ICSE vs CBSE Board | Difference between CBSE and ICSE Courses

Difference between CBSE and ICSE Courses

Right from the birth of a child, parents start planning to choose the right education system for their children. They dream to make them competent, qualified, and confident to qualify all the levels of life.

In India, while thinking about education, the dilemma of selecting the board of education has always been like a challenge for parents. Basically, the Indian education system has the two most popular education systems which are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). While selecting the education, most of the time, parents got confused to decide which one is better. The following article has been assembled to let you know the difference between CBSE and ICSE courses

ICSE vs CBSE Board

Be it any board, every student regrets their choice of board preference, owing to the perception built by them for their respective boards. However, all these thoughts are mere thoughts and you don’t have to really bother much about this. If you are still confused then this article will bring you out of it. So here we have given a detailed comparison between both the boards.

Merits of ICSE courses

Merits of CBSE courses

ICSE vs CBSE | Major Differences between two boards

Teaching Style – Both the boards have very well understood the importance of learning in an active manner. CBSE and ICSE follow their approach to teach the next generation in a manner that they think is right. Over the past few years, both boards have changed their style of teaching. Both of them are trying to implement a teaching methodology where students learn through experience and experimentation instead of following rote learning.

In India, many parents feel that the CBSE Standard of Education is not up to the level of what ICSE offers. CBSE board needs to improve its overall teaching technique when compared to the ICSE board. ICSE prefers detailed study and focuses more on English Literature and English Language. ICSE board is considered to be more flexible in nature. However, both the boards are recognized by most of the colleges and universities. Still, the CBSE curriculum has failed to provide students with the academic freedom that their students need.

ICSE vs CBSE | Pros, and Cons of CBSE


  1. Most of the competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET are based on the syllabus of the CBSE Board.
  2. The syllabus of the CBSE Board is much easier when compared to ICSE. Because the syllabus comprises of a more compact structure and a fewer subject. Secondary subjects are not mandatory. Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are categorized under Science and History, Geography and Civics are categorized under Social Science.
  3. CBSE schools are more in the country. So if your parents have to transfer from one city to another then CBSE is the right choice for you.
  4. CBSE syllabus lays more importance on subjects like science and mathematics.


  1. Even though there are practical subjects, the focus is not more on practical knowledge. Core English Language has not been the major focus of this board when compared to other boards.
  2. In CBSE, all the subjects are handled only in a manner that is theory-based and there is less importance laid upon real-life concepts. Despite application playing a major role in CBSE Syllabus, it pays less emphasis on in-depth understanding.

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ICSE vs CBSE | Pros, and Cons of ICSE


  1. A more comprehensive and complete syllabus is followed by ICSE Board covering all subjects with equal importance.
  2. Those students who would like to pursue a career in the field of management and humanities will find ICSE more interesting and worthwhile.
  3. ICSE certificates are recognized and followed across the globe especially by foreign schools and universities in comparison to CBSE certificates.
  4. Since more importance is given to English, students have an upper hand when it comes to exams like TOEFL.
  5. Students get more flexibility when it comes to selecting specific subjects.


  1. Students might feel that the subjects are more extensive and can be a burden for some.
  2. Although the syllabus is extensive which can be helpful for future education. But when it comes to ISC Exam, the checking is more strict and hence it affects the marks.

In brief, both Indian boards are well-recommend ed. It depends upon the competencies of your children to whom they will score well. With the day by day activities, you can know the interest of your children.

If they are showing more interest in environmental conditions or natural science, it will be appreciated if you admit them to CBSE schools.

If you want your children will be efficient in all streams, make sure to choose the ICSE board for them.
Moreover, both Indian education systems are worthwhile. Choosing anyone for your children will be the best.


1. Which board is better ICSE or CBSE?

If you want your child to be efficient in all streams ICSE Board would be better.

2. Is ICSE Syllabus Tough?

Yes, ICSE Syllabus is difficult but with enough practice, you won’t feel the difficulty and you can have strong practical knowledge through it.

3. Which board is best for Education in India?

CBSE is considered to be the most common and accepted board in India.

4. Which website offers the merits and demerits of ICSE and CBSE in detail?

NCERTBooks.Guru Offers the merits and demerits of ICSE and CBSE in detail.

5. What is CBSE full form?

CBSE full form is the Central Board of Secondary Education.

6. What is ICSE full form?

ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

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