How to become a Cosmetologist in India: Types, Specialization, Eligibility, Salary, Job Profiles and Skill Set

How to become Cosmetologist in India

How to Become A Cosmetologist in India?: Cosmetology is a very vast field that covers a lot of things. It is the study of beauty treatment. The main job or task of a cosmetologist is to apply unique methods to modify a person’s physical appearance. Today it has become very popular and most people today are getting beauty treatments everyday.

It is a type of medical course that focuses mainly on the person’s physical appearance if you have an interest in the study of different treatments related to beauty and taking care of the hair, skin, body, and nails.

This article will cover all the aspects in detail about how to become a cosmetologist in India.

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Why Choose Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is an excellent field of work that has excellent scope as well. People have always been concerned about their physical appearance, now more so than ever.

Learning about the science behind beauty treatments and products is also very fascinating. In India the cosmetology industry is booming, people that always wanted to enter the fashion world can do so by becoming a cosmetologist.

There is always a demand for a good make-up artist or hairstylist in television, film, or fashion. It is not necessary that after studying cosmetology, you practice it.

You can also write books or even create your product line as you will have all the knowledge about them.

You can also try and become an image consultant if you want to help and guide others to enter and be successful in the fashion industry.

Types Of Cosmetologist

You can divide cosmetology into two categories, namely clinical cosmetology and general cosmetology.

Specializations Available In Cosmetology

As discussed above, cosmetology is a very vast field of knowledge. Due to this, it is challenging to master all the aspects of cosmetology.

To help you be an expert in cosmetology, you can pursue any specialization. Specialization will help you to gain maximum knowledge on your field of interest.

The following list contains the specializations in cosmetology available in India:-

Eligibility Criteria for Cosmetologist in India

To become a cosmetologist in India is pretty easy as there are no restrictions on marks and entrance exams. You can easily get selected if you have decent marks.

To work as a professional cosmetologist in India, you must have passed your class 10 and class 12 from any recognized board by the government.

It is not necessary that you belong to a specific stream to pursue cosmetology in India. You can become a cosmetologist in India if you belong to any stream.

You may or may not need to give any entrance exam depending on the institution of your choice. Some institutions take admission by conducting an entrance exam, whereas others may only consider your 12 class marks.

Then you can do graduation in cosmetology under the specifications that are mentioned above in the article. Then the next step is if you want to study cosmetology further, you can pursue it by doing post-graduation.

If you also wish to do some professional or diploma courses in cosmetology, you can also do that. The duration of a diploma course is usually from six months to one year. Some of the most popular diploma courses related to cosmetology are:-

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Job Profiles Of a Cosmetologist

The most popular job profiles you can take up after doing cosmetology are given as follows:-

Essential Skills for Becoming A Successful Cosmetologist

You should be a master of some special skills to become a successful cosmetologist in India. We have briefly discussed these skills briefly here as:-

Communication:- Communication is a vital part of any job. Without proper communication, you will not be able to put your feelings across clearly.

In a client-dependent field such as cosmetology, you will require to clearly express your thoughts and comprehend the thoughts of your client efficiently.

Good communication skills boost your confidence and personality massively. Clients will give positive feedback about you if you can communicate with them properly.

Product Knowledge:- As a professional cosmetologist, you must be aware of all the products and their proper use.

Immature or inexperienced professionals often make many mistakes as they quickly get confused about the good benefits of a specific product.

Until and unless you identify what product you should use on the client, you will not have a successful career as a cosmetologist.

Once you have the necessary product knowledge, if you have that entrepreneurial mind, then you can even launch your product line catering to the need of the clients.

Knowledge Of Skin Types: It is also vital that you have a thorough knowledge of all the skin types. Different people have different skin types, and due to this, not everyone can use the same type of product.

For instance, if a person has a dry skin type, then they will need to use something that would complement their skin type.

If you apply products on your skin that are not suitable according to your type, then you can very likely suffer from some side effects.

Knowledge Of Chemistry:- Cosmetology also uses chemistry, as the products or treatments that you use on your clients are mainly made from some sort of chemicals.

It is always better to ask if someone has an allergy to any chemical or not. This is very important to avoid any side effects to your client.

Apart from chemistry, a good cosmetologist should also be aware of the science of colours.

Cosmetologists are required to colour hair and other things, so they should know which colours complement each other and which colours don’t.

Salary Packages of a Cosmetologist

The amount of salary you get will mainly depend on the type of cosmetologist you are and the college from which you have done your degree.

General cosmetologists don’t necessarily require a professional degree; they can even start working with a certificate or a diploma course. Due to this, the annual salary package for such cosmetologists is around Rs. 1,50,000-3,00,000 annually.

On the other hand, clinical cosmetologists have a professional medical degree to pursue their craft, so they get much better annual salary packages. On average, a clinical psychologist can quickly get Rs. 6,00,000 annually when they are starting.

You can also expect this amount to increase as you get better and gain more experience.

Your college also plays an essential role in deciding your credibility. If you have your degree from the top and best cosmetology colleges in India, then people will trust your services more in comparison to any other cosmetologist.

Conclusion on How to Become A Cosmetologist in India?

This article gives you an in-depth insight into how to become a cosmetologist in India. Talking about the types of cosmetology and the essential skills required to be a successful cosmetologist, you will get to know everything in this article.

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