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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills are part of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills.

Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 9
Subject English Main Course Book
Chapter Unit 6 Chapter 4
Chapter Name Life Skills
Category NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills

Question 1.
Read the following and share your feelings with the class.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you succeed.

Knowing our strengths helps us in acknowledging our success as well as appreciating our capacity to do something with or without support from others. This gives us a sense of well being and we are able to learn new skills and develop assets, thereby developing our confidence. Confident people attract friends and other stable relationships.In due course we are ready to accept various challenges with the right kind of investment of energy towards task completion. Knowing our weaknesses helps us in accepting our limitations, and developing a willingness to take help when offered and enabling us to overcome our deficits. This paves way to expansion of skills and qualities, which prove useful in the long run. It is worthwhile to introspect and reflect so as to realise our potential. This helps to bring about a change in us and we are able to meet challenges.

If Shreya had introspected or had been helped by her parents or teachers to reflect on herself, she would have understood her positive and negative qualities, her likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, feelings, emotions, outlook, choices, values and attitude towards life. Self-awareness paves the way to progress with respect to relationships, academic success, professional and personal fulfillment.

Adapted from The Quest,
The Hindu.

Answer :
No question asked.

Question 2.
Copy the worksheet in your notebooks and work in pairs to complete the worksheet to know all about yourself. This will enable you to discover your hidden strengths, work on your weakneses, and develop your personality. Johari Window Work Sheet

Answer :
This activity is to be done at class level under the supervision and guidance of the class teacher. Students to collect information in pairs on various points given in the box. This is a kind of‘play’ to be enacted by the students at class level. The points are to be transferred from the Johari window activity worksheet to the table given below as given in the box.

Question 3.
Several youngsters have problems in dealing with their parents. With your partner, discuss the difference in views and complete the table below. Sometimes there may be no contradiction between the two views.

Answer :

Question 4.
In pairs, choose one topic from the table in Question 3. Imagine that you and your parents are expressing your views on the topic. Use your notes from the table and write out the dialogue that would take place. Make it funny ! Speak your dialogue with the rest of the class.
Answer :
We have taken one topic from the above topics, viz. Study now, it’s time (similar to how much we study) to give a Sample answer, as desired. Students can practise themselves on other topics on these lines as given in the Sample answer.

Study now, it’s time

Ashish, now that you have been home for a week for summer vacation, start studying. ‘I shall start studying after a month.’ ‘What about your homework ? If you start late, you won’t be able to cope with the load of work then. Besides, you are to take up the term examination after the summer vacation is over.’

‘Mummy, there, is no need to hurry up. I shall manage all.’ ‘But, your credit card shows that you don’t fare well.’ ‘I rank 30th in a class of 50 students. Besides, I don’t see any need to get to the top bracket since there won’t be any jobs after completing my education.’

‘This is not the question of jobs. You know that boys who work hard get to the top places, career-wise, in their lives. Work always gets rewarded’. ‘Our senior Manish was a fool. He always trailed in the class. Yet he has got a lucrative post because of his father’. ‘We can’t match him or his father. Besides, we can’t pay any money for securing a job. Suresh of our locality was industrious from the beginning. He persisted in his efforts and now he is in a Medical College, of course,topping the list always’.

‘You demoralise me by giving such examples. I feel belittled. You treat me like a kid, brainless child.’ ‘It is not a question of demoralising you nor do I treat you like that. What I mean is that you must know the reality of life, of the family and our  growing old age. Your father will soon retire and we have to marry Reena and Madhu also’. ‘What that has got to do with me ?’ Why didn’t you think of it before you bro me or them ?

‘Perhaps, you misinterpret. I never meant to hurt your sentiments. Your father and I expect you to rise up in your life and progress well. Hard work only can help you in making a good career. You know that energetic and hard-working young men always succeed. Time once lost can never come back. Only another day shall arrive’.

‘All right, if you insist, I shall start after another week. But that will mean spoiling my week of vacation. Vacations always mean viewing a lot of TV, playing, sleeping, hearing music for concentration and gossiping. But you people, do not know it all’.

‘I regret I hurt your feelings. But your father and I had a lurking fear that some bad company shall spoil you. And you are not what we wanted to see you! However, it is never too late to mend.’

Question 5.
Ravi has a problem, so he asks his friends for advice. Read the conversation below and underline the expressions that are used for giving advice. (This could be done as role-play).
Ravi : My neighbours play very loud music, which disturbs me when I’m studying.
Mohan : Why don’t you try persuading them to turn down the volume ?
Mohan : If that doesn’t work you could think of changing your study time.
Raghim : Why should Ravi have to do that ? He really ought to report such anti-social behaviour to the police.
Shaila : Before taking drastic action like that, I would advise you to sort it out amicably with your neighbours.
Rahim : If I were you, I would play my music even louder !
Mohan : That won’t solve his problem. Ravi, I think you should ask your father to take it up with your neighbours.
Answer :
Ravi : My neighbours play very loud music, which disturbs me when I’m studying.
Mohan : Why don’t vou trv persuading them to turn down the volume ?
Shaila : If that, doesn’t work vou could think of changing your study time.
Rahim : Why should Ravi have to do that ? He really ought to report such anti – social behaviour to the police.
Shaila : Before taking a drastic action like that I would advise vou to sort it out amicably with vour neighbours.
Rahim : If I were you. I would play my music even louder !
Mohan : That won’t solve his problem. Ravi, I think vou should ask vour father to take it up with vour neighbours.

Question 6.
In groups of four, use the language used in Question 5 to give advice in the following situations :

Answer :
1. I think you should take your mother into confidence and explain the situation with a cool mind. Do let her know of your embarrassing position. You really ought to tell her everything frankly.
2. You really ought to feel a bit ashamed of your activity. But it is never too late to reform yourself. I would advise you to admit your guilt before your mother at once. Mothers are always the real friends and one’s well-wishers. They will always be loving their children howsoever they may spoil themselves.
3. I think you should write to your friend a very polite letter explaining your desire to make amends. You could do so by inviting him over a cup of tea or coffee at a convenient place. Or why don’t you send some of your friends, who are very intimate with your friend also, to tell about your wish ?

Question 7.
You are on the editorial board for the column ‘Your Problems’ in The Teenager magazine. You have received these two letters asking for your advice. (They appear to have come from the same family.)

In pairs, decide what advice to give to each of them. Then write one letter each, so that both father and son get a reply from The Teenager. Remember to use some of the language in Question 5.
Answer :
We have received two letters from a father and a son.The father is disturbed because of his son’s obsession with western music, his wearing ultra-mod dresses and eating ‘junk-food’.The son does not like his father’s calling the music ‘jarring’ one.He resents when the latter ‘advises’ him. This is a case of generation gap. We feel the father should also restrain himself. His over enthusiasm might lead to some bad and undesirable consequences. The father must plan ways and means to create in his son a liking for Indian music. We would advise that he should get the version of the ‘junk food’ prepared frequently a home. Then he could ask his son to eat that with him too. The son may start liking home-made food than the outside one. Career-oriented talks in a loving and affectionate environment would surely boost his son’s inspiration. He may talk of great men in between as examples.

The son must also think that, perhaps, no father in the world thinks bad of his children. A father puffs with pride when his son/s becomes/become something. What makes a man, rather a young man, smart and modern, is not wearing faded jeans, gaudy T-shirts or eating hot stuff. A sober dress has its own appeal. Decorating the walls with full blown posters never inspires. He really ought to select which western music gives him pleasure. But he should also try to derive joy in Indian music too.We advise both of them to have love for each other.
Yours sincerely,
The Teenager,

We hope the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills help you. If you have any query regarding NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 6 Children Chapter 4 Life Skills, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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