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Old NCERT Books Free PDF Download

Download Old NCERT Books – One-click Download for Free

We have conducted ample and high-level online research work and have brought to you the finest collection of Old NCERT Books resources exclusively for our users. Click on the link below to get your own copy of old NCERT book PDF.

Old NCERT History Class 6 – Romila Thapar Class 6 (6 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 7 – Romila Thapar Class 7 (8 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 8 Class 8 (52 MB)
Old NCERT World History Class 9 PDF (The Story of Civilization Volume 1 PDF) Class 9 (32 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 10 – The Story of Civilization Vol 2 Class 10 (14 MB)
Old NCERT History Books PDF Class 11 – Ancient India – Makhan Lal Class 11 (28 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 11 – Ancient India – RS Sharma Class 11 (12 MB)
Old NCERT History Class 11 – Medieval India – Meenakshi Jain Class 11 (High Quality, 108 MB)
Class 11 (Good Quality, 55 MB)
Modern History of India by Bipin Chandra PDF Class 12 Class 12 (14 MB)
History of Modern India PDF – Class 12 – Bipan Chandra Class 12 (10 MB)
Contemporary World History NCERT Class 12 PDF Class 12 (High Quality, 157 MB)
Class 12 (Good Quality, 81 MB)
History MCQ Quiz Questions
MCQ Questions on Indian History MCQ Questions on Khalji Dynasty
MCQ Questions on Ancient History Art and Culture MCQ Questions on Lodi and Sayyid Dynasty
MCQ Questions on Deccan Dynasties and Sangam Dynasty MCQ Questions on Tughlaq Dynasty
MCQ Questions on Indus Valley Civilisation MCQ Questions on Maratha Empire
MCQ Questions on Jainism and Buddhism MCQ Questions on Sikh Empire
MCQ Questions on Mauryan Empire MCQ Questions on Mughal Empire
MCQ Questions on Magadha Empire MCQ Questions on 18th Century Revolts and Reform
MCQ Questions on Harshavardhana Empire MCQ Questions on British Rule in India
MCQ Questions on Vedic Age MCQ Questions on Modern Indian History
MCQ Questions on Medieval History Art and Culture MCQ Questions on Struggle for Independence of India
MCQ Questions on Bhakti Movement MCQ Questions on World History
MCQ Questions on Gulam Dynasty  

Old NCERT Books Geography – English

Old NCERT Geography Class 6 PDF – Lands and People Class VI
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 7 – Lands and People Class VII
Old NCERT Geography Class 8 – Lands and People Class VIII
Old NCERT Geography Class 9 – Resources and Regional Development Class IX
Old NCERT Geography Class 10 – Economic and Commercial Geography of India PDF Class X
Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Class 11 – Principles of Geography Part – 1 Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 – Principles of Geography Part – 2 Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 11 – Principle Basic of Geography Class XI
Old NCERT Geography Class 12 – India – A General Geography Class XII

Download Old NCERT Indian History Textbooks PDFs Free 

India’s Struggle for Independence by bipan chandra PDF

NCERT History Books

Old NCERT Geography Books PDF Download

Old NCERT Biology Book PDF Download

Importance of NCERT old books for UPSC Examination

NCERT books are the first step towards your dream career of becoming an IPS/IAS officer. The books developed and distributed by the National Council of Education, Research and Training, are unbiased and well articulated. The information provided in these books is accurate, true and in depth. You can easily make factual notes out of these books, especially for history, economics, and geography.

All the beginners or the new aspirants often ask the same question about why to prefer NCERT books especially the old NCERT books when there are hundreds of standard and advanced books available along with online material?

Why old NCERT books are important?

NCERT books are the most basic books and are written in very simple language marking a neutral perspective towards the very event. NCERTs prepare your base towards a solid preparation for UPSC examination. The new books, especially for geography and history, cover lesser data than the older books. The old NCERT books offer more in-depth knowledge than the newer ones. But in the case of science and maths, you should prefer new books only as they cover all the advancements covered over the years.

Selina Publishers Concise ICSE Solutions

Another reason why NCERT books are important is that when you write the UPSC mains examination, your writing style should correlate with the NCERTs.

Every year around 30% questions are directly asked from the NCERT textbooks. You can only answer them if you have a thorough and deeper understanding of the concepts. There are some old NCERT textbooks which offer the most comprehensive material for the aspirant’s preparation such as old NCERT book of Geography (class 11 and 12) and History NCERT (for classes 10 and 11). These books should be mugged by every candidate.

NCERT offers you a planned study approach as well as material else you will get lost in this vast ocean of books and coachings. If you are planning to take up subjects related to humanities as your optional subject and you haven’t read them before, then studying these books will benefit in your optional paper as well.

What to read from old NCERT Books?

The newer NCERT aren’t recommended for some subjects such as Geography, polity, art & culture and History. When you study History, the main thing which matters is the memorization of the timeline. The factual knowledge becomes important at this stage along with some contextual memory.

While studying the Geography NCERT consider old NCERTs as the Holy Grail. All the maps, mountains, rivers, passes etc should be on your tips.  Class 11 NCERT book for Art and culture book is sufficient to study for the GS paper as well.

When you study from Polity NCERT textbook then make sure that you make all the notes accordingly. This book is very important from the essay writing part asked me the mains examination. UPSC asks ore of factual questions which you will easily find in old NCERTs.

The NCERT textbooks on sociology will give deep insights into how our society is continuously evolving and provides explanations to the varied perspectives, conflicts, and other social issues related to women, caste, children and the deprived sections of the society.

How to read effectively from NCERTs?

We know that NCERT forms the basis of preparation for your dream job and the most prestigious career. You can start with whatever suits you the best. You can either start with subject wise preparation by taking one subject at a time or you can start preparing for all subjects together. You need to study NCERTs for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and last but not the least class 12. The best way of studying with NCERTs is:

  • Underline what you feel is important in your first reading. If you are studying online, you can use a marker option.
  • When you are in your second reading, make sure that you learn and memorize the underlined things.
  • Now moving on towards your final reading, make notes of your underlined things. Now forget the books and totally focus on your notes.
  • Revise your notes every fortnightly. After 4-5 iterations you will automatically reach the desired level of competency.
  • Always remember that finishing a book does not declare the things done until and unless you remember everything and are able to recall them in your mains and prelims.
  • Study your NCERTs in such a way that the entire syllabus can be revised in 7 to 8 hours. Your hard work is the ultimate key towards your success.

Timeline for studying old NCERT Books

There is no finite timeline suggested for completion of the NCERT books. You need to study them till you feel that all your concepts have been cleared and you have started to memorize the concepts and dates. If you are a really intelligent person, you will be able to complete all NCERTs in 1.5-2 months.  But being an average student, you will be completed in 2-3 months time.

Old is Gold

Old NCERTs were full of factual information and in-depth knowledge. The newer NCERTs follow the interactive mode of learning. The new NCERTs certainly are good when you study science and mathematics but regarding social sciences, old NCERTs are preferred. The new NCERT is helpful for students in getting in-depth knowledge and improve their logical and analytical skills. for knowing more about the social sciences, the old NCERt books really help.

Not only for UPSC but when you prepare for Staff Selection Commission exam, you still need to study NCERT books. Many other competitive exams also follow NCERT books as it not only solidifies your base but also makes you score well in these exams.

How to get NCERT old textbooks?

There are two ways by which you can have access to NCERT old books. The first option is to go offline i.e. in your markets or issue them from the college library or city library. Finding these books is a daunting task as these books are limited but the numbers of students are more. You have to go to every shop and ask for the books. If they don’t have the books, then again you have to check with other stores. It is a time-consuming task, and the results are uncertain.

The second option is the most recommended one, which is downloading these books online. These books will be available over numerous websites in PDF, pub or zip files. But you cannot trust every website blindly. There is always a risk of getting hacked and virus attack.

There are many websites which redirect the user to some other download location and just makes money by the click count. Most of the users end up in downloading either a Trojan or virus.

Many websites charge their users for allowing them to download the books and also do not offer good quality books. Contents are also less on many websites. This leaves the user or the aspirant frustrated and demotivated.  Along with it, the process of redirection and clicks takes up a lot of time.

Then, where should I download the old NCERT books?

You can download old NCERT books from for free of cost. The website is 100% reliable and offers an easy to use interface for the users. Just a single click and you can download your copy of old NCERT book. offers no redirects and requires no login or signup to download. this website offers the easiest way to download the old NCERT Books.

You can download these books in the PDF format which relieves the user from the hassles of downloading the irritating zip or epub formats. Apart from old NCERT textbooks, the website also offers PDFs for other standard books, NCERT solutions, exemplar books and their solutions etc for an effective study.

You just need a fair internet connection sped and then just a click and the file get downloaded on your laptop, desktop or mobile.

Writing an academic paper may be difficult at times. There are lots of problems that any student might face, such as lack of time. It often happens that a student has to complete several papers at the same time and do so before the due date. None of the papers seems to be too complicated, but the fact that you have to either write them simultaneously or choose one that is more preferable to you distracts your attention from the actual writing process. You may doubt whether you have made the right choice or whether you should have written the other paper. All these thoughts can hinder your full concentrate on writing. Another problem is writing essays on topics you don’t understand very well. It takes a considerable amount of time (more than 3 or 10 hours!) to figure out what exactly you should do, such as conducting a research, creating an outline, and then writing a draft.

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  • The Story of Civilisation by Arjun Dev books are incomplete. Part-I is missing and the PDF found here contains the last 3 chapters of Part-II. In fact, the Part-I available online is not the actual Part-I but is merely the Social Science textbook for Class 8 that was rehashed and improvised from the last 3 chapters of Arjun Dev's Story of Civilisation Part-II by NCERT before the National Curriculum Framework Policy of 2005 was finalised. It would be great if you could upload the proper versions of Part-I and Part-II of the book for the convenience of all students.
    Also, Medieval India by Satish Chandra appears to have a number of earlier chapters missing. Please see if you can fix that as well.
    This is a very helpful and well-organised website that is extremely useful for students. Thank you for the initiative.

  • Dear Sir
    Can i get the history of 11th and 12th class of old edition NCERT books in Hindi medium to download.

  • which NCERT we should follow for history ,geography ,economics and polity -old NCERT or new NCERT?
    I found the Old NCERT with more details and matching eith syllabus.
    can we supplement the Old NCERT with new NCERT and one reference book?

  • I was looking for old ncert books , and somehow found this page. But when was about to download class 7 history book , i found the book which was not ncert but a book by Romila Thapar.

    how is this possible?

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