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Selina Concise Mathematics Class 7 ICSE Solutions PDF

Maths is a common subject which is hated by both toppers as well as average students. It may happen that a student securing 90+ marks in all subjects may score 50+ in maths and vice versa may also be true. Maths is just a logical subject. If you have understood that how formula can be applied or know the concept behind that, you will crack the maths exam.

To a certain extent Selina concise mathematics class 7 ICSE solutions PDF can help in alleviating your scores but rest depends upon your dedication and hard work. You can download the Mathematics class 7 ICSE solutions PDF for free by clicking on the link given below.

Download Class 7 Concise Mathematics ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Chapter-wise

Let me tell you that, most of the students feel that time allotted in the maths paper is not enough for solving the complete paper.   Dear friends, if you are not able to solve the paper in the given time, then maybe you don’t know the answer or you are following a wrong approach to solve that question.

Better go for a proper time management plan while solving your exam. Take out 5 minutes to read the question paper and mark the questions which you think you can easily solve. First solve all the questions which you know confidently. Now move on to the difficult ones. If a two mark question is taking time more than 5 minutes, leave it. You are on a wrong track. Same applies to a 3 and 5 mark question. If it takes more than 7 to 10 minutes, leave the question and move ahead.

It may happen that a difficult looking question may have an easy solution. Make sure that you have done all the questions you know, as if you get struck in any difficult question, you may not be able to attempt the complete paper.

Avoid silly mistakes in the paper. Revise your paper 2-3 times. Make sure that you have copied right figures from the question paper and have written units in case of statement sums & geometry sums. For example, students generally forget to write “cm” or “m” or “Kg”etc.

Also, while revising algebra, make sure that you have taken care of all the -/+ signs. Students generally make these silly mistakes while solving quadratic equations/ liner equations.   Don’t waste too much time on one single question. Keep an eye over your watch.

The more you practice the problems, the more your chances of scoring high marks increases. Refer to the Selina solution book which offers step by step solutions to all the back exercise problems of the ICSE text book that too chapter-wise. All the 22 chapters have a separate PDF which you can download as per your requirement.

Chapters such as Integers, probability, fractions, unitary method of solving equations, profit, loss and Simple Interest and the three chapters of algebra are very important.   Geometry is little tricky, but I am sure with little effort and guidance from solution book, you will be able score good in that as well.


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