Best Diploma Courses in Canada: Eligibility, Fee Structure, Duration | Top Job Oriented UG & PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Best Diploma Courses in Canada

Best Diploma Courses in Canada: Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for Asian students and especially the Indian student community and this fact is evident by the strong Indian student diaspora present in the country of Canada. Lakhs of students every other year move to Canada to pursue their masters or in some cases their bachelor’s degrees.

Until a few years ago, the United States of America was the most preferred destination for education by students from India, however, this figure has somewhat tilted in Canada’s favor now. Having said that, it would be unfair on our part to say that the United States of America (USA) is not a preferred destination for studies now. While the USA still is the most preferred and sought-after destination for higher studies by Indian students, Canada as a study and work destination is inching close towards the top position.

Many students would be aspiring to make their career in Canada and this article on the best diploma courses in Canada for international and indian students will guide them in the right way. In this particular article on Best Diploma Courses in Canada, we are going to provide all the details that one needs to make an informed choice to pursue a diploma in Canada. The Diploma Course Details page will give answers to all your questions should provide enough ideas for a candidate to make the right choice and pursue their dream career in their dream country.

Why is Canada Preferred for Diploma Courses?

In this particular section on “why should you pursue a diploma course in Canada?”, we are going to provide the pointers on the advantages of doing a diploma in Canada:

Affordable Education in Canada

The cost of education in Canada is on a much lower end as compared to the cost of education in countries like the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, or Japan. In fact, many experts say that the fees for a diploma course in Canada are sometimes cheaper than engineering fees in India. Then again, this is highly subjective and depends on the type of course and the brand of the college.

Job Opportunities in Canada

Canada is home to some of the biggest investment banks, IT companies, and Pharmaceutical Companies in the world. The lookout for quality talent in the field of science, engineering, management, and arts is always increasing in the country. There is never a dearth of jobs in Canada. A student graduating from any Canadian university can be sure of getting a decent-paying job in the country.

Visa Process in Canada

The Visa process is very simple and red-tape free, both for a student visa and work visa. In fact, the government of Canada has come up with unique immigration schemes to encourage foreigners to come and settle in Canada. Given the intent of the government, outsiders are treated very warmly and welcomed well in Canada. This is in stark contrast to that of the United States of America or Australia, where not only the visa process is complicated but racism and discrimination is also prevalent. We will never find such untoward incidents in Canada.

Working while studying in Canada

Canadian student visa offers a unique opportunity to students where they can earn while studying. This aspect is also encouraged by universities so that students can start getting real-world market knowledge while they are enhancing their knowledge through classroom learning.

Transition of Degree

In certain top Universities in Canada, a student can opt to study a full-time master’s course in the subject of his or her specialization while he or she is pursuing a diploma course. This will help students better their career opportunities while getting themselves financially stable.

Top Diploma Courses in Canada for Indian Students

After thorough research based on the following criteria, we have come up with the top 10 diploma courses in Canada for students from India to pursue. Diploma Courses in Canada should be chosen based on the following factors:

Based on the above five main factors, below are the top diploma courses in Canada for Indian students to pursue in 2022

The following specific courses can be pursued in the above fields:

Diploma in Engineering Courses in Canada

Below is the list of popular Engineering Courses that one can pursue in Canada. Check out the Scope and Employment Opportunities that each course can create and which one is the best for you.

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Information Technology
  4. Aeronautics Engineering humanities

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most attractive diploma courses that one can pursue in Canada. There are certain top universities with state-of-the-art infrastructure for civil engineering with high-tech equipment in their campus for laboratories such as fluid mechanics laboratories, earthquake laboratories, and Highway Engineering laboratories. For a first World country such as Canada, the development of infrastructure is the topmost priority, and the lookout for quality civil engineers to help build its buildings, bridges, dams, and other such structures is always on the higher end demand curve. Know Diploma in Civil Engineering After 10th Details.

In terms of job prospects and financial stability after graduation, civil engineering graduates earn much more at the beginning than their counterparts in other branches of engineering. Having said that, without an ounce of doubt we can recommend that a diploma course in the field of civil engineering from Canada can set your career straight for years to come. Also, Check out our article on How to become a Civil Engineer in India if you wish to study Civil Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

The field of Mechanical Engineering has been improving leaps and bounds ever since Ford’s assembly line era. With the advent of electric vehicles, flying cars, drones, supersonic planes, and other hi-tech 4th generation equipment of logistics, mechanical engineering is one such field that is not just dynamic in nature but is highly attractive and job satisfying field that one can get into.

In the first instance, Germany the United Kingdom Japan, and Australia seem to be top countries for one to pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering but on an in-depth and thorough analysis, Canada is an unsung hero in terms of mechanical engineering education. There are plenty of automobiles and artificial intelligence-based logistics companies that are cropping up and are established in Canada who are continuously looking out for quality mechanical engineers and a diploma in mechanical engineering in Canada for an Indian student will help them achieve their dream job with a dream pay package.

Information Technology

The increased generation of data around the world due to increased usage of handheld devices has created a separate industry of its own called data analytics or business analytics which is directly related to the information technology field. A diploma in information technology or a diploma in data analytics is the next big thing and a student will have a sure shot stable and bright career if they want to pursue their career in this field.

It also goes without saying that it is one of the most difficult courses to pursue and people whose cup of tea is mathematics, business decision making, and playing with raw data can be sure that a diploma in information technology will help them set their career straight for decades to come.

Aeronautics Engineering

Airways logistics has been given a different turn with the advent of hovercraft and drone technology. The search for quality engineers in the field of Aeronautics by top companies such as Uber, Tesla, and defense organizations of various governments has made this course extremely attractive in terms of job prospects and career stability.

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Diploma Programs in Humanities to Pursue in Canada

A diploma from Canada in the field of fine arts and humanities can help an aspirant obtain a good amount of exposure and knowledge in the field and help them fuel their passion for art studies not just in terms of job satisfaction but also in terms of job pay, career stability, and financial prospects.

The following are the popular diploma courses in humanities that one can pursue in Canada

Diploma Courses in Canada for Management

Next to the United States of America, Canada has some of the biggest multinational companies in the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, information technology, shipbuilding, and automobile. It requires good leadership skills to manage such conglomerates of mammoth scale in the private sector and the lookout for quality management graduates by the top companies is a constant phenomenon and many of the companies are looking for long-term strategic leadership to keep their company and organizational structure afloat.

A diploma in Canada in the field of management is an extremely attractive one with undoubtedly one of the highest packages that one can get in comparison with any of the diploma courses in Canada that we have mentioned in this particular article on best diploma courses in Canada after 12th.

The following are the subjects of specializations that one can do in a diploma in management in Canada

Also, Check

Best Diploma Courses in Canada for Medical Education and Health Care

Below are the different courses that one can pursue in Canada in the field of medical education and healthcare

Types of Diploma Courses in Canada

Mainly there are two types of diploma courses in Canada that one can pursue in various fields which are:

  1. Undergraduate diploma course
  2. Postgraduate diploma course

Eligibility criteria, top colleges, career direction, syllabus, and pedagogy are all different for both undergraduate diploma courses and postgraduate diplomas. The following points will give an idea to a student who is aiming to pursue a Diploma course in Canada be it undergraduate or 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Canada.

Diploma Courses in Canada Eligibility

To pursue an undergraduate course in Canada, one has to have a minimum aggregate of 70% in their 10th standard as well as 12th standard from a recognized board/university in India and should have clear TOEFL and IELTS exams prior to applying for the colleges for admission

2. Many postgraduate diploma courses in Canada will require a student to have cleared their graduation degree from a recognized university in India with a minimum distinction as an aggregate in the final semester. On similar lines with an undergraduate degree course, a postgraduate degree course aspirant should also write TOEFL and IELTS exam to secure a seat in any of the top universities in Canada. Along with best diploma courses in canada details, you can also go through Advance Diploma Course in Canada.

How much does a Diploma Course Cost in Canada? | Diploma Courses in Canada Fees

The fee structure for both undergraduate diploma courses and postgraduate diploma courses will be different. Generally, a UG diploma course will be higher than that of a postgraduate (PG) diploma in Canada.

Diploma Courses in Canada Duration

Diploma course will usually be of a duration of 4 years with semesters while a  post graduate diploma course will usually be of four to six semesters which comes around two years or in certain universities, three years.

In terms of visa opportunities, a postgraduate diploma course aspirant will get a 3-year work visa opportunity in addition to the two-year education visa that one will get. However, the work visa extension in addition to the study visa is not provided for the undergraduate diploma courses in Canada

Most Commonly Asked Questions on Diploma Courses in Canada

At the end of this article, the reader should have answers to the following questions regarding the best diploma courses in Canada for Indian students:

  1. Why is Canada good for diploma courses?
  2. What are the best diploma courses in Canada?
  3. What are the types of Diploma Courses in Canada?
  4. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a diploma course in Canada?
  5. What are the syllabus and course structure for a diploma course in Canada
  6. What are the job prospects after a diploma course in Canada?
  7. What is the fee structure for a diploma course at Canadian University?
  8. How much does it cost to pursue a diploma in Canada?
  9. Which is better, a diploma in Canada or Masters’s in the USA?

FAQs on Best Diploma Courses in Canada

1. Which is the best Diploma Course in Canada?

A diploma in management or a diploma in Healthcare can be categorized as the best diploma course that one can pursue in Canada

2. Which is the top university in Canada to pursue a Diploma Course?

The University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia in Toronto and Columbia respectively are considered as the top universities in Canada to pursue a diploma course

3. Is it worth doing a diploma Course in Canada?

In terms of career and job opportunities and job satisfaction, a career after diploma from Canada is worth going for

4. Is it easy to get a work visa in Canada?

Getting work permits in Canada after pursuing a course of diploma is much easier and complication-free in comparison with other countries such as The United States of America or Australia.

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