different types of jobs in the field of sports. Jobs for providing physical training are available in schools and colleges. Apart from this, B.P.Ed graduates are also hired by various sports clubs and sports teams to provide training to aspiring individuals. Candidates who are skilled in communication and have pursued B.P.Ed can also become sports journalists. There is also a lot of scope for private training centers for those who want to start a fitness business venture. The following are some of the profiles that candidates can take up after completing B.P.Ed. program.

There is good job scope for B.P.Ed graduates in government as well as the private sector. Some of the jobs are listed below:

Also, Refer:

B.P.Ed Course Salary

The average B.P.Ed salary is INR 3.68 lakh per annum. Which may vary according to skills and experience. The field one is giving training will also be taken into consideration for salary.

FAQ’s Regarding B.P.Ed Course Details

Question 1.
Do we have a sustainable career after B.P.Ed?

Once getting into a reputed college, school, or any institution, the candidate has a sustainable career.

Question 2.
What is the maximum salary one can after the course?

Depending upon the institution the candidate is joining, it can quickly go beyond 5-6 Lakh per annum.

Question 3.
Does Table Tennis come under the B.P.Ed course?

Yes, Table Tennis is a subject in B.P.Ed.

Question 4,
Is it possible to go for B.P.Ed after completion of the degree?

Yes, it is possible. The course duration will be two years if you go after a bachelor’s degree.


B.P.Ed has a perfect future. In this age where people have become so conscious of their body, the demand for physical trainers and sports teachers will skyrocket, and those interested in physical activity can choose for such a course.

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