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Diploma in VJ, RJ and Anchoring Course Details | Eligibility Admission, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Career, Scope

What’s life without music? And what’s life with a profession in the field is music? Sounds fancy and somewhat like a dream come true, isn’t it? While it does seems like a dream come true profession to get into the field of music, arts, and entertainment after a diploma in VJ, RJ, and Anchoring, the water is much deeper than it seems and this particular article on a diploma in VJ, RJ and anchoring will make you understand the various nuances involved in the course and the field of the music industry, in India and abroad

Firstly, let us introduce this course and help people understand the basic tenets of a diploma in VJ, RJ, and anchoring. For more course details check on our website, you will find stream and category wise.

What is a Diploma in VJ, RJ, and Anchoring?

A diploma in VJ (Video Jockey), RJ (Radio Jockey), and anchoring is a niche course offered by very few institutions in India that are specifically designed to train students to become comperes, anchors, DJs, and RJs in India. A diploma in DJ, VJ, and Anchoring, at best, can be called a course that deals with the science behind the art of entertainment in the field of music and arts.

One should be able to get a complete idea of the course and its structure, future job prospects, syllabus, subjects, top colleges to pursue a course in VJ, RJ, and anchoring at the end of this article on a diploma in VJ, RJ, and Anchoring.

Who should do a Diploma in RJ, VJ, and Anchoring?

While we have provided the basic eligibility criteria to pursue a course in diploma in RJ, VJ, and Anchoring, in this small section of Diploma in VJ, RJ, and anchoring, we have also provided pointers that a student of particular aptitude and interest who can pursue this course

Who Should Pursue a Diploma in RJ VJ and Anchoring?

  • A candidate whose passion lies in music should do a course in diploma in RJ, VJ and anchoring because they will surely enjoy the course and the benefits that it carries with it after graduation.
  • Candidates who are naturally good at communication and have interpersonal skills can look into the option of a diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring. We say this because anchoring is mostly about how one communicates with people and the way he or she carries herself or himself. Good communication skills can take a person a long way in the career of VJ, RJ, and anchoring.
  • People whose interest lies in entertainment and arts will surely enjoy building their career in RJ, VJ, and anchoring
  • Since this is a small course with a short duration of one year, people who want to start earning at a very early age in their career should pursue a diploma in VJ, RJ, and anchoring.
  • People whose heart lies in stardom and paparazzi and want to develop a network of actors, actresses and make a mark in the world of glamour and entertainment should pursue a course in diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring since this course will act as a gateway for the aspirants to get into the big organizations of music like T Series, etc.

Diploma in RJ, VJ, Anchoring Eligibility Criteria

Now let us understand the basic eligibility criteria for a diploma in RJ, VJ and the anchoring that various institutions demand from students:

  • The minimum eligibility criterion to pursue a diploma in radio jockey, video jockey, and anchoring is a pass certificate from the 10th and 12th standard by a recognized education board in India. Also, the minimum aggregate that a student should have scored in his or her twelfth standard should be 50%
  • However, if one wishes to pursue an advanced graduate diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring, the eligibility criteria are much more stringent than what it is for a diploma.
  • To pursue a PG diploma in radio jobs, one has to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of radio jockeying, mass communication or other related fields from the recognized board or university in India and the minimum aggregate in these courses should be 60%.
  • One should note that there are plenty of certification courses that one can do and the eligibility criteria for the same would be a pass certificate from the 12th standard from the recognized board in India with a minimum aggregate of 50% in all the subjects.

Now that we have understood the basic eligibility criteria and got an idea of what an RJ, VJ, and anchoring are all about, let us understand the various courses in this field that one can pursue.

Different Courses of RJ, VJ, and Anchoring

Below we have provided different courses and their duration that one can pursue in the field of radio jockeying, VJ, and anchoring.

  1. Diploma in programming and broadcast management with a duration of 1 year
  2. Diploma in certificate course in radio jockeying with a duration of one year
  3. Diploma in radio management with a duration of one year
  4. Diploma in video jockeying and anchoring with a duration of 1 year
  5. Certification course in radio jockeying with a duration of 6 months
  6. Diploma in radio management with a duration of one year
  7. Diploma in anchoring and event management with a duration of one year
  8. Certification course in compering, dubbing, announcing, and broadcasting with a duration of 6 months
  9. Certification course in radio and video production program with a duration of 6 months
  10. Certification course in radio jockeying, anchoring, and TV journalism with a duration of 6 months
  11. Postgraduate diploma in broadcast management and video jockeying with a duration of 1 year
  12.  Graduate diplomas in radio programming in management with a duration of 2 years.

While we have clubbed radio jockeying, video jockeying, and anchoring. In this article on diplomas in RJ, VJ, and anchoring, we have also provided below a few basic differences between the three streams because from what we understand, the three streams are very different from each other and it is only fair that a student is well aware of the difference to make the right choice in their career.

Difference between RJ, VJ, and Anchoring

  • A video jockey is mainly a TC host while a Radio jockey is a Radio host who plays songs. Anchors or compere is a person who hosts live events.
  • The target audiences for all three are different. RJ has music lover fans, VJ has TV news or reality shown enthusiasts and an anchor has a separate fan base who are interested in live events such as stand-up comedy shows, concerts, music events, corporate shows, etc.
  • Career growth for all three is at different paces. The growth of RJ starts from conducting live shows to growing ahead of the Radio show company or a music house organization. A VJ’s career growth is much slower than his counterparts in Radio and live show events. An Anchor can start with a small event planning host and grow to the extent of hosting big TV shows and sporting events such as the Olympics, Indian Premier League (IPL), or other award show events such as Film Fare, Oscars, etc.

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Top Colleges to Pursue a Diploma in Radio Jockey Video Jockey and Anchoring

Below is the list of top 10 colleges that we have sorted out that provide some of the best education in the field of RJ, VJ, and anchoring

  1. Christ University Bengaluru
  2. Lady Sriram College, Delhi University
  3. Symbiosis center for media and communication, Pune
  4. Radio School of Broadcasting, Mumbai
  5. Madras Christian College, Chennai
  6. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi APJ
  7. Institute of mass communication, New Delhi
  8. Indian Institute of journalism and news media, Bangalore
  9. Xavier Institute of communication, Mumbai
  10. Bengaluru University, Bengaluru

The above-mentioned colleges are limited to education within India but if a student wants to pursue a diploma in RJ, VJ and anchoring outside India in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia, then we have also provided below a shortlist of top colleges that provide education in the field of a radio jockey, video jockey and anchoring

  1. University of Stanford, USA
  2. University of Sunderland United, Kingdom
  3. Goldsmith University of London, London
  4. Edith Coven University, Australia
  5. University of Texas, Austin
  6. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  7. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  8. Columbia University, New York
  9. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  10. University of Missouri, Columbia
  11. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  12. Cardiff University, Cardiff
  13. The University of Michigan, the US
  14. The National University of Singapore, Singapore
  15. Washington and Lee University, Lexington

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Diploma in Radio Jockey Video Jockey Anchoring Fees

The fee structure to pursue a diploma in radio jockeying, video jockey or anchoring varies from college to college but on an average, it shouldn’t cost a student more than 1 lakh to pursue the course in any of the government or government-aided institutions and it should cost no more than two and a half lakhs in any of the top private universities such as Symbiosis University, Pune or APJ Institute.

Here we are strictly talking about the course fee which is the fee that is taken for education (also known as tuition fee). However, other miscellaneous expenses such as books, hostel accommodations, and expenses related to co-curricular and extracurricular activities can be added and can go up to 1 lakh depending on the aptitude and interest of the student pursuing the said course.

Diploma in Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and Anchoring Course Structure

A one-year diploma course in radio jockey or video joker or anchoring is divided into 4 semesters with a compulsory internship in the field of subject that a student desires. The different subjects in each of the semesters vary from college to college and from University to University.

Below we have listed down some of the most common subjects that are thought in the field of mass media communication such as radio jockey, video joking, and anchoring which are more or less the same across the board in India and abroad.

Diploma in RJ, VJ Anchoring Subjects List

  • Introduction to mass media and communication
  • Sound design and production
  • Communication and democracy in India
  • Reading cinema
  • Technical writing
  • Content writing
  • Ecology and media discussions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Value methodology
  • Developmental journalism
  • International relations and global communications
  • Media, law, ethics, and policy
  • Basic principles of journalism
  • Brand management
  • Copyrighting and advertising
  • Campaign planning and design
  • Public policy and public affairs
  • Contemporary India
  • Photography and photo documentary
  • Methods of media research
  • Digital video production
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sociology
  • Data generation and usage
  • Management and principles of psychology
  • Business journalism
  • Marketing communication
  • Basic principles of marketing and business development
  • Basic principles of Advertising and branding

Career Scope of Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and Anchoring in India

The job prospects of a Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and Anchoring are as big as the Ocean and it highly depends on the individual capacity and competency and how well one can handle the pressures associated with the job.

Below we have given some of the pointers on how one’s life would be after a candidate graduates with a diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring:

  • The starting salary for a host, RJ, or a tv show host (video jock) will not be more than Rs. 50000 per month
  • At the beginning of one’s career, it won’t be possible to start directly as a host or RJ in big organizations. One should work as an intern or a trainee in a small organization and grow up the career ladder.
  • At the beginning of a candidate’s career, the job will be more of research, desk documentation, and more importantly, learning-oriented. The things that a student studies in his or her diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring will be more theoretical, and the real learning that a candidate will get is during his or her job as a trainee or as an intern
  • We recommend that one should concentrate more on the learning experience that one gets at the beginning of a candidate’s career than on the amount of money he or she earns
  • The average salary after a few years of experience varies anywhere where between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs per annum
  • The career growth is different for three different streams (Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and Anchoring)

FAQs on Diploma in RJ, VJ, and Anchoring

1. What is a career as a radio jockey like?

A career as a Radio Jockey and Video Jockey is a fulfilling one. Every day is new and exciting and you will never feel fatigued or bored with your day-to-day job. The kind of network that you can make in this industry is nothing like in any other industry and this is going to help you a lot in the long run.

2. How much will it cost to pursue a diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring in India?

The cost to pursue a course diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring in India is less than Rupees 1 lakh in most of the popular universities in India. However, if you prefer to study at private institutions such as Christ University or Symbiosis University, the cost can double or even triple. The cost structure at different universities depends on the kind of curriculum that they have designed for the students, the brand of the college, the Alumni network, placement records, etc.

3. Which is the top college in India to pursue a diploma in mass media communication such as RJ, VJ, and anchoring?

Symbiosis in Pune, Maharashtra provides some of the best quality education to students in their mass media communication school. Although there are plenty of good colleges that offer a good diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring, Christ and Symbiosis top the list.

4. How much will I earn after a diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring?

Answer: The starting salary of a graduate with a diploma in RJ, VJ, and anchoring would be less than Rs. 5 lakh per annum. However, after one has a gained good amount of experience and exposure in the industry, the salary can go up to Rs. 30 per annum.

5. Who are the top recruiters for graduates of diplomas in RJ, VJ, and Anchoring?

The top recruiting organizations for graduates of diplomas in RJ, VJ, and anchoring are Radio Mirchi, Big Radio, Fever 104, Viacom Media, Reliance Media, NDTV, etc.


A diploma in RJ, Vj, and anchoring is a niche course and quite different from the popular diploma courses such as a diploma in software engineering or a diploma in other engineering and medical courses. But, now that we have given a comprehensive idea to aspiring students who want to set their career in the field of Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, or Anchoring, we recommend that if your priorities, aptitude, and interests fall in the line with the demand of the career, then you should go for it.

But students should also be cognizant of the fact that this career requires you to be a people person and a cheerful person full of energy. Since your audience is huge and mostly remote (except anchoring), you will always be cautious of what you talk about, when you talk, what not to talk about, how to look and sound, and how not to look and sound.


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