NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Health and Medicine Chapter 3 “Whopping Walter” Hudson

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Chapter 3 “Whopping Walter” Hudson are part of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English. Here we have given NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Chapter 3 “Whopping Walter” Hudson.

Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 10
Subject English Main Course Book
Chapter Unit 1 Chapter 3
Chapter Name “Whopping Walter” Hudson
Category NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 1 Health and Medicine Chapter 3 “Whopping Walter” Hudson


Question 1.
You probably know the meanings of the words workaholic and alcoholic. What do you think a foodaholic is ? Walter Hudson was one. How much do you weigh ? Walter Hudson weighed more, much more. This is his obituary.
Alcoholic means a person addicted to drinking. Workaholic means a person who is addicted to working, that is, who has made work his addiction. Similarly, a foodaholic is a person who has made eating a habit, a passion of his life.

I weigh about 50 kg.

Question 2.
Copy and complete the following table, using information from the boxes below.
(Draw a X if there is no information to put in certain boxes.)

Year What happened Weight


Year What  happened Weight
1945 Born In Brooklyn, New York X
1951 began gorging X
1960 very obese; legs collapsed and was confined to bed X
1970 family moved over to Hempstead. New York; broke the motor-car seat 266 Kg
1987 got stuck in bedroom door for four hours ; eight firemen had to free him 540 Kg
1987/1988 went on a diet; lost 178 kg in three months 362 Kg
1991 died due to a heart attack. 508 Kg

Question 3.
Find words in the passage from the paragraphs indicated within brackets and complete the following sentences. Use only one word, in its appropriate form, in each blank.

  1. Some people are so ________ to their work that they have no time for their family. (para-2)
  2. Harshad’s corrupt practices soon gained him ________ in the city. (para-2)
  3. When a person is dehydrated, he should be given ________ amounts of fluid. (para-6)
  4. He visited various vintage car rallies because he had a ________ for old cars. (para-7)
  5. If you over-eat and do not exercise, you will become ________ (para-9)
  6. The driver had to ________ the winding road to the mountain top with caution. (para-8)
  7. The new literacy programme ________ a 20% increase in the literacy rate over the next two years. (para-11)


  1. devoted
  2. notoriety
  3. copious
  4. penchant
  5. flabby
  6. negotiate
  7. envisages.

Question 4.
(a) Arrange the following words associated with eating on a scale ranging from ‘peck’ to ‘gorge’. You may add more words to the list given below :


Question 5.
Have a class discussion…

1. What do you think life was really like for Walter Hudson ? Was he happy ? Did he have many friends ? Think of the things that you do everyday : what things could Walter not do ? Also, what about clothes, chairs, a bed, washing himself…

2. Why do you think he did not go on a serious diet when he was much younger, so that he could live a fuller life ?

3. What advice would you have given Walter on his diet ?

4. Where do you think he got the money from to eat so much food ?

5. Who do you think bought and cooked all the food he ate ? Were they also to blame for Walter’s obesity ?


Discussion at class level. However, the following answers shall help much in it.

1. Life for Walter Hudson had become a restricted affair. He couldn’t move as he wished. He was advised against sitting up for longer than five minutes. He took an hour or so to cover six yards to his bathroom from his bedroom. I don’t think he was happy. Confined to bed most of the times, he might have felt very bad, helpless and disillusioned.

No, Walter didn’t have many friends. Who could have befriended him simply because he needed assistance every minute ?

I attend to nature calls in the morning. I wear my dress etc, and go to school. I also play. In a way, I do most of the work like going to market, carrying things home etc.

Walter could not wander leisurely inside the house. He couldn’t go himself for morning ablutions. He couldn’t wear his clothes, shoes, etc. Walking was difficult for him, so were other normal activities. These were like catching a bus, going to market, carrying something etc. Walter couldn’t do these domestic chores.

Walter needed clothes made especially for him. Normal and ordinary chairs, beds, etc, could not accommodate him. In a way, special clothes, chairs or a bed, had to be made for him. He needed help in washing himself.

2. Walter Hudson didn’t go on a serious diet. It is rather natural to all mothers and parents to feel happy to see their children eating and growing. Walter himself says that he began gorging at the age of six.

3. I would have surely advised Walter Hudson to do dieting. When Gregory placed Hudson on a 1200 calorie-a-day diet, he had shed 178 kg. This means had Walter been strict in his dieting, he could have shed more weight and led a normal life. I would have, therefore, asserted that he took orange juice or raw fruit only.

4. I think that he got so much food brought in by the members of his family. Perhaps, friends and relatives of Hudson’s family might have given money for his food. Possibly, some voluntary organisations or business houses might have also donated money for the purpose.

5. I think it were the members of Walter Hudson’s family who brought and cooked all the food that he ate.

To some extent, they were to be blamed for Walter’s obesity. Had they restricted his diet and taken a personal care for his health, perhaps, he could have lived longer.

Question 6.
The following is an entry in Walter’s diary :

Write the next day’s entry in Walter’s diary. Make up information, in order to make your entry interesting.


I woke up at 9 am. It took me an hour or so to go to the bathroom. I had one and half pounds of bacon, 32 sausages, a dozen eggs, a loaf (of bread), jam and a lot of coffee in my breakfast. I watched TV till 2 pm. I took 2 kg rice, 8 boxes of fried potatoes, six pies and six large bottles of coca-cola in my lunch. I had much trouble in getting up but my brother and mother helped me. Mother called Gregory again to put me on a diet of raw fruit and orange juice. But I dread dieting. I read the Bible and sang Psalms. At about 5 pm. I ate a chicken, noodles, sandwiches, ice-creams and string beans. For a moment, I sat on the sofa but it crumbled under my weight. I got a few bruises and had to be lifted. I had six roasted corns, half-a-dozen jams, eight baked potatoes and a whole apple pie. I saw TV and went to bed at 10 pm.

Question 7.
Now, read the following telephone conversation which took place between Radhika and Gaurish. As Gaurish wishes to leave home immediately, he will not be able to meet his parents who have gone to the market. He leaves a message for his parents. Write the message for Gaurish in not more than 40 words.

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