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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions PDF

Are you finding your mathematics class 6 ICSE difficult to study and are paying heavy sums of money on tuition’s? Well don’t worry now. We have devised a way to ease out your problems in mathematics. has brought to you the most finely designed Selina concise mathematics class 6 ICSE solutions PDF exclusively for its readers.

Maths is not a difficult subject rather it’s a scoring one. If you are facing any problem in maths, then either you lack practice or you are not sound on your concepts. Keep this solution book handy and practice well.

Here are some more techniques to make your study more effective and easy to remember. These tips will definitely help you in improving your mathematics study pattern.

Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download

Tips to Improve your Math

There is a lot of stress build up when you hear your class in-charge saying that “You will be having a maths test tomorrow”. The best way to overcome this stress is to become a proficient in that concept. For that you need to clear your concepts and do a lot of practice.

Study side by side with class. Leaving everything for the exam day will definitely create an extra burden over you. Maths is something which is not a single day job. All other subjects can be crammed in one single day but you cannot secure good marks in maths without practice.

Make sure that you complete your home work first. Try to take help from solution book and solve the complete exercise and not just the questions given by the teacher.

Try to memorise all the formulas which you have learnt while going to bed. Close your eyes and try to recall the formulas or new technique which you have learnt.

Maintain speed and accuracy is very important in maths exam. Most of the students complain that the time allotted for the examination is very less or the paper was lengthy. If you also feel so, then either you were not prepared for the exam or your approach for the answer was wrong. Take the help of solutions book to know the right technique and approach for solving the problem.

Make sure that while answering you take care that all the figures you copy from the question paper are correct. Maths has one bonus edge that it opts for step marking. You will get marks till the step you have solved correctly with an additional mark for the formula.

If you secure less marks in your exam, never feel disheartened or demotivated. Rather use this as your first step towards success. Now you know your mistakes and your weaker area, work upon it and you will definitely succeed one day.
Last but definitely not the least; make sure that you revise your paper well.

Revising a paper is very essential as you may have committed some mistakes while solving the problems. These mistakes can only be rectified when you revise your paper properly, rechecking each and every step again.


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