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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth are part of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth.

Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 9
Subject English Main Course Book
Chapter Unit 3 Chapter 2
Chapter Name Save Mother Earth
Category NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth

(Page 54)

Question 1.
Listen carefully to ‘Meet the personality of the month programme’ and as you are listening fill in the details.
ENVIRONMENTALIST : Dr. Manu Srivastava
Causes of pollution :
1. Atmosphere :
a. ______________________

2. Water :
a. ______________________
b. ______________________

3. Effects of pollution :
a. ______________________
b. ______________________

Causes of pollution :
1. Atmosphere :
(a) smoke from tanneries polluting the air over and around Kanpur

2. Water :
(a) animal remains and chemicals from tanneries
(b) source point where water is sucked and contaminated due to the presence of slaughter houses and Cremation of dead bodies
(c) drinking water polluted

3. Effects of pollution :
(а) unsafe drinking water
(b) fish population decreased
(c) crops failed
(d) increase in illnesses and their recurrence

Human Rights activist : Ms, Hhraddaa Shankar :

1. Reasons for working in the factory :
(a) abject poverty

2. Effects :
(а) child labourers deprived of . basic facilities of education.
(б) poor health
(c) missing of the joys of childhood
(d) open to exploitation
(e) health affected due to worse conditions
(f) not getting safe drinking water

3. Steps which can be taken :
(а) counselling to the parents of these child labourers
(б) starting an agitation against unscrupulous fact ory owners
(c) constructive support for ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’

Question 2.
The residents of Kanpur decide to approach the Chairman of the Municipal Corporation with the problem of pollution in their city. In groups of six, play the role of the following: (Cue cards will be given by the teacher)

  • A farmer
  • An environmentalist
  • Chairman of the Municipal Corporation
  • President of ‘Save the Ganga Project’
  • A Human rights activist

Answer :
Role-play at class level under the guidance and supervision of the teacher. The following information shall help in the role-play. The following persons shall say what has been given against each :
1. Farmer :
Well, I would like to add thiat this water pollution has been causing us a huge loss to our crops and threatening our livelihood. The polluted water has failed our crops greatly. As you all know, farming is our livelihood. If crops fail, our livelihood stands threatened and life stands in a great danger. I would, therefore, request for checking this water pollution without delay.

2. An environmentalist :
As an environmentalist I would like to say that water and air pollution over and around Kanpur pose a serious threat to the lives of the young India, that is children. Children have no drinking water. So their health is exposed to various recurring illnesses. Then breathing in the polluted air means contracting diseases. These are like asthma, bronchitis, eye disorder, throat infection etc. These affect the children the most. I would, therefore, request the Chairman to take immediate steps to contain this pollution.

3. A Human rights Activist :
As human rights activist, I would say that every living human being has a right to pure drinking water and pure pollution-free air to breathe in. Without saying any more about it, I would urge the Chairman to keep the rights of the Kanpur citizens in mind. He should take immediate steps so that the citizens live a healthy life for which they have a right.

4. President of‘Save the Ganga Project’ :
As the President of‘Save the Ganga Project’, I would add here that the holy Ganges has been a symbol of life source for all citizens of the country. Its pollution means denying life to all Indians. In fact, we all must work shoulder to shoulder with the civic and govt, authorities to make the Ganges pollution-free without any delay. For that we can form groups of young volunteers for a cleanliness drive. It may be called ‘Purifying the Ganges Abhiyaan.’

5. Chairman of the Municipal Corporation :
I thank you all for your valuable suggestions. I also appreciate your willingness to volunteer your services for cleansing the Ganges at Kanpur of various contaminants.

I think we must start working together to make a fool-proof master plan taking into consideration all the aspects of the problem. I would like to add here that the Govt, is already seized with the problem. At our level, I am going to place our suggestions before the Apex committee. It will devise ways and means to bring out immediate results.
I hope you’ll soon hear some good results about the same.
Thank you all.

Question 3.
After the role play, the Chairman will put forward the final decision with reasons.
Answer :
As Chairman, I would like to add that your valuable suggestions have been collected. The final decision is as follows :

  1. Accepting the services of the youth for cleansing the Ganges. For this necessary information shall be given soon.
  2. A kind of master plan taking all aspects of the problem Ayill soon be formulated.
  3. This will be in coordination with the authorities at high level and the guidelines there-of.
  4. The Apex committee will soon meet to give a final shape to the suggestions and recommendations to bring out immediate results.
  5. Monthly meetings between the Corporation officials and various NGOs together with other social workers are to materialise soon…

Question 4.
As a resident of Kanpur, write a formal letter to the Editor of a prominent newspaper highlighting the problem discussed in B.2. Also give some suggestions on how this problem can be reduced.

Answer :
A-43, civil lines
14 January, 2015
The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi
Subject : Environmental pollution over and around Kanpur
Through the columns of your esteemed daily I would like to invite the attention of the concerned authorities towards the environmental pollution over and around Kanpur. The tanneries in Kanpur are releasing daily 250 million litres of waste water into the Ganges. This contains animal remains and hazardous chemicals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury and chrome. Then smoke of these tanneries has been polluting the air here. As a result, neither drinking water is pure nor is the air pure. The city’s source point from where water is sucked from the river is also polluted. This is due to the slaughter houses and dead bodies being cremated on the ghats. Fish population has fallen, so the crops. Recurrent illnesses have compounded the problem.

The child labourers working in these tanneries run the risk to their health. They have neither potable drinking water nor pure air to breathe in. They have no basic facilities of education and no joys of childhood also. So their future and health are at a grave risk.

This serious problem can be solved. First, the sewage treatment plant set up to treat tannery sewage must at once be set in a working condition. Second, parents of the children must be counselled about their role in ensuring the health of their children. Third, slaughter houses must be shifted elsewhere. Fourth, the dead bodies must not be allowed to be cremated on the ghats of the river. Finally, constructive support should be given for making the ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’ successful.
Yours faithfully,
Praveen Kumar.

Question 5.
India’s Major worries. Read the following paragraph. Then work in pairs and list the different ways in which you can contribute to save Mother Earth. As an individual you can make a major contribution towards reducing India’s over all emission levels.

Answer :
Mainly for working in pairs. The following points will be of use.
(a) Turn off the computer when not in use
(b) Turn off the lights, fans, tubes, bulbs etc, when not in use
(c) Don’t throw polythene bags here and there
(d) Don’t burn dry leaves, plastic bags, tyres etc
(e) Plant more and more trees at every available piece of land
(f ) Install sewage treatment plants at suitable points before waste water is put into the rivers in all cities
(g) Dump or recycle garbage or kitchen waste
(h) Plant trees on both the sides of the railway tracks and roads
(i) Recycle electronic waste properly
(j) Factories to release smoke after proper treatment
(k) Expand and increase forest area where possible
(l) Encourage wildlife by setting up national parks, reserves etc.

Question 6.
Read the following article on Global Warming and complete the flow chart given below.

Global Warming is caused by the accumulation of Green house Gases – CO2 , and methane in the atmosphere, resulting in the change of Earth’s over all surface temperature. India, a low latitude country,would face much of the misery due to climatic changes. Rainfall pattern is expected to undergo a major change in areas like Kerala, MP and North East. Himalayan glaciers are melting. This could prove catastrophic for those living downstream in the plains.

Due to global warming heat is trapped in the atmosphere causing the ice to melt. Rising sea levels would inundate many of the coastal cities. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall are expected to happen resulting in loss of life and property.
Answer :

Question 7.
Carbon Footprint In groups, choose and research any one aspect of how we are leaving carbon footprints and how to modify our lifestyle. Each group will then make a project on the various aspects.
Answer :
Work at class level in groups. One group to take up one project individually. Some information relating to one aspect of how we are leaving carbon footprints and how to modify our lifestyle is given below :
Project : use of a vehicle (eg, car) for even a little distance
Harmful effects :

  • smoke emission to cause environmental pollution
  • taxing on pocket in terms of money being spent on petrol etc.
  • increasing use of petrol, its after effects, etc.
  • amount of smoke and heat into the atmosphere
  • causing harm to others’ health
  • inviting body lethargy
  • lack of physical exercise and invitation to diseases
  • obesity, fatness, improper body functioning
  • short life due to more comforts, luxuries etc.

Modifying life :

  • walking for short distance means burning of necessary calories

style to ensure :

  • physical exercises in walking short distances

healthy living :

  • body functioning properly due to physical labour.
  • saving of money likely to be spent on buying of petrol and maintenance of the vehicle.
  • ensuring of good health, proper functioning of body resulting in good digestion, active life, mental and physical alertness.
  • good life to be spent and enjoyed without any tension due to physical ailment and saving of money on unnecessary items which could be dispensed with.

⇒ Read the following excerpts from newspapers on various environmental issues :
In groups, choose and research any one aspect of how we are leaving carbon footprints and how to modify our lifestyle. Each group will then make a project on the various aspects. Read the following excerpts from newspapers on various environmental issues.

Ban the Bag :
The Indus Valley Civilisation left beautifully crafted pottery that speaks volumes of the advances its people made. After 3,000 years, if the ruins we leave behind are excavated, chances are only plastic bags would be dug up. It may sound like an exaggeration, but these bags are not biodegradable. Apart from causing emissions when these are manufactured, noxious fumes are released while these are being burnt or disposed off. So, be kind to Mother Earth the next time you go shopping for groceries, remember to carry a cloth bag with you.

What India Should Do :
India has released the National Action Plan on Climate Change. Is it adequate? Is there more that the country can do? Here are some ways how we can make a difference.

To promote the use of solar energy through solar photovoltaic and thermal systems for power generation. To also integrate other renewable energy technologies like biomass and wind.

To mitigate GHG through sector-specific and cross-cutting technology and fuel switch options. To use more LNG and biomass fuels besides seeking tech transfer.

To promote energy efficiency in the residential and commercial sectors through LPG use. To better manage municipal solid waste and urban public transport.

To promote efficient water use, augment supply in critical areas and ensure effective management of water resources. To have better management of surface and groundwater. Also conserve wetlands.

To enhance monitoring and conservation of the Himalayan ecosystems, empower local communities for management of ecological resources and promote sustainable tourism.

To reduce fragmentation of forests, enhance public and private investments for plantation, upscale joint forestry management and promote conservation of biodiversity. Need to afforest degraded lands.

To focus on four crucial areas – dry land agriculture, risk management, access to information and promoting the use of biotechnology. To develop drought and pest resistant varieties.

Question 8.
In groups, work on one of the topics mentioned in B8 (a)-(g). Research your topic by collecting relevant articles from the print and electronic media (like the National Geographic). Make a power point presentation of 10-12 minutes. You can also use film clippings to enrich your presentation.
Answer :
Students to proceed as directed.

We hope the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth help you. If you have any query regarding NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Unit 3 Environment Chapter 2 Save Mother Earth, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.


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