Beautician Course Details | Eligibility, Fee Structure, Syllabus, Course Duration

Beautician Course Details

Beautician Course Details: The Makeup industry has developed so fast and is booming throughout the world as they are hardly affected by the recession or economic comedowns. Those who are passionate about making people attractive can build a career out of it. People want to look beautiful not only to boost their self-esteem but also to present themselves well among their friends. This can be possible by a beautician, cosmetologist, or a beauty expert. To become a known makeup artist, one has to learn a lot of things. One has to develop the master of the art of giving a perfect bride look, a model, or others in general. There are many beauty and makeup courses offered by institutes; one can enroll themselves for a cosmetology course. The academic focus in the field of makeup can benefit you in developing careers as makeup professionals in television sets, films, spas, etc.

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A Brief on Beautician Course

Students can get a diploma or a certificate course to become a certified cosmetologist or a makeup artist. After getting trained in this field, makeup artists can work privately by opening their beauty salons and provide consultation for their clients. They can also choose to work with television artists, on film sets or become theatre assistants. In this course, students learn different aspects of makeup, and they get to learn hairstyling, skincare solutions, flawless makeup techniques, covering skin blemishes, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Beautician Courses

Eligibility criteria for Beautician courses are not a specific one. Admissions can be taken directly in the diploma or certificates courses after pursuing class 10. There is no previous knowledge needed for makeup or beautician courses. Institutes like VLCC and Lakme Academy take a specific exam before selecting applicants for the program.

Candidates who want to pursue advanced PG Diploma courses need to have some work experience in the industry before joining this course.

Beautician Course Syllabus

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Beautician Courses Details

The beautician course helps students to learn about how to work as a makeup artist and deal with using corrective applications in terms of cosmetics for the skin, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Here, students practice and study about how to apply makeup for a regular day or a special occasion, for models who appear for fashion-related photography. Students learn to apply foundations for different skin tones; they learn to use blushes, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, or lipstick. The makeup classes include theoretical understanding and classroom presentations of face shapes, new trends in cosmetics, color theory, and different massaging techniques.

Beautician Course Duration

The duration of the course varies from one institute to another. Classes can extend from three months to a year. To become successful in the makeup industry, one needs to have a stronghold in the industry and need to be an authorized cosmetologist.

Beautician Courses List

A good makeup program should ideally cover the skincare regimen, application of makeup, removal of makeup, hair styling, different application technique, airbrush methods, and how to select colors based on skin tone and occasion. Student can also opt for the following courses to be best at makeup:

Name of the Programme Type of Programme Duration
Herbal Beauty Care Course Certificate Programme three months
Beauty Parlour Course Certificate Programme four months
Beauty Care Course Certificate Programme four months
Beauty and Make-up course Certificate Programme three months
Cosmetology and Beauty Course Diploma Programme eight months
Beauty and Wellness Course Diploma Programme six to eight months
Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology Diploma Programme eight months
PG Diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty Care Postgraduate Diploma Programme One  year
Beauty Culture and Cosmetology Course Diploma Programme eight months
Diploma in Beautician Course Diploma Programme One  year
Ayurvedic Beauty Care Course Certificate Programme three months

Candidates can also apply for online courses as well and ask for distance learning programs for Online Cosmetology Certificates, or Online Esthetician Training.

Beautician Course Fee Details

The fee structure for Makeup Courses may vary from one institute to the other. It can range between INR 20,000 to 50,000 on average. The rated ones can charge higher fees compared to the centers that give training locally.

Institutes for Beautician Courses

Beautician Career and Job Prospect

There are various amount of job opportunities in this field, and applicants can work in professional salons, spa lounges, beauty centers, etc. After getting experience, experts can also start their beauty salons. Some of the jobs that beauticians can apply are

Beautician Course Salary

A makeup artist who starts to earn can earn Rs. 1.2 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakh per year. However, after achieving a year’s experience at a reputed salon, beauticians can earn up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum. Specialists who work with companies like VLCC, Lakme, L’oreal, etc. or those who are running successful beauty salons can earn up to Rs. 5 lakhs per annum or more. Famous makeup artists working in the fashion industry can also make up to Rs. 7 lakh per annum.

FAQ’s on Beautician Course Details

Question 1.
What are the fees structure for the Beautician course?

The fee structure for Makeup Courses may vary from one institute to the other. It can range between INR 10,000 to 50,000 on average.

Question 2.
What skills are needed for the Beautician course?

A beauty expert needs to have a passion for making people beautiful. Skills required include how to use beauty products, quick learning, interpersonal skills, client management, or proactiveness. Aspirants who want to pursue a beautician course should acquire the necessary skills to complete the course and make a successful profession.

Question 3.
Can the beautician be considered a good job?

A beautician can be quite a rewarding job profile. Being a beautician, one gets the opportunity to build confidence in their clients. Beautician is a thriving market and has immense opportunities in our country. Good monetary benefits and the chance to meet various people and build long-term relations are some of the perks of being a beautician.

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